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6 Best Electric Razor for Elderly Man – Safe Shaving For Any Age 2024

  • Apr 12, 2024
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6 Best Electric Razor for Elderly Man – Safe Shaving For Any Age 2024

For many men, shaving is an everyday grooming task that is quick, easy, and painless (some guys even find it therapeutic). But, as you get older, taming your stubble can become an uphill struggle.

As your skin loses its elasticity and sags slightly, getting an even, cut-free shave isn’t so easy. Sometimes, even the best safety razors don’t quite cut the mustard. But, the good news is, there are products out there to make your morning shave easier.

Oh yeah, the best electric razor for elderly man is designed to make your morning grooming routine swift, simple, and painless.

Coupled with the right shaving cream, the best electric razor for seniors comes complete with ergonomic handles and snag-free razors that are kind to the most sensitive skin types.

Even if your facial skin is saggier than a chicken’s neck, the right electric razor for seniors will eliminate the dread from your morning shaving routine. But, with so many products out there, how do you know which ones to trust?

Short answer: I’m going to tell you. Read on to discover my definitive rundown of the Best electric razor for elderly man.

Key takeaways

I began my quest for senior grooming success by researching electric shavers for men on the web while conversing with my favorite style-conscious seniors. While I have electric razor brands that I naturally gravitate to, there are other considerations that I needed to learn about.

Most important is finding brands with attention to ergonomics, close shave, ease of use (no bells and whistles needed), and cordless (again easier to use). After extensive research, plenty of shaving-based chats, and some serious testing, I created my definitive shortlist.

The best men’s razors, whether cartridge-based or electric, have a solid shelf life and offer a well-rounded grooming experience—these product choices are no exception. The Philips Norelco is my best overall pick, as it’s a solid allrounder with superior trimming functionality. For a long-lasting luxury splurge, the mighty StyleCraft Rebel is the way to go. And, for the superior ergonomics, the palm-held SHPAVVER 9 in 1 is an excellent option.

Why it’s great: As my top pick for best electric shaver for elderly man, the mighty Philips Norelco Series 3000 Wet or Dry is a gentle beast of a groomer. With 27 self-sharpening blades and a flexible head, this rotary shaver is easy to use, will get into even the most challenges of facial nooks, and its easy grip handle is a joy to hold. The battery charging time is also lightning quick and it even has a trimming function for styling goatees, beards or sideburns down to the finest detail.

How to use it: Make sure your skin is damp before using this razor to reduce friction. Work with the grain and let the pivot heads work their magic.

Flaw but not a deal breaker: The only potential setback is the fact that some fellas might prefer a slightly slimmer handle for ergonomic purposes.

Type: Rotary | Weight: 0.78 pounds  | Closeness: Clean | Material: Stainless steel  | Waterproof: Yes | Cordless: Yes

Sejoy 3D Electric Shaver Rotary Shaver

Why it’s great: Considering the wallet-friendly price point, this sturdy electric shaver for elderly man is a rotary razor with plenty of protective punch. The rotary blades are made with quality stainless steel and the lightweight handle will help to steady even the shakiest of hands. With a flexi head, the ultra-thin blades move with the contours of your skin to achieve an even shave while minimizing the chances of nicking or irritating the skin.

How to use it: Lather your face in your preferred shaving cream and work from the cheeks downwards and gently across the jawline for the best results.

Flaw but not a deal breaker: While this is a budget-happy all rounder for style-conscious seniors, it’s worth noting that although perfectly adequate, the handle isn’t quite as robust as some of the other products on my list.

Type: Rotary | Weight: 0.30 pounds  | Closeness: 0.5mm | Material: Stainless steel  | Waterproof: Yes | Cordless: Yes

StyleCraft Rebel Professional Super Torque Motor Electric Men's Foil Shaver

Why it’s great: As my top pick for best luxury electric shaver for older men, this slick looking pocket rocket will give you a close shave while giving you the option to get clean lines along the edges of your haircut or beard. With hypoallergenic gold titanium blades, this lavish razor is kind to even the most sensitive skin. Its rectangular slim grip matte handle fits well in the palm of your hand and its floating foil cutters will glide over slightly sagging skin without snagging it. Look after this luxury shaver and it will last for years.

How to use it: Ensure the razor has at least 50% charge before use and work from the neck upwards. Make sure to use a decent amount of shaving cream to avoid snagging.

Flaw but not a deal breaker: While this is a really amazing piece of grooming kit, it’s worth noting that if you’re looking for something with styling functions, this probably isn’t the one for you.

Type: Foil | Weight: 0.31 pounds  | Closeness: Clean | Material: Gold titanium| Waterproof: Yes | Cordless: Yes

Dollar Shave Club Double Header Trimmer

Why it’s great: From grooming first-timers to face taming veterans, the Dollar Shave Club is a brand that always delivers the goods. As one of the most popular grooming products on Amazon, this electric shaver is easy to grip, boasts a delicate double-headed blade design for added safety, and has a battery life that’s more enduring than the Duracell Bunny. Okay, this may technically be marketed as a trimmer, but it acts as an ergonomic electric straight razor, meaning you can get a pretty darn close to clean shave while keeping your neck and sideburns looking as sharp as nails, day in, day out.

How to use it: Choose the right trimmer head depending if you want to style your mature man mane or go for a classic close shave and work with the grain in long strokes.

Flaw but not a deal breaker: The only negative about this shaver is: it’s a little on the heavy side, which could be problematic if you have shaky hands.

Type: Trimmer | Weight: 1.19 pounds  | Closeness: 0.5mm | Material: Stainless steel | Waterproof: Yes | Cordless: Yes

Remington Foil Shaver

Why it’s great: For everyday use (whether you’re at home or on the road), this face taming bad boy delivers the grooming goods. It’s lightweight, boasts 60 minutes of charging time, and comes complete with a near pop out trimmer for those pesky neck and jawline hairs. With Flexi Foil technology, these blades are gentle to more mature skin while getting into every nook and cranny with ease. It’s also easy to wash with a quick rinse under the tap, making it incredibly convenient for a swift and simple everyday grooming experience.

How to use it: Make sure you work on slow smooth strokes and wash the head with water in the middle of your shave for the best finish.

Flaw but not a deal breaker: While this is an excellent product, if you’re looking for something that doubles up as a head shaver, this won’t quite cut it (pardon the pun).

Type: Foil | Weight: 0.9 pounds | Closeness: Clean | Material: Stainless steel | Waterproof: Yes | Cordless: Yes

SHPAVVER 9 in 1 Head Shaving Kit

Why it’s great: While every electric shaver on my hitlist has some ergonomic qualities to make the shaving experience that little bit smoother for elderly man, this one comes out on top. With a unique palm held design and seven firm but fair rotary blades, you can achieve a smooth shave without putting added strain on your hands and wrists. In addition to its supreme ergonomic powers, this epic electric shaver also serves as a head shaver and boasts an incredible 90 minutes of running time.

Flaw but not a deal breaker: This is an awesome shaver, but if you prefer something a little more traditional, you might want to look elsewhere.

Type: Rotary | Weight: 1.01 pounds | Closeness: 0.5mm | Material: Stainless steel | Waterproof: Yes | Cordless: Yes

Buying Considerations For Electric Razors For Elderly Man


First of all, when weighing up the Best electric razor for elderly men, you should think about the type or style that suits you best.

Typically, electric razors for seniors come in three distinctive types: rotary, foil, or single blade. If you have particularly sensitive skin, a foil shaver is your best bet. For a regular clean shave as well as a little facial manscaping (if you like to sport sideburns or a razor-sharp goatee, for instance), a single blade is a good idea, and if you like to shave your head, a rotary razor will do the trick. Consider your grooming needs and choose accordingly.

Closeness of shave

Expanding on my last point, you should choose your best electric razor for seniors based on how close a shave you’re looking to achieve. Consider whether you want a cherub-like (albeit, wonderfully weather worn) aesthetic or a cool casual stubble style and choose a shaver type that suits your needs. In addition to choosing a suitable razor type, you should also read reviews on any potential product on your shortlist to find out how close a shave you’re likely to achieve by using it.


The Best electric razor for elderly men is usually made with high-quality materials that are safe, relatively sustainable, and built to last. When choosing your perfect electric shaver, you should go with a material based on your personal preferences. Decide whether you like the feel or metal, rubber or plastic in your hand and pick an electric shaver that suits your needs. Also, read the materials list carefully to ensure your potential product is made with quality materials that won’t break or crumble within a matter of months.

Is it cordless?

Corded or cordless? That is the question. Cordless electric shavers are more common these days and are better for travel. But, if you’re old skool and prefer plugging your shaver into the wall without worrying about recharging your batteries every week, go for gold. You do, you.

Why You Should Trust Us

As an avid aficionado of men’s grooming, I believe that everyone should have access to the products and accessories that suit their needs regardless of age.

So for this quest for face grooming success, I dived deep into forums, talked to stylish older gents, and even tested a multitude of shavers out myself (I’m not quite elderly, but I do have sensitive skin) to create my shortlist.

I picked every product on my Best electric razor for elderly man shortlist is designed to make your grooming experience safer, slicker, and more enjoyable—and regardless of your personal preferences, you’ll find what you need to succeed right here.

Final verdict

As a gentle allrounder with droves of brilliant online reviews, the Philips Norelco Shaver for Men Series 3000 is my best overall pick. Not only is it compact and convenient, but it also boasts a superior close shave and manscaping features that suit even the shakiest of hands.

The Philips may be my top pick out of this selection of best electric razors for men, but every single product I’ve chosen is the cream of the shaving crop. So, consider your personal needs, look back through the list, and take your pick.


    • As a general rule of thumb, you should be at least 18 years old before using an electric shaver as your skin will be more resilient at that point. While there is no upper age limit for electric shavers, older men do find shaving more difficult. That said, there are shaving products out there designed for elderly men—those that are more ergonomic and kind to the skin. Check out my definitive list of the best electric shaver for seniors to find out more.

      • If you’re a more mature gentleman and you like a clean shave, grooming every other day is advisable. But, with the right electric shaver—one made especially for elderly men—you can groom every day even if you have sensitive skin.

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