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8 Best Polo Colognes For Men: Fragrances For Every Season 2024

  • Mar 9, 2024
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8 Best Polo Colognes For Men: Fragrances For Every Season 2024

When searching for a signature scent, you’d better start with the best polo colognes. As a woman, the most attractive men in my life have worn some version of Polo. But don’t think you have to be Idris Elba-level hot to wear them (trust me).

All of Ralph Lauren’s Polo fragrances, known for being some of the best Ralph Lauren colognes, are intoxicating, working the line between masculine, fresh, and sweet. They draw people in without being too overpowering.

But you don’t need me to tell you that. You’re here to find out which one is the best Polo cologne for men, and I’m here to tell you they can’t be confined to specifics. Each fragrance, designed with a general occasion and attitude in mind, has versatile scent profiles that work across a spectrum of seasons, ages, and situations.

With a variety of collections to choose from, including flanker scents, upgrades, and original formulations, each Polo scent brings something unique to the table. Knowing this will help you decide what scent you want to embody based on the vibe you want to invoke.

As for the creme de la creme of Ralph Lauren’s scents? Take a look at the top eight best Polo colognes and decide for yourself.

Above all, the best polo colognes are potent and well-balanced between their top, middle, and base notes, but always with a hint of masculine energy. Polo Blue Parfum strikes the perfect balance between fresh, citrus, and spice—ideal for every age. Created in 1978, Polo original is its mature version, combining irresistible sillage with bold, masculine notes.

Top Notes: Cucumber  | Middle Notes: Jasmine  | Base notes: Amber | Size: 4.2  oz

To wear Polo Blue is to glide into a room and get attention without demanding it. Clean and crisp, it’s an ozonic scent that opens with freshness thanks to mint, cucumber, and melon. It drifts pleasantly through middle notes of ginger and jasmine before deepening down to the sexy embers of amber and musk.

It’s this delightful combination of fruity, citrus, and spicy that gives Polo Blue universal appeal. And because it’s not aggressively masculine, it works for guys from ages 13 to 60 and beyond.

Polo Blue is a safe bet, but it’s considered the best polo cologne for men for a reason. That clean freshness makes it casual but with just the right amount of elegance. A wildly agreeable scent for any season.

Polo by RalphLauren

Top Notes: Basil  | Middle Notes: Leather  | Base notes: Patchouli | Size:  2.0. 4.0 oz

An utter classic. The original Polo (sometimes referred to as Polo Green) is the most recognizable in the Polo family and one of the best colognes for men in general. It’s also considered the boldest and has great sillage, which is the scented veil that lingers behind the person. My ex wore this—trust me, the scent makes a statement.

Interestingly, Polo original is the only scent that doesn’t have any floral notes except a hint of chamomile. It’s a grassy, masculine scent that thrives in winter. If you’re going to wear it in the summer months, just use less.

The original Polo is a well-developed scent. Beginning notes of leather in pine are pretty delightful, while pepper, patchouli, and tobacco cozy things up. This scent has lots of spice. Of all the best polo colognes, this one is for the gentleman.

Polo Black

Top Notes: Iced Mango Accord  | Middle Notes: Silver Armoise Oil  | Base notes: Patchouli Noir | Size: 3.5, 4.2 oz | Best For: Evening

There comes a time in every man’s life when he wants to feel like James Bond. Polo Black is the scent that meets the moment.  Perfect for your wedding day or anytime you’re required to wear a suit on a brisk night, Polo Black is for the special occasion but with major universal appeal.

Predominantly woody and aromantic, it combines the earthiness of sage and patchouli noir with mango, an unexpected and highly underused note given its sweet quench. Though, smartly, Polo scents use it often.

There is a pleasant dance between sweet, spicy, and even slightly powdery that makes Polo Black crisp yet comforting. While this scent isn’t for the shy guy, it just may be the touch of masculinity you need to ask that certain someone to dance. Add it to the list of best polo colognes that begs admirers to come a little closer.

Polo Sport

Top Notes: Mint  | Middle Notes: Lavender  | Base notes: Amber | Size: 4.2 oz

If it doesn’t smell like teen spirit, then it’s Polo Sport. Wildly popular from the moment it was introduced in the 90s, Polo Sport is not only nostalgic, it’s a classic. Even today, guys are drawn to its simple, refreshing scent.

Both aquatic and floral, it’s not too much of either, which is probably why it’s endured for so long as a well-balanced fragrance. Polo Sport is light, making it one of the best polo colognes for daytime.

Fresh mint and cucumber open as soon as you spritz it on the skin, but it doesn’t breeze in and out that quickly. Ginger, musk, and amber provide the right amount of spiciness. It’s perfect for a game of rugby on a late summer’s day.

bottle of polo deep blue

Top Notes: Mango  | Middle Notes: Sage  | Base notes: Patchouli  | Size:  1.4, 2.5, 4.2 oz

Developed by Carlos Benaim, the greatest living perfumer, 42 years after he created the original Polo scent, it’s clear that Ralph Lauren Deep Blue has what it takes to be one of the best polo colognes. Fresh and invigorating, it’s an aromatic aquatic scent that’s known for eliciting compliments. All it takes is a couple of spritzes to become a crowd-pleaser.

At its heart, Deep Blue is a casual scent with a juicy, herbaceous appeal. Once the luscious mango and grapefruit notes settle, the dry down is woody and herbaceous territory thanks to cypress and sage. All of this, combined with the final blast of sea notes, gives it the yumminess everyone loves.

With all of this stimulating freshness going on, I recommend Deep Blue for spring/summer. Ideal for a day at the beach or even a polo match. And, because it’s an unstuffy scent, it’s easy for all ages.

polo earth

Top Notes: Neroli  | Middle Notes: Sage  | Base notes: Vetiver | Size: 0.3, 1.3, 3.4+ oz

When it comes to the best polo colognes, Polo Earth is one of a kind. From a recycled glass bottle and sustainably sourced ingredients, it’s clear that Polo is trying something different, excited to evolve. While I love this direction for the brand, the fragrance profile is most important. And just in case you were wondering, it’s every bit as delicious as the first Polo cologne.

It’s also the first unisex cologne by Polo, thanks to a beautiful neroli scent. This gives it a bright and citrusy vibe that smells strong at first spritz but has some serious staying power. Like only the best polo colognes, the orange citrus scent is well balanced with floral and herbal scents.

Overall, Polo Earth is sheer, a light scent that allures in day time but works for any season. It’s probably the most niche of all Polo’s fragrances. Why not get ahead of the curve?

Polo Supreme Cashmere

Top Notes: Floral  | Middle Notes: Chamomile  | Base notes: Musk | Size:  4 oz

Not every scent needs to be highly versatile. Some of the best polo colognes come alive in certain seasons. Who wouldn’t want to spritz on the perfect mix of warm and musky on a cold winter’s day? For that, you’ll need Polo Cashmere, part of the Supreme collection.

Don’t let the name fool you. While there are middle notes of floral coziness, it’s a well-balanced fragrance, for sure. Things start out soothing thanks to comforting marigolds and chamomile. Lingering on the skin is the musky spiciness of oak moss and patchouli.

Because Polo Supreme Chasmere is rather different, it’s ideal for a man who gravitates toward unique masculine scents. But rather than rugged, this guy is sophisticated. Picture a crackling fireside with a glass of premium whiskey in one hand and a good book in the other.

Polo Red Extreme

Top Notes: Blood Orange  | Middle Notes: Black Coffee Essence  | Base notes: Ebony Wood | Size: 4.2 oz

Another delicious fragrance for cooler months, Red Extreme is a newer polo scent, having come out in 2017. I love it because it’s darker and more developed than Ralph Lauren Polo Red: think Chex Mix Bold. And with that moody intensity comes a lingering aspect. It’s by far polo’s longest-lasting scent (you’ll get at least 9 hours).

If that has you thinking this scent is heavy or strong, think again. Opening notes of vibrant blood orange feel fresh, not cumbersome. Black coffee essence energizes, and final notes of ebony wood provide a wintry excitement–infused with the booziness of fruit.

All of this gives Polo Red Extreme an active feeling. As opposed to the steady, grounding appeal of typical winter scents, this one tantalizes. Definitely for the guy who doesn’t want to appear so straightforward.

What to Look for When Buying The Best Polo Colognes For Men


Ideally, the best Polo colognes for wintertime are warm and spicy. Fresher scents that are clean, aquatic, or citrusy, like Polo Sport, are best suited to hot months. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, just something to keep in mind so you don’t overpower a room or atmosphere.


The best Polo colognes have mass appeal because they are well-balanced, but scents do vary. You can count on none of them being overly sweet or musky. If anything, Polo colognes lean towards masculine, woodsy, and herbaceous. Some scents are clean and fresh thanks to citrus and aquatic notes.

Is It Long-Lasting?

Fortunately, all Polo colognes are long-lasting, sticking to the skin for a minimum of eight hours. As for the best longevity? You’re looking at Polo Red Extreme. Masculine scents also linger, so consider Polo for spicier vibes or Polo Earth for citrusy and aromatic. If you have any doubts, a bit of additional research is all you need to find out if your favorite Polo scent will last.

Final Verdict

While all of the best Polo colognes are well-balanced, Polo Blue remains the best overall. Its scent is light, lingering, and approachable, yet elevated. Plus, it’s appropriate for all ages, with just the right touch of masculinity. It also makes a lasting impression, just as the best Polo cologne for men should.


    • Ralph Lauren boasts a whopping 99 perfumes. As for Polo colognes, there are at least 12 currently on the market today, though some are harder to find than others.

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