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6 Shoes Like Hey Dude – Similar Alternatives For Men 2023

  • Sep 1, 2023
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6 Shoes Like Hey Dude – Similar Alternatives For Men 2023

Whether you’re looking for something more affordable, unique, or just an alternative to those old high school canvas slip ons, there are a lot of shoes like Hey Dude out there. The Italian brand is synonymous with casual slip-on loafer-style shoes made for comfort and functionality, but they aren’t the only option for this type of shoe on the market today.

With Hey Dude alternatives, you can snag better deals, choose from a wider range of sizes and widths, and even support specific ailments like this plantar fasciitis pair that improves blood circulation.

Or maybe you want to wear a trendy shoe for when you aren’t running, training, or hitting the gym (you know, athletic guy stuff), but you don’t want the exact same colors and patterns as everyone else. There’s something to be said about a bit of individuality. Regardless, every guy needs a pair of slip-on shoes similar to Hey Dude in their repertoire, especially in the summertime.

Let’s take a look at the 6 best shoes like Hey Dude below.

Key Takeaways 

For this task, I enlisted all of the best shoe brands, trusted colleagues in the fashion industry, and consulted my own closet to whittle down a list of dozens to a select few. When searching for shoes like Hey Dude, a lightweight, durable upper, strong sole, and easy slip-on capabilities are a must.

My top pick is Bruno Marc men’s casual slip-on because it’s extremely comfortable, water-resistant, and highly attractive, just like Hey Dude shoes. For an attractive summer neutral with incredibly supportive cork inserts, check out Clae Porter Knit.

Why it’s Great: Probably the best look-alike Hey Dude shoes, this Bruno Marc pair had me doing a double take. From the attractive stretchy knitted upper to the flexible, water-resistant EVA sole, it’s genuinely hard to spot the difference. But this shoe holds its own. The roll stitching and padded collar makes it super easy to slip on. They feel like a dream on your feet. I love that the sole is covered by a cork surface because this is one of the best materials for standing on your feet all day. And it also happens to be the lightest one on this list—a mere 0.38 pounds.

How it feels: Simple and clean means they’re versatile—wear them on a hike or in black and gray for a business casual meeting by the pool.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: While Hey Dude has a commitment to sustainability, these Hey Dude look alike shoes aren’t exactly eco, though they are made with 15% vegan leather.

Sizes Available: 6.5-15  | Colors Available: 6  | Material: 85% textile, 15% vegan leather, ethylene vinyl acetate sole

Tropicfeel Sunset Slip-on

Why it’s Great: Tropicfeel is a great brand that combines form with functionality. While technically a full lace-up sneaker, this shoe is designed to be slipped on with the laces knotted in place and worn all day long, just like Hey Dude shoes. Because they’re water-friendly and the back heel intentionally folds down in true slide-on fashion, they’re perfect for yard work and around the house. It’s also worth noting that they’re made from 6 plastic bottles. Perfect for the guy drawn to the eco aspect of Hey Dude shoes.

How it feels: Cozy slipsock construction, quick-dry drainage holes, extra padding and reinforcement at the heel and toe keep your feet comfortable, safe, and dry. Oh, and don’t forget the AirTechTM mesh odorless upper for added breathability.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: While some people won’t mind securing the lace-up construction in place, it might not be convenient for everyone.

Sizes Available: 6-12.5  | Colors Available: 3  | Material: Recycled EVA, 6 plastic bottles

Clae Porter Knit

Why it’s Great: Instead of contributing to plastic waste in the ocean, Clae cleverly transforms it into their chic Porter Knit shoes. Made of marine plastic waste and recycled materials, they feel amazing on the feet while supporting the environment. Perhaps the greatest feature is a beautiful cork footbed and cushiony foam insole for supporting the feet, legs, and back.

How it feels: While far from formal, their clean, sleek look is not lost on me. Great with a nice pair of shorts or trousers and a polo.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Some wearers might not like that they don’t have laces, while others will appreciate how quickly they slide on.

Sizes Available: 4-13 | Colors Available: 4  | Material: Marine plastic waste, 30% natural rubber, recycled PU, recycled mesh

Reef Men’s Cushion Coast Sneaker

Why it’s Great: Like the Bruno Marc pair, Reef makes affordable shoes like Hey Dude. They have the right look, including a stretch lace system and a round moc toe that’s great for casual occasions. I can appreciate the light as air breathable upper, but it’s the memory foam sockliner that sets this pair apart from the rest. Not only is it comfy and cozy, but it wicks away sweat and prevents the kind of friction that causes blisters.

How it feels: The supportive footbed will cradle your feet in comfort all day long. Reviewers note that they feel like wearing bedroom slippers all day long.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: I’m not crazy about the logo at the top of the foot, but I’m sure it won’t bother everyone.

Sizes Available: 7.5-14 | Colors Available: 3  | Material: Ethylene vinyl acetate

1 Tazero Men Slip-on Shoes

Why it’s Great: Dealing with flat feet, foot pain, or plantar fasciitis? There are slip-ons for that. This pair uses a soft, highly-elastic PU insole to alleviate foot ailments while also promoting blood circulation. And while they’re definitely supportive, I like that they’re unfussy. Wear-resistant, sweat-absorbent and easy to clean–just throw them in the wash.

How it feels: Super supportive with a nice chunky sole, you can pair them with either denim or casual shorts. I love that they’ll make anyone, any age, look good.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Reviewers have noted they run big, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

Sizes Available: 6.5-19, wide available | Colors Available: 19  | Material: Polyurethane

Men’s Drope Mike Casual Shoes

Why it’s Great: No frills and no fuss, Drope Mike casual shoes scratch the itch at a fraction of the price of your typical Hey Dudes. They come with all the right details for that casual slip-on look including a moc toe, tied laces and a breathable fabric upper. If your feet tend to get hot and sweaty, you’ll love sporting this pair. Doesn’t hurt that they’re light as a feather.

How it feels: These are the perfect shoes for throwing on in the summertime. Dress them up with chinos or down with hybrid shorts and head out on a walk.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: There aren’t many colors to choose from here, besides three different shades of light gray.

Sizes Available: 7-13 | Colors Available: 3  | Material: Not available

Buying Considerations for Shoes Like Hey Dude


What’s nice about shoes similar to Hey Dude is that you have more flexibility price-wise. You can score some pairs for under $30 while others come in at around the same price as the OGs or slightly higher. Whether you’re on a budget or cost isn’t an object and you simply want a pair that isn’t oversaturated, there is a shoe like Hey Dude out there you’re sure to love.


Part of the allure of Hey Dude shoes is their sustainable and biodegradable factor. However, this also contributes to cost. Some options on this list use recycled materials and even marine plastic waste, but they tend to cost a little more. Cheaper versions are typically made from traditional man-made materials.


Because this type of slip-on shoe is considered to be casual, comfort is important and easy to attain. Words like corkbed, memory foam and flexible soles indicate the comfortability of the shoe. Some pairs, like 1 Tazero are specifically designed to treat foot conditions, which is a major plus for comfort.

Why you should trust us

As a fashion and grooming writer at Fashionbeans, I research, test, and compare all the best clothes and products for your body, face, and hair. For this review, I examined dozens of options, from look and feel to price and any special details to come up with the best shoes like Hey Dude out there so there’s a pair for everyone.

Final Verdict 

When searching for shoes like Hey Dude, you’ll want a wallaby-style slip-on shoe with a round moc toe. They should be supportive and come at a great price too, like my top pick Bruno Marc casual shoes. Multiple colors to choose from is a nice plus, providing you with a sleek shoe for every fit


    • Wallaby shoes that can be slipped on are perfect Hey Dude alternatives. Any of the shoes on this list should give you the effect you’re going for.

      • Brands like Bruno Marc and Reef make this casual slip-on wallaby shoe.

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