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7 Shoes like Vans – Similar Alternatives Any Day in 2024

  • Jun 14, 2024
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7 Shoes like Vans – Similar Alternatives Any Day in 2024

Like Doc Martens and Converse, Vans turned a shoe designed for a specific purpose into a full-blown fashion staple synonymous with its name. Shoes like Vans embody that California laid-back casual cool defined by narrow laces and a low-profile canvas with skater construction.

But you don’t have to buy Vans to get the look. Vans alternatives give you more variety, like lower price points, more colors and patterns to choose from, and shoes made with eco-conscious materials and ethical practices.

Even if you have no need for sport shoes, every man benefits from a thick-soled slip-on in their assortment. Many brands have given this style a clean, elegant turn. Ultimately, shoes that look like Vans are all about easy living. An approachable way to be fashionably casual.

That being said, let’s take a look at the best 8 kicks like Vans below.

Key Takeaways 

In search of the best sneakers like Vans, I scoured the internet, reviews, and even my own wardrobe until I narrowed down the list to the seven finalists you see here.

Overall, the best shoes like Vans are Cariuma Catiba Pro because they’re built for skaters, with board feel, traction, and comfort thanks to ankle stability, arch support, and memory foam. A solid slip-on choice is the Hawthorne from Seavees. They provide an intense outsole grip and a cushy footbed with cooling airflow channels.

Why it’s Great: It doesn’t just look like a killer skate sneaker, it’s built like one, too. Go figure, considering Cariuma was founded by Brazilian guys who bonded over their love of surfing, skating, and snowboarding in 2018. Built with board feel, traction, and comfort, it’s got the same gummy bottom as Vans Old Skool—with ankle stability and reinforced flick point to boot. As for construction, it’s all premium, including a fully stitched outsole with 100% slip-resistance to last you a lifetime.

How it feels: Because it’s meant to support the foot all day in sport, the Catiba is wildly comfortable on the foot, thanks to arch support designed to mimic the natural shape of the foot, a springy cork insole, and cozy memory foam.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Honestly, I can’t find any. The materials used are natural, organic, and bio-based, down to the recycled plastic laces. Even the price is approachable—under the $100 mark.

Sizes Available: 5-13  | Colors Available: 13  | Material: Suede, organic cotton canvas, natural rubber, bio based cork | Care: Spot Clean

Velasca Furmagiatt

Why it’s Great: Yes, it’s possible to dress up shoes similar to Vans, especially if they’re made from stunning suede calf leather. Velasca is particular when it comes to quality, and all of their artisan-selected leather is made completely by hand. It’s gorgeous and minimal, and designed with a light box bottom sole that pays respect to the tradition of sneaker culture.

How it feels: With two beautiful tones to choose from, I’d say they’re great for a refined yet casual all-purpose look. A cocktail on the veranda as the sun sets or even a casual business lunch.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Designed for walking, I wish I could say this shoe could do more, but I think it’s all about looks here.

Sizes Available: 6-13  | Colors Available: 2  | Material: Suede calf leather, rubber | Care: Spot Clean

Cariuma OCA Hightop

Why it’s Great: It wouldn’t be a Vans-adjacent list without a killer high top option. I couldn’t help but highlight another Cariuma pair, especially when you consider their use of sustainable materials, ethical factory operations, and strict code of conduct. As for the shoe, it’s clean, fresh, and attractive, with a vegan cork insole for tons of support and rebound. They’re lightweight on the foot, yet durable thanks to vulcanized rubber.

How it feels: As for feel, many reviewers say they provide more substantial cushioning than Vans. Memory foam, ankle support, and substantial cotton canvas makes them highly wearable all day long.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Because it’s canvas, the shoes will absorb water in inclement weather, unfortunately.

Sizes Available: 5-13 | Colors Available: 2  | Material: 100% cotton | Care: Spot Clean

Oliver Cabell Low 1

Why it’s Great: With the same spirit of nonchalance that Vans were created, Oliver Cabell uniquely pigments their shoes. With well over one hundred colors to choose from, they have the ultimate sporty, skater appeal but with designer-quality materials. The buttery calfskin outsole comes from an exclusively full-grain leather tannery in Italy that’s won awards for quality, ethics, and environmental practices.

How it feels: Durable yet lightweight, they feel incredible on the foot with the option to remove the molded insole if needed.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: While I love the look and feel, I do wish there was more in terms of grip and traction.

Sizes Available: 5-15 | Colors Available: 113  | Material: Calfskin leather | Care: Spot Clean


Lugz Men’s Clipper Sneaker

Why it’s Great: The slip-on style is especially popular as casual footwear. This pair from Lugz has all the right details, including a breathable lining that’s perfect for summer, a padded collar so it doesn’t rub, and stretchy gore panels so it’s easy to slip off and on. Oh, and don’t forget a highly cushioned insole. For a budget pair, it holds up exceptionally well over time. Excellent quality for the price.

How it feels: I love that they come in a variety of attractive neutrals to pair back to khakis, jeans, shorts—basically your entire casual wardrobe. If you’re looking for that fresh white pair, they have it (cleaner not included).

Flaws but not dealbreakers: One look at that thick vulcanized rubber sole and you can imagine it’s on the heavier side.

Sizes Available: 3.5-16 | Colors Available: 29  | Material: 100% canvas, rubber | Care: Spot Clean

Sperry Striper II

Why it’s Great: Like Vans, Sperry is steeped in tradition. In 1935, it was the first deck shoe designed for high grip at sea, which makes them a solid Vans alternative. The Striper II is no different, boasting a flexible rubber outsole with molded Wave-Siping for enhanced traction. Similar to Vans Authentic, it has that low top, easy slide-on appeal with a secure fit.

How it feels: A versatile canvas shoe in plenty of colors to match your favorite summer shorts.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: While Sperry does have a Seacycled line of shoes made from recycled plastic, the Striper II is unfortunately synthetic.

Sizes Available: 4-16 | Colors Available: 26 | Material: 100% synthetic twill, rubber | Care: Spot Clean

Seavees Hawthorne Slip-On

Why it’s Great: Seavees make some of the best Vans-like shoes you’ve likely never heard of. That’s because the brand took a 40-year hiatus after originally launching the first casual sneaker in 1964, before returning with vengeance in 2008. They make a Legend sneaker similar to Vans authentics, but I love the Hawthorne slip-on, named after the hometown of the Beach Boys. It might look straight-forward, but it’s all about comfort, solid construction, and an insanely powerful grip at the sole from natural vulcanized rubber.

How it feels: You come for the casual cotton poplin look, but you stay for the cushy memory foam footbed made with airflow channels for cooling comfort. Perfect for warm weather.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Some might not love the logo on the visible side of the sole.

Sizes Available: 7-16 | Colors Available: 14  | Material: Cotton poplin, suede | Care: Spot Clean

Buying Considerations for Shoes Like Vans


Vans come in a slip-on, high top, authentic, or old skool style. There are tons of shoes like them that mimic each category, and some, like Cariuma, do it even better.

Typically, the style determines the occasion, with the slip-on variety being the most suitable for ‘dressier’ moments. High top and old skool shoes will give you the most grip for sport, though it feels important to note that none are designed for running, training, or the gym.


The coolest part about shoes similar to Vans is the ability to manufacture with sustainable materials and ethical practices. Sure, synthetic material is fine, but many of the shoes like Vans on this list use bio based cork, recycled plastic, and natural rubber.

These materials are not only better for the environment, but they tend to last longer and provide the body with more support. As for the uppers, most shoes similar to Vans are canvas, but some alternatives are made with leather, suede, and cotton poplin.


Comfort might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s not guaranteed. Fortunately, all of the shoes on this list were hand-picked for comfort (and cool factor, I must admit). This mostly comes down to the footbed and insole, though a padded collar certainly helps.

Cork provides incredible comfortable rebound, and memory foam cushions like a dream. Added ankle stability and arch support further assists the comfort factor of shoes like Vans.

Why you should trust us

I’m a fashion and grooming writer as Fashionbeans, which means researching and highlighting the best products isn’t just my job, it’s my passion. I let my years in the fashion business inform all my decisions, consulting trusted sources along the way, including my own closet so that I truly understand what makes a quality product so great in terms of function and style.

I started with dozens of options and narrowed it down to the top seven that will be the best fit for a range of discerning customers. Ultimately, I want to see everyone find the best shoes like Vans for them.

Final Verdict 

The best shoes like Vans should be minimal, casual, and comfortable, like Cariuma Catiba Pro. This shoe can be worn for style but is specifically designed for skating, meaning it provides arch support, board feel, and tons of traction.


    • Brands like Cariuma make shoes in the style of Vans specifically designed for skateboarding

      while brands like Seavees make durable, wearable shoes that embody the laidback, outdoorsy lifestyle of California.

      • Slip-ons, old school sneakers, and high tops are all shoes not dissimilar to Vans from brands like Cariuma, Seavees, and Sperry.

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