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6 Best Hair Products For Men With Long Hair in 2023

  • Dec 6, 2023
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6 Best Hair Products For Men With Long Hair in 2023

If you’re lucky enough to not only sport but suit a long, flowing man mane, good for you. Long hair is as timeless as it is epic—but with great locks comes great responsibility.

When your mane becomes unruly, it can be stressful—not to mention the fact that it can start looking like a bird’s nest or a bowl of spaghetti sitting on your head. Enter styling products. Specifically, products for men’s long hair.

The best hair products for men with long hair will work in perfect harmony with your grooming and hair care regime to ensure your man mane is epic and managed at all times (or close enough).

From hair health fortifiers to slick styling elixirs, the best men’s long hair products will make maintaining your Samson-like mane simple.

Choose the right follicle-boosting products for your needs and you’ll also have the kind of hairstyle that turns heads (for the right reasons) wherever you go.

While there are plenty of men’s long hair products out there promising the universe on a stick, not all hair styling items are made equal.

But, never fear, you hot-haired legend—because I’m going to give you a rundown of the best products for men’s long hair that money can buy.

Excited? Great. Let’s dive in.

Key Takeaways

For this man-mane-boosting quest, I spent hours scouring the web, dipping into relevant chat forums, and talking to hair stylists as well as style-conscious friends with the most luscious locks.

After compiling my discoveries, I made personal comparisons of every product on my shortlist (okay, my hair isn’t what it used to be, but I still took the time to test every product)—and I whittled things down to six superior products.

From my essential list of the best men’s long hair styling products, the best all-rounder for every hair type is Pucino’s matte paste.

For everyday long hair styling and fuss-free maintenance, Pete and Pedro’s SALT spray comes out on top. And, if you want to look slick on a budget, Smooth Viking’s styling foam is certainly worth a try.

Keep on reading for more of the best hair products for men with long hair.

Why it’s great: As somewhat of a hidden gem, this long hair styling product from Pacino’s boasts literally thousands of excellent user reviews. It’s also balanced, versatile, and bank-balance friendly. In addition to its subtle yet moreish aloe vera scent, this amazing styling product works with pretty much every hair type imaginable and as such, offers a long-lasting natural hold. Whether you want to add plenty of volume to your man mane or create a bit of texture, this no-flake matte finish pomade will deliver the goods. No wonder it is at the top of the list of best hair products for men with long hair.

How it feels: Considering its superior hold, Pacino’s has a fairly light, non-gloopy consistency. It weaves well into the hair and once you’ve styled your hair, it’s barely noticeable. No grease. No fuss. All good.

Flaw but not a deal breaker: If you’re not a big fan of pomade, you might want to try something else. Other than that, this is hard to fault—hence its status as my top tick for the best pick for best product for men with long hair.

Scent: Aloe

Smooth Viking Foaming Cream

Why it’s great: My undisputed best pick for a budget product for men with long hair, this epic foaming styling mix is made with largely natural ingredients for that smooth, suave, and natural look. Oh, and the brand name is pretty epic too. Well, first of all—the price is nice. Considering its reasonable cost, Smooth Viking boasts a  generous portion size (a little dollop of this goes a long way as it kind of expands in your hand). Plus, its melting pot of organic ingredients—including beeswax, quinoa, and green tea leaf—not only offer an epic day-long matte hold, but also protects, hydrates, and nourishes the hair follicles.

How it feels: It feels, well foamy! When you apply Smooth Viking to your palm or fingertips, it has a light, bubbly feel—and it glides over the hair for super easy styling. It’s ideal for both straight and wavy hair.

Flaw but not a deal breaker: If you have particularly curly hair, you might want something a little strong. Other than that, Smooth Viking is all good.

Scent: Beeswax

Revipp Pillow Soft Curl

Why it’s great: This styling product is technically unisex, but if you’re a fella with frizzy, curly or unruly hair, this lavish cream could be the one for you. In addition to being vegan and cruelty-free, Revipp is rich and pretty powerful. Made with a bouquet of organic ingredients, this lavish cream works fine with hot tools like hair straighteners and hydrates the hair while taming stubborn man manes. Its formula is designed to whip your hair into shape and provide the shape or style you need to transform your ‘do’ from average to astounding. It’s definitely one of the best products for men with long hair.

How it feels: This stuff feels, well, creamy, in the best possible way. It has a medium-thick consistency, yet it’s almost fluffy and far from greasy. It’s easy to apply to your hair, from root to tip.

Flaw but not a deal breaker: For some (with especially crazy locs), you might also need a second hair product like a good clay to fully achieve your desired style.

Scent: Natural & fruity

bellisso Biotin Hair Thickening Serum

Why it’s great: Whether your hair is genuinely thinning or you’re looking to add some extra volume and shine to your man-mane, this biotin-infused bad boy will see you right. Again, this is unisex, but it works so well for men’s hair. As it contains a healthy dose of biotin, a few sprays of this stuff add an almost instant thickening quality to every type of man-mane. As it’s also made with botanicals including lavender oil and evening primrose oil, bellisso fortifies your follicles against damage while offering an unbelievable shine (shades at the ready). It’s also worth mentioning that this punchy little elixir is barber-grade and 100% cruelty-free.

How it feels: When this spray hits your scalp, it feels cool and refreshing. And a few sprays of this pretty magic stuff goes a pretty long way. Just apply, run it through your hair, and add a touch of style.

Flaw but not a deal breaker: While this spray is amazing at adding volume, shine, and a little shape—if you want to get really creative with your mane, you might also need a paste.

Scent: Lavender

Pete and Pedro SALT

Why it’s great: If you’re in search of something that will hydrate your hair at the drop of a hat, Pete and Pedro have your back. Well, aside from its cameo on Shark Tank, this earthy yet slick spray features on my best styling product for men with long hair list for good reason.  Not only will this stop your hair from getting desert dry and frayed, but a handful of sprays a day will actually keep your hair conditioned. SALT will also give your hair texture and hold while you’re on the go.

How it feels: This tip-top product from Pete and Pedro is incredibly light and water-based, but it clings to the hair with ease for superior man mane protection and styling. In fact, it’s almost like getting a hit of sea breeze on a crisp summer’s day.

Flaw but not a deal breaker: Salt spray isn’t for everyone. And if you’re looking for a more traditional hold with a stronger scent, going for a clay, paste or cream might be a better option.

Scent: Natural & earthy

Hair Dough Men’s Styling Fiber

Why it’s great: If you have flat, fine or extra curly hair that you need to whip into shape, this strong hold styler from Hair Dough is worth a look for sure. Well, as the sixth and final addition to my best men’s long hair products hit list, this powerful fiber from Hair Dough has a hold as strong as Hulk Hogan opening a stubborn jar of pickles. In addition to its strong and versatile styling hold, this tough stuff is crafted in small batches for a high-quality all-day finish with a mild shine that looks natural. It’s also water-based, soluble, and works for all hair types, making it one of the best hair products for men with long hair.

How it feels: As a clay-style pomade, Hair Dough is fairly thick. But, despite its robust texture, it clings to the fingertips and disperses across hair strands with ease for an even matte finish.

Flaw but not a deal breaker: As this is unscented, if you want something with a little fragrance—look elsewhere.

Scent: Unscented

Buying Considerations for The Best Hair Products For Long Hair

Product style

First of all, to pick your perfect long hair-boosting product, you should take a moment to think about your specific hair goals. There are countless products for mens long hair out there.

Do you want to improve your hair health? Do you want to add volume to your fading mane? Or are you looking for a styling product to make your hair do stand out from the crowd on special occasions?

Whatever your long haired aspirations, think about your main goals and you’ll land on the type of product for your needs.

Hair type

Another key consideration you need to make is your hair type. Different types of products for men’s long hair contain different ingredients, each with their own follicle-boosting, maintenance or styling properties.

So, choose a product with ingredients that match your specific hair type and you can’t go wrong.


Think about how often you’re likely to use your new product (or products) and choose a size according to your requirements.

If you want something for everyday use, going for a bigger tub or vessel is the way to go. But, if you’re going to use your product on special occasions, travel or occasional maintenance, choosing something smaller is likely to give you more bang for your buck.

Why you should trust us

Okay, my hair might be a little thinner these days, but I proudly sported a long, flowing mane for many years. As such, I know exactly what works—and what doesn’t.

Also, I have friends fortunate enough to still have pretty epic locs of long hair. As well as using my personal experience and knowledge, I also asked my friends what they deemed to be the best products.

To get a further inside scoop, I also reached out to my hairdresser contacts to get the lowdown on the best hair products for men with long hair on the market right now. And, from this pool of insider intelligence, my list was born.

Final Verdict

With a generous serving size, pure versatility, epic reviews, and immense hair styling power, Pacino’s pomade is my top pick for best styling product for men with long hair.

It offers plenty of bang for your buck and suits every hair type. And considering its epic all-day hold, the price point is more than fair.

But, while Pacino’s is my top pick, each and every product on my list is the cream of the man styling crop. So, think about your personal needs, take another look through my guide—and go for gold.??


    • Whether you’re looking for a pomade or a leave-in conditioner, if you’re looking to maintain your long locs and keep them looking fresh, going for products that suit your specific hair type is always a good idea.


      There is a wealth of products out there on the market that are designed to specifically style, maintain or volumize long hair—and they come in all shapes and sizes. So, decide on your hair goals, look around (check out our definitive rundown of products for men with long hair), and take your pick.

      • There are several ways to take good care of your long hair if you’re a guy. In addition to investing in the best styling products for men with long hair based on your needs, you can:

        • Get a trim every eight weeks
        • Shampoo three to four times a week, but condition every day
        • Pat your man mane down gently with a towel
        • Brush your hair in the evening to take care of snags and knots


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