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6 Best Teakwood Cologne For Easy Masculine Scents in 2024

  • Jan 21, 2024
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6 Best Teakwood Cologne For Easy Masculine Scents in 2024

Are you searching for a natural fragrance to assign your signature scent, or on the hunt for the perfect cologne gift? Whether spoiling yourself or treating someone else, wearing one of the 6 best teakwood colognes is like being wrapped in a warm blanket.

Teakwood is a woodsy fragrance that’s appealing to a wide range of people of all ages and for all occasions. It’s a popular fragrance choice for perfumes, solid colognes, barber shop scents, grooming products, and more.

Teakwood colognes encapsulate the smell of nature in a bottle. Some may be clean, floral, citrusy, and bright or smoky with rich, woodsy undertones. The best teakwood colognes have broad olfactory appeal. Woody scents are grounding; they can help us feel secure and peaceful. Many people believe they can aid relaxation and sleep. For centuries, woody fragrances have been featured in spiritual and religious practices.

From everyday colognes like Bath & Body Works Teakwood to luxury special occasion fragrances, including Oud Wood by Tom Ford,  teakwood colognes are worth adding to your scent stash.

Scroll on to discover my tried and tested 6 best teakwood colognes.

Key Takeaways

For this best teakwood cologne review, I put a lot of time and effort into checking out the many teakwood colognes on the market. Designer brands and perfume houses use different notes to complement teakwood’s woody offering, so each fragrance is unique.

There is one constant, though: regardless of whether you’re an eco-warrior or keyboard warrior, woodsy, outdoorsy scents are universally popular. Each one of these scents brings something different to the table. Bois Dore by Van Cleef & Arpels is a seductive, sensual scent. Meanwhile, the instantly recognizable Sauvage by Dior has a well-groomed yet more rugged charm, enjoying mass appeal.

Why it’s great:  Date nights, special occasions, intimate dinners, business meetings, and formal workplace settings all call for a smooth, sophisticated scent. For me, the best overall teakwood cologne for men is Bois Dore.

How to use it: Bois Dore is a feel-good fragrance. You only need one or two sprays before you leave home to smell great all day. Longevity is around 7+ hours. Unlike with my summer colognes, I don’t like to re-apply fragrances too frequently in colder weather. So, staying power is what I’m looking for in a winter or fall cologne.

Flaws but not dealbreakers:  This fragrance is marketed as unisex. My take, though, is that it leans more towards the yang than the yin which is good news for us guys.

Top Notes: Black pepper, mineral notes| Middle Notes: Vanilla, almond, tobacco, cedar| Base notes: Tonka bean, teakwood, musk| Size: 2.5oz | Type: Eau de Parfum| Season: Winter, fall, and early spring

David Beckham Instinct Cologne Spray

Why it’s great: Becks has lots of cash to splash on fancy fragrances. But, if you’re about to kick off your scent game, then at a little over 20 bucks, this celebrity cologne is a winner. Plus, there’s never been a greater time to smell like this famous footie star. Thanks to his recent Netflix debut, Golden Balls’ popularity and sex appeal is at an all-time high.

How to use it: Instinct opens with an invigorating blast of clean, floral, and bright citrus notes. But it’s the teakwood and musk base notes that put it in the first division. Some reviewers say that as well as spraying on one or more warm areas of the body, they also apply Instinct to their clothes. Why? Because fabrics hold onto fragrances longer than the skin.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: It doesn’t score top points for date night, and it may not make it on the top 11 men’s colognes women love. However, you will find it surprisingly pleasant to wear post-gym, and it is one of the best colognes for work. All in all, Instinct is definitely one of the better-executed celeb scents.

Top Notes: Melon, ginger, lemon | Middle Notes: Violet leaf, cedar, coriander| Base notes: Teakwood, musk | Size: 2.5oz | Type: Cologne | Season: All-year round

Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood Eau De Parfum

Why it’s great: Wood scents reminiscent of the great outdoors are perfect for winter. One thing Tom Ford does best is create luxurious and sensual aromatic, woody scents. Fragrantica fan JosephFragrance, says that “Tom Ford Oud Wood is not just a fragrance; it’s a confidence booster, a mood lifter, and a teleportation device to the poshest places your nose can imagine…’ I’d say he hit the nail on the head.

How to use it: Tom Ford colognes never fail to bring the high-end, luxe factor. This elevated smoky and spicy fragrance has an inviting, cozy vibe that is perfect for winter. You need only spray 2-3 times on the skin. Just don’t make the fragrance faux pas of rubbing your wrists together after spritzing. You’ll dull the top notes and spoil the cologne’s development.

Flaws but not dealbreakers:  Oud Wood is one of the more expensive teakwood colognes. But then again, is any price too high when it comes to finding compliment-getting colognes? This boujee buy is a worthy investment if you ask me.

Notes: Agarwood (oud), Brazilian rosewood, cardamom, sandalwood, Sichuan pepper, vanilla, vetiver, tonka bean, amber | Size: 1oz | Type: Eau de Parfum | Season: Winter, fall, and early spring 

CHRISTIAN DIOR Sauvage For Men Eau De Toilette

Why it’s great:  From young men to mature guys, Sauvage by Dior is a timeless classic scent with universal appeal. Dior remains one of the best cologne brands for men, so it’s no surprise that this EDT has clocked up over 16K Amazon reviews.

How to use it: Spray on the wrists, chest, neck, and wherever you feel a pulse! These hot spots are great for helping to boost your cologne’s projection. Sauvage is one of the best long-lasting scents on the scene, so there’s no need to re-apply.

Flaws but not dealbreakers:  Some guys feel Sauvage’s popularity and cult status have made it mainstream and easily recognizable. But it’s no wonder men are keen to get their hands on one of the best-smelling men’s colognes. Redditor Mashy00 agrees, “Dior Sauvage is loved and popular for a reason. It’s a really good scent…The fragrance speaks for itself. Its mass appeal and the sales it’s made are monumental.”

Top Notes: Calabrian bergamot, pepper| Middle Notes: Sichuan pepper, lavender, pink pepper, vetiver, patchouli, geranium, elemi| Base notes: Ambroxan, cedar, labdanum| Size: 6.8oz | Type: Eau de Toilette | Season: Beginning to mid-winter, fall, spring, and summer

Bath & Body Works Teakwood Men's Fragrance

Why it’s great: It’s unusual to discover great-smelling colognes for under 50 bucks. Especially ones with over 3,100 Amazon reviews coming in at 4.7 out of 5 stars. Bath & Body Works corners the market by consistently producing accessible warm and earthy scents. This teakwood cologne is like taking a walk in the woods. It’s reminiscent of aromatic and aquatic A-lister, Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch, but for a fraction of the cost.

How to use it: B & BW Teakwood leaves my skin feeling fresh and pleasantly clean. Longevity is around 2 hours, so you’ll need to re-apply. Don’t be tempted to over-spray, though, as the scent can be cloying. I find the fragrance sticks around a lot longer when sprayed directly onto clothing.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Its fragrance profile is simple, with only a trio of notes coming together to form one accord, meaning it’s less complex. On the plus side, though, you get to enjoy some level of all these until the fragrance finally fades.

Notes: Teakwood, lavender, mahogany| Size: 1oz | Type: Cologne| Season:  Early winter, spring, summer, and fall

Gandini 1896, TEAK WOOD Cologne Spray

Why it’s great: Some of the best vanilla, tobacco, and leather colognes are surprisingly unisex, and the same can be said for this frag. But what I like most about this teakwood cologne is its longevity. I get 6-7 hours of wear, which is something I would expect more from an EDP rather than an EDC.

How to use it: From its fruity opening to its spicy, warm conclusion, this cologne feels like happiness in a bottle. Always spray an EDC on the nape of the neck or behind the ears to maximize your scent’s sillage.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Due to its fruity opening, this cologne is not a typical woodsy scent. Don’t get me wrong, though; it is 100 percent a rich, wood-driven fragrance – just not in a regular run-of-the-mill way.

Top Notes: Violet leaf, pineapple, kiwi| Middle Notes: Pepper, caraway, cinnamon| Base notes: Teakwood, cashmere wood, sandalwood| Size: 3.4oz | Type: Eau de Parfum | Season: Early winter, fall, spring, and early summer

Buying Considerations For Teakwood Cologne


You can enjoy most of the teakwood colognes in this review all year round. For me, though, thanks to their woody and spicy notes, it’s in winter and fall that these deep, and warm best teakwood colognes really shine. Once the wind begins to bite, wrap yourself in a comforting and mood-enhancing teakwood cologne for men.

There are two colognes that I always try to sneak onto my Christmas list. The first is luxury buy, Oud Wood by Tom Ford, and the other is Teakwood by Bath & Body Works. These frags are warm and cozy, and I love it when they linger on my favorite woolly sweater. When the sun comes out, though, you don’t have to trash the teakwood. Instead, reach for the warm weather-friendly bestselling Dior Sauvage or David Beckham Instinct.


What is the optimum size cologne bottle to buy? As a rule of thumb, the bigger the bottle, the better value the cost per ounce. But hold your horses before rushing to the checkout. This doesn’t always mean bagging the biggest bottle is the best choice.

Some teakwood colognes, such as Tom Ford’s Oud Wood, could set you back well over 150 bucks. While others, like Instinct by David Beckham, are a steal at around $20. Once you decide which teakwood cologne to buy, ask yourself what role it will play in your scent store.

If you’re buying a fragrance to rock all year round or opting for an EDT rather than an EDP, it’s a good idea to splash out on a large bottle. On the other hand, a medium size should work well if you’re investing in a special occasion scent. When I’m trying a new fragrance or blind buying, I choose a 1-ounce bottle to start with.


If you are looking for a long-lasting teakwood cologne, remember it’s all about the base! Because when it comes to longevity, it’s the base notes that last the longest. These form the foundation of the perfume, giving it longevity and depth.

They include woody, musky, resinous, and heavy-smelling notes, including oud, vanilla, and tobacco. Tom Ford Oud Wood is a flagship frag and should give you around 6-8 hours of wear thanks to its base notes of oud, tonka bean, vanilla, and amber. Christian Dior’s Sauvage for Men is a savage high achiever in the longevity stakes, hitting 7-9 hours, which is impressive for an EDT. 

Why you should trust us

Part of being a writer for FashionBeans is keeping up to date with the latest male grooming gear. So, you don’t have to find a fragrance on the fly. I’m always on the lookout for the best colognes for men. Whether you’re off to the office, out for brewskies with the boys, or cozying up on the couch, teakwood colognes are the way to go. When I put my name to a review recommending the top teakwood colognes, you can trust I’ve researched, tested, and evaluated dozens of products. Trust me, you are going to love these 6 teakwood colognes. 

Final Verdict

The best teakwood colognes are woody scents for dependable men who love the great outdoors. But when it came to deciding which fragrance to award the overall crown to, it was easy. Bois Dore by Van Cleef & Arpels challenges the norm. Its borderline unisex blend transitions easily from day to night. Plus its tonka bean, vanilla, and almond combo makes it smooth enough for date night but sophisticated enough for the boardroom. It’s a shining example of a teakwood cologne for fall and winter.


    • Teakwood has an earthy scent that’s warm and a little spicy. Research reveals that everyone senses smell differently. So, the best teakwood colognes can smell different from one person to the next. For instance, my brother describes the smell of teakwood as smokey with nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon. But my wife says it’s woodier with hints of leather, tobacco, and musk.

      • Mahogany is rich, warm, woody, sweet and spicy. In fragrances, it can feature as a base note or as the main ingredient. Teakwood scents can be airy and light, sending out forest vibes. Teakwood plays more of a supporting role in teakwood colognes rather than taking center stage.

        • There are four scents similar to teakwood. The first two, cedarwood and sandalwood, have a warm, woody aroma and a hint of spice and sweetness. Third is vetiver, which is rich, earthy, and has a slightly sweet and grassy smell. Finally, guaiac wood is woody and warm with hints of spice and smoke. All four scents are calming and have that all-important chill factor.

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