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7 Best Jo Malone Scents for Men Tested and Ranked For 2024

  • May 12, 2024
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7 Best Jo Malone Scents for Men Tested and Ranked For 2024

How did a day at the dentist lead me down a rabbit hole of the best Jo Malone scents? Well, funny you should ask.

One gorgeous day in March, I spent three hours reclining in a dentist’s chair in Casablanca, Morocco (going to the dentist in Morocco is another story entirely). With a lopsided face from novocaine and mild triumph at surviving the trauma of having someone’s hands in my mouth, I strolled away from the office, in need of a serious treat. I did just have my teeth drilled into, after all.

As I wandered down the wide, skyscraper-lined boulevards of Morocco’s commercial capital, I found myself crossing the threshold of the country’s only Jo Malone storefront. I spent over an hour in the fun-sized shop, sniffing fragrances to my heart’s content and learning the ins and outs of the brand from the attentive sales associate. I walked out with a pack of five miniature colognes, as well as a solid understanding of the best Jo Malone scents for men and beyond.

Keep reading to learn all that I discovered about this world-class brand and its unique fragrance offerings.

Key Takeaways

When it comes to the best Jo Malone scents for men, there are a couple that reigns supreme. For overwhelming freshness, a touch of fruit, and plenty of wood-driven depth, it doesn’t get better than the Blackberry & Bay Cologne. It’s ideal for daily wear, year-round, with punchy notes that will make you feel energized, even on those dragging afternoons. For another wonderful, versatile scent, Wood Sage & Sea Salt is a great choice for a refreshing cologne that goes with anything.

Before diving in, it’s worth noting that the collection I purchased included five colognes: Lime Basil & Mandarin, Blackberry & Bay, Wood Sage & Sea Salt, English Pear & Freesia, and Wild Bluebell.

You may notice that English Pear & Freesia and Wild Bluebell colognes do not appear on this list. While both are lovely fragrances, they’re not necessarily the best Jo Malone scents for men, so I chose to omit them from this article.

Instead, they’ve been replaced with worthy alternatives to consider on your hunt for the ideal fragrance. Ready to uncover all that’s in store? Read on for the complete list.

This is the best Jo Malone scent for men if you’re looking for a unique fragrance for daily wear. Bright and bursting with juicy blackberries and herbaceous bay leaves, this Jo Malone cologne is one of the brand’s most under-recognized best sellers.

Grounded with lush cedarwood base notes and distinct green qualities, men seeking something fresh will eat up this scent. It’s spunky enough to turn heads without being overwhelming. Rather than stinking up a room, this is the best Jo Malone scent for a sophisticated, natural, and alluring masculine fragrance. Aside from the standard sizes, this noteworthy option comes as a solid cologne if you’re looking for scents under $50.

Top Notes: Blackberry | Middle Notes: Bay Leaves | Base Notes: Cedarwood | Size: 100ml | Type: Cologne | Season: Year Round

Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom Cologne

With a really interesting blend of ingredients, this is the best Jo Malone scent on a budget if you opt for the thirty-milliliter bottle. At first glance, it’s easy to assume this cologne smells like orange juice and champagne, but mimosa actually refers to the flower. It has a honeyed-hay scent that pairs beautifully with spiced cardamom in this niche fragrance.

The cologne is rounded out with a deep tonka bean, finishing with an aromatic sweetness to create a comforting fragrance. If you’re looking for an autumn or winter cologne, this is definitely a winner.

Top Notes: Cardamom | Middle Notes: Mimosa | Base Notes: Tonka Beans | Size: 30ml | Type: Cologne | Season: Fall, Winter

Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense

Almost all of the best Jo Malone scents have the same price; however, there are a few collections that come at a higher cost. These scents are deeper, opulent, and dripping in luxury. If you don’t mind spending a bit more, Oud & Bergamot is a stellar choice when it comes to cologne from the intense collection. A top reason for the higher price is the fragrance is concentrated for a more long-lasting cologne, making this an apt pick when you tire of Eau de Toilettes.

Living up to its name, this cologne opens with punchy bergamot before dissolving into notes of rich cedarwood and dark oud. It definitely commands attention as a musky cologne, best worn during the evening or colder months. One thing’s for certain: you can smell the luxury in every spritz.

Top Notes: Bergamot | Middle Notes: Cedarwood | Base Notes: Oud | Size: 100ml | Type: Cologne Intense | Season: Fall, Winter

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne

Aside from Blackberry and Bay, in my opinion, this is one of the best Jo Malone scents. The general consensus is the same, considering this is the number one best-seller when it comes to cologne for guys. Because of its ease of wear and versatility, it’s a great cologne for young men looking for a signature daily scent.

It’s definitely on the fresher end of the spectrum and a great alternative to citrus-forward scents if you want something that’s equally bright. Opening with sophisticated ambrette seeds, the cologne transitions into crunchy sea salt with an earthy, sage base. It’s outstanding for layering and is also a top choice for people who are sensitive to fragrance; it’s unlikely to lead to any migraines and is definitely a cologne women love.

Top Notes: Ambrette Seeds | Middle Notes: Sea Salt | Base Notes: Sage | Size: 100ml | Type: Cologne | Season: Year Round

Pomegranate Noir Cologne

The combination of juicy pomegranate, fragrant lilies, and sensual guaiacwood make this a great option if you’re tired of the same citrus colognes, this scent puts a masculine spin on fruity fragrances.

You would think that pomegranate would be the dominating note here, but it’s actually the spice from the lily and the smoky earthiness from the wood. It’s a more complex scent than many of the bright options Jo Malone is known for. So if you’re searching for something new and different, Pomegranate Noir is the best up and comer to consider (even though the cologne was first released in 2005).

Top Notes: Pomegranate | Middle Notes: Casablanca Lily | Base Notes: Guaiacwood | Size: 100 ml | Type: Cologne | Season: Spring, Summer, Fall

Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne

I feel like Lime Basil & Mandarin put Jo Malone on the map. To be honest, it’s the only fragrance I knew from the brand for years, and have spoken to many people who share a similar sentiment. It’s definitely the best Jo Malone scent for men seeking a dependable staple. First released in 1999, this cologne has withstood the test of time and is more popular than ever.

Lime Basil & Mandarin smells a little different than you’d imagine. The bright citrus is definitely there, but the scent is extremely balanced with the amberwood base note, making it a masculine, woody cologne. It’s certainly worth adding to the rotation if you’re after a more interesting daily scent that can carry you through the entire year.

Top Notes: Mandarin | Middle Notes: Basil | Base Notes: Amberwood | Size: 100ml | Type: Cologne | Season: Year Round

Jo Malone Whisky & Cedarwood Cologne

While the majority of the best Jo Malone scents are designed for unisex wear, the Huntsman Collection was created specifically for men. Bold and inspiring, the collection is full of modern colognes encapsulating masculinity with intriguing combinations.

The collection leans towards spiced scents and tobacco colognes, with options like Amber & Patchouli and Birch & Black Pepper. Though I find the best of the bunch to be the Whisky & Cedarwood cologne. Reminiscent of cold nights around roaring fireplaces, this Jo Malone scent is distinctly manly with notes of hot pimento peppers, throat-burning whisky, and entrancing cedarwood. It’s intense and seductive, wonderful for dark cocktail bars and frigid winter months.

Top Notes: Pimento | Middle Notes: Whisky | Base Notes: Cedarwood | Size: 100ml | Type: Cologne | Season: Fall, Winter

What to Look for in the Best Jo Malone Scents


The beauty of the best Jo Malone scents is their versatility. Made for ease of wear and layering with other colognes, there are endless combinations to be explored, most of which are designed for unisex wear. However, there are definitely some Jo Malone fragrances that skew towards typical masculine smells, which is why it’s worth keeping scent at the forefront of your mind.

The brand split its fragrances into six scent families: citrus, fruity, light floral, floral, spicy, and woody. Most of the best Jo Malone scents for men fall under woody and citrus, however, there are plenty of great fruity options (Blackberry & Bay), sweet vanilla colognes, and well-balanced florals.

Most are created for year-round wear, but if you’re looking for a more seductive, cold-weather scent, lean into the spicy and woody families. The powerful notes of these fragrances are alluring, especially prime if you’re looking for a sandalwood cologne or a pheromone cologne.

At the end of the day, Jo Malone has such an impressive range of fragrances that there’s truly something for everyone.


Most Jo Malone colognes come in three sizes: 100, 50, and 30 milliliters (or 3.4, 1.7, and 1 fluid ounce, respectively). As the sizes decrease, so does the price, which makes it easy to explore the best Jo Malone scents without spending a fortune right off the bat.

If you’re looking for a cologne to spritz on every day before work, it’s worth investing in the larger size to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. If you plan on layering your colognes or are looking for a more seasonal fragrance, the fifty-milliliter bottle goes a long way. I’ve personally found the thirty-milliliter Jo Malone scents to be ideal for travel or sticking in your daily carry to always smell good on the go.

Now if you’re really eager to explore the range of Jo Malone fragrances, consider a multipack that comes with several 9-millimeter colognes, or keep an eye out for the frequent Jo Malone offers that include these mini bottles as free gifts.


The best news in the price department is that Jo Malone colognes hover around a mid-range price point while still delivering a luxury product.

Most of the 100-milliliter bottles are $155, with the exception of some special collections, which can climb up to $200+. If you don’t want to overextend your budget, it’s worth opting for a smaller bottle, which costs less and allows you to test out the fragrance before diving in head first.

To get the most bang for your buck, I recommend opting for a curated set of five 9-milliliter bottles. Test the waters with the Men’s Cologne Collection, for example, which will allow you to experiment with layering fragrances without spending a fortune.

Final Verdict

The final verdict on the best Jo Malone scents for men is that Blackberry & Bay takes the cake. This cologne is clean, timeless, and perfect as a signature scent, especially when layered with other Jo Malone fragrances. If you’re looking for a bit more depth in your cologne, opt for Oud & Bergamot, which has a more intense, nighttime air to it, thanks to the rich Oud and cedarwood notes.


    • While British Royals like Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, and even Princess Diana are the most well-known Jo Malone fans, plenty of male celebrities wear the cologne daily. According to Medium, Gerard Butler is known to wear Jo Malone’s Nutmeg & Ginger, while Antonio Banderas and Alexander McLean favor Lime Basil & Mandarin (stated in the Scentertainer).

      • While many of the best Jo Malone scents are designed for unisex wear, there are several that make the cut as the best colognes for men, like Lime Basil & Mandarin, Wood Sage & Sea Salt, Pomegranate Noir, and the entire Huntsman Collection.

        • Brands like Diptique, Atelier Cologne, and L’Occitane can be compared to Jo Malone. All of these fragrance houses focus on natural rather than synthetic scents, giving the colognes a lighter, cleaner, and more luxurious feel (and smell).

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