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50 How Well Do You Know Me Questions for Couples to Ask Each Other

  • Aug 15, 2023
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50 How Well Do You Know Me Questions for Couples to Ask Each Other

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Are you looking for a way to have fun as a couple and see how well you and your partner know how each other? 

Playing a game that involves how well do you know me questions is always an interesting way to get a little closer!

There are lots of cute couples games that can help you dive a little deeper, like would you rather games for couples, or never have I ever questions for relationships, but couples how well do you know me questions might even take it a little further.

Some of these how well do you know me topics are light and fun, while others delve into the heavier side of life, but all are designed to help you two explore and celebrate your connection. Some should kind of be a given even if you’ve only been together for a little while, while others might prove to be a bit of a challenge even for long term couples!

Relationships are a beautiful thing, especially when you feel like your partner really knows you, inside and out. Cute couples games like this one are the perfect way to find out just how well your significant other knows you and vice versa!

You can play this game by simply going down the list and asking each other the questions, or incorporate some other fun little extras into it as a “consequence” for getting a question wrong.

Some couples like to play it as a challenge game, where the person who gets the question wrong has to either drink or exchange a favor of some sort. The consequences will depend on what kind of relationship you’re in.

This could be a fun game for committed couples where each wrong question is an article of clothing they must remove or a sexual favor is promised for later… you get to decide how risque you want to make it!

You could also go the classic route and play for points, where each correct answer is one point and the person with the most points at the end of the game gets to pick out the next date night activity/restaurant/movie.

Whatever way you choose to play, have fun with it! Enjoy finding out how well you and your special someone really know one another and who knows the other better – you might find you still have some surprises for each other!


How Well Do You Know Me Questions for Couples

1. What’s my favorite color?

2. Do I like roller coasters?

3. What is my favorite food and/or my favorite restaurant to eat at?

4. When I’m upset, what do I do to calm down?

5. What was my nickname when I was a kid?

6. Who is my oldest friend?

7. What did I want to be when I grew up?

8. What was the first show/concert I ever went to?

9. Who was my first kiss?

10. What is my favorite guilty pleasure TV show or movie?

11. If I had to choose between a quiet day in or a crazy day out, which would I choose?

12. What was my favorite music in high school?

13. What’s the most surprising thing you’ve ever learned about me?

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14. Do I believe in ghosts and paranormal activity?

15. If I was granted 3 wishes by a magical genie, what do you think they’d be?

16. What’s my favorite article of clothing?

17. Who is my emergency contact?

18. What’s my favorite sexual position?

19. If I could live anywhere on the planet, where would I live?

20. What do I like more, the beach or the mountains?

21. Would I rather go camping or stay in a spa hotel?

22. Which do I prefer, coffee or tea?

23. What natural disaster am I most afraid of?

24. If I could transport magically to another historical era, which one would it be?

25. Who is my least favorite politician?

26. Which do I like better, roller skating or ice skating?

27. How many siblings do I have?

28. Did I get good grades in school?

29. What was my favorite vacation/trip I’ve ever taken?

30. If I could visit someone who’s already passed away, who would it be?

31. What state or geographic location do you think best suits me?

32. Who do I look more like, my mom or my dad?

33. Do I have a celebrity crush? What celebrity would I want to meet if I could?

34. What is my dream job?

35. Do I have a fetish?

36. What is my favorite book I’ve ever read?

37. What’s my favorite saying?

38. How do I take my coffee or tea? Do you know my Starbucks order?

39. What is my love language?

40. Do I prefer to cook or eat out?

41. What’s my favorite method of travel: road trip, train, or plane?

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A man and woman are sitting on grass outdoors while smiling.

42. What was the first movie I saw in movie theaters?

43. What is my biggest fear in life?

44. What is my biggest pet peeve?

45. Which is my favorite: oceans or lakes?

46. What has been my proudest accomplishment so far?

47. What is my deepest regret?

48. What is my biggest Bucket List item?

49. What is my favorite flavor of ice cream?

50. What’s my biggest life ambition?

Asking questions is always helpful in getting to know each other better, but following along with a set of how well do you know me questions ensures that you touch on a little of everything: the funny to the serious, the sweet to the not so innocent, and a few that might stump you both!

You can also add in some flirty questions to ask each other, if you’d like!

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Couples how well do you know me questions can be the perfect accompaniment to a coffee date, a walk in the park, or a long road trip together. It’s basically the perfect portable couples thing to do, isn’t it?

These questions are probably best when you’re not necessarily in the mood for serious conversation starters and would rather keep it a little lighter.

Have fun with it and enjoy your how well do you know me questions and getting to know each other even better!

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