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7 Best Pop Socket Alternatives For Fantastic Phone Grip in 2023

  • Aug 2, 2023
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7 Best Pop Socket Alternatives For Fantastic Phone Grip in 2023

Gentlemen, tie your ties, polish your shoes, and hang up that pristine tux because today, we’re not talking about your typical men’s fashion accessory.

Forget about silk pocket squares, golden cufflinks, and high-end leather belts. There’s an unsung hero that often goes unnoticed in the fashion world, hiding away in the depths of your pocket. It’s your phone, the most ubiquitous accessory we all carry around, and it’s time to spruce it up with the best Pop Socket alternatives.

“Pop Socket Alternative” is not just a catchy title for this article, it’s a call to arms for those of us who live in a world where our smartphones are as much a part of our outfits as the socks on our feet.

So sit back, pop open a cold one (or a hot one, we’re not temperature discriminatory here), and let’s delve into the avant-garde world of phone accessories that are set to dethrone the reigning champ, PopSocket, in the ring of fashion.

Are you ready to upgrade your style game to the next level? Let’s take a look at the top 7 Pop Socket alternatives.

Key Takeaways 

My top pick for a PopSocket alternative is the Syncwire Cell Phone Ring Holder because it’s slim, affordable, durable, and rotates for the most viewing capabilities.

All things you’d want and expect from a solid PopSocket contender. But if a metal ring holder isn’t your thing and you’d prefer a stretchy and comfortable silicone band, look no further than LoveHandle Phone Grip.

If you thought PopSockets were the end all be all of phone grips, think again. Syncwire makes a seriously strong cell phone ring holder that doubles as a convenient stand when you need it. 360-degree rotation and 180-degree foldable capabilities mean you’ll always get that perfect viewing angle. Plus, it comes with a magnetic car mount.

Versatile and affordable, it’s got all the durability you need to feel secure. That’s thanks to multiple layers of heavy-duty metal and 3M VHB adhesive. No cheap plastic here. And all that high-quality construction is super slim, so the ring folds flush against your phone and slips right into your pocket when you aren’t using it.

It might not come in fun patterns or colors, but over 43,000 reviewers agree, it’s one of the best pop socket alternatives out there. I’d say it’s not a bad gift idea.

Material: Zinc Alloy | Additional Features: Magnetic Car Mount

Lamicall Cell Phone Ring Holder

In a lot of ways, Lamicall is similar to Syncwire, with similar capabilities. Like Syncwire, it can fully rotate and flip on the multi-directional kickstand as needed. Some reviewers say it’s an even better alternative to a PopSocket kickstand, which can feel flimsy.

I just wish it came with a car mount, though it should be compatible with the one you’ve already got if you have a magnetic one.

But I do love the super strong construction thanks to 3M adhesive and zinc alloy and stainless steel. You don’t have to worry about this ring holder budging. Add to it anti-tarnish and anti-discoloration, and it should feel good as new for ages.

Material: Zinc Alloy | Additional Features: 360-degree Rotation

Tacomege Transparent Phone Ring

Unfortunately, typical pop socket alternatives block a portion of your phone case. But if you have a picture printed there or a pattern you’re into, the Tacomege phone ring won’t cover it up because it’s transparent. This also makes it that much more discrete.

And even though it’s budget-friendly, it comes with all the features you need, like a kickstand, 360-degree rotation, and 180-degree flip capabilities. It sticks to tablets, phones, and all types of phone cases. Affords up to 11 pounds of weight, too.

Pro Tip: It’s recommended that you stick it to your phone vertically, not horizontally.

Material: Acrylic | Additional Features: Attaches to Phone & Tablet Cases

Mobi Handle 3 Finger Phone Ring

The Mobi PopSocket alternative is as heavy-duty as it looks. Even though it’s durable, it’s hard to say that this is a luxury offering when it’s still not very expensive, but it is one of the most expensive phone grips out there. And it has all the necessary trappings of top-tier offerings.

For instance, it claims to be the only ring holder attachable to a plastic or silicone case. And the flat side of the handle makes for a seriously sturdy kickstand mechanism. You might also notice two holes there for attaching convenient straps or decorative charms. A nice plus.

Unfortunately, it can only rotate 180 degrees and not a full 360, so it’s not the most versatile in terms of angling.

Material: Silicone, Leather, Zinc Alloy | Additional Features: Attachable to Plastic or Silicone

Spigen Style Cell Phone Ring

Though it’s not quite as slim as other options on this list, Spigen makes for a great PopSocket alternative because it attaches to tablets as well as smartphones—perfect for a Christmas gift.

It’s a pretty sleek offering, and in my opinion, the most attractive. The flat bottom makes easy kickstanding a breeze and 360-180-degree rotation means you can always find that perfect angle and the best lighting. It’s easy to drive with, too, thanks to an included universal hook mount for the car dashboard.

Material: Metal | Additional Features: 360 & 180-degree Rotation

LoveHandle Phone Grip

Cheeky name aside, LoveHandle makes for an excellent PopSocket alternative thanks to a slim, ergonomic design and a stretchy handle. I have a feeling you’ll have a hard time letting go of this one…

Like many others on this list, LoveHandle uses 3M adhesive to attach to your phone, but it leaves no residue behind. This means it holds up as you upgrade your phone.

At first glance, it might seem like the LoveHandle phone grip doesn’t come with kickstand capabilities, but the bottom pops out pretty easily. This also makes it comfier when texting for some people.

Even though it’s not compatible with older iPhone models, it is wireless charging compatible. And if your phone has a waterproof or anti-fingerprint case, simply apply adapter adhesive first.

Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Synthetic Elastic Strap | Additional Features: Magsafe

Sinjimoru Phone Grip Card Holder

Boasting a wallet, phone grip, and phone stand, Sinjimoru is the 3-in-1 you need to make your life easier. It’s not exactly discrete, but it is definitely slim and fully ergonomic for the utmost comfort in your hand.

Underneath the silicone grip is the wallet, which attaches to any smartphone and holds up to five cards. While it doesn’t interrupt Magsafe, it does prevent Apple Pay from working on your phone when attached, so if that’s a deal breaker, consider their C-shaped clip finger phone grip instead.

My favorite feature of this phone grip is the silicone handle. You would never think it could also double as a kickstand, but let me tell you, it works like a charm.

Material: Silicone | Additional Features: Magsafe

What To Look For In The Best Pop Socket Alternatives 


For a PopSocket alternative to work, it has to be strong. Most of them are crafted from durable metals like zinc alloy and stainless steel. Alternatively, some have stretchy straps made of comfortable silicone or other synthetic materials instead of hard rings.


A PopSocket alternative needs to have a comfortable loop, but it should also have kickstand capabilities, so you can view your screen without having to touch your phone. They should also be able to mount onto your car’s dashboard, and some even come with a special car mount.


The best PopSocket alternative shouldn’t be at risk of falling off. Adhesives aren’t necessarily the best, but 3M adhesive provides the strongest bond aside from screws.

Final Verdict 

Popsocket alternatives should be ergonomic, slim, and rotate in whichever direction you desire. I love the Syncwire cell phone ring because it’s sleek and exceptionally durable. It functions as a kickstand, and can easily attach to your car’s dashboard.


    • If you want an alternative to a PopSocket, consider purchasing Syncwire, Lamicall, or even a Spigen cell phone ring.

      • Many people still use PopSockets, but they aren’t the only option out there. Look for a phone grip with rotation, kickstand, and car mount capabilities.

        • Words like phone grip, phone ring, and phone handle/holder indicate the same type of device as a PopSocket

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