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50 Gift Ideas: What To Ask For This Christmas 2023

  • Sep 24, 2023
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50 Gift Ideas: What To Ask For This Christmas 2023

If you’ve not yet been accosted by Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ either in the office or walking past the shops, you’ve definitely not got out enough. For ’tis the season, and with the multiplying tinsel comes growing anxieties over presents.

In a world where shopping can happen at the click of a button, choosing a memorable gift for someone is harder said than done. But that’s enough about other people. You also need to make time to consider what you want to see in your sack this festive season.

Been eyeing up a new watch, or in need of a refill for your drinks cabinet? Take advantage of the Christmas spirit and have someone else shell out for one for you. That’s how it works, right? The Christmas spirit?

With that in mind, we’ve collated what to ask for this Christmas, including the finest festive gifts for men at every price point.


What to Ask for Christmas This Year

It’s often thought that a watch is one of the few pieces of sparkly jewellery that men are allowed to actively seek out. The problem? The generally hefty price tags that come attached to bling. Can’t afford a Swiss-made watch? That’s alright, you ain’t paying.

NS40 Jacket in Green from Tropicfeel

Tropicfeel is a safe haven for worried buyers, as we all know gearheads can be some of the most nerve-wracking people to buy for. However, anyone with a love for outdoor garments will appreciate the tech and versatility of the NS40 Jacket.

Made with 100% polyester these layers are waterproof, windproof, and extremely lightweight so they won’t take up much space in your pack. Ideal for the traveler and adventurer alike.

Western Razor Safety Razor Pack

Not all Razors are created equal but you can find some that are sharp in more ways than one. This year, make sure you ask for one that’s both useful and aesthetically pleasing as it’s likely the grooming gear that’s most in-use – and thus most-seen laying about.

Azzaro The Most Wanted Intense
Just make sure to spell out exactly which aftershave you want, leave the empty bottle lying around, send links if you have to, or risk getting a fragrance that smells more like rubbing alcohol. These are all safe bets.

Isto Jean Belt

Odds are, you’re still using the same belt for every pair of your pants. Do yourself a favor and put new belts on your wish list. You need at least one brown belt and one black belt to avoid looking like a walking fashion faux pas.

Whether you’re hopping on flight after flight or just trying to make the most of your commute to work, a travel backpack for your laptop and other important necessities is, well, a necessity. And we aren’t talking about the backpack you brought to school every year. Time to get something professional, sleek, and stylish.

Luca Faloni Hat

The trick to bossing the winter months as a style-conscious gentleman is to keep warm while looking good. Not as easy as it sounds – wearing a hat, of course, is an art form in itself – but you’ll manage it with any of this quality headgear.

Malin+Goetz Leather Candle

It’s hard to breathe fresh air into a market saturated by samey scents, but sometimes you’ve just got to go with the classics: applewood, forest leather and rose.

Nothing says festive gifts for men more than a comfy candle and when they’re burned through, re-purpose the vessels as a key holder/coin purse/bud vase. This will also go over well as a white elephant gift at your office Christmas party, if you’re looking for inspiration.

Luca Faloni Leather Driving Gloves

A pair of leather or faux leather gloves are an adulthood must. Either lined with cashmere or another luxurious fabric, these gloves will keep your hands warm and you looking cool. Perfect for long winter drives or on a first date in the bitter cold.

Boldr Heater

Tired of waking up freezing? The air in your home too drafty? One way to solve these problems is by asking for a small portable heater. Without getting into a fight with your landlord, a small heater can not only save you from cold feet but also save you money.

Roderer Wallet

Do you have your big-boy wallet yet? No? It’s time to upgrade. Whether you go with regular leather, faux leather, or vegan leather, you need a wallet that will stand the test of time – and actually has pockets for your cards, ID, and more. Trust us, no one wants to see you pull out a frayed and ratty wallet.


Nothing says Christmas present like a giant slab of a book to fill out those shelves – the kind of luxury, oversized gift you can’t get enough of at Christmas. Packed with glossy pics and dense information, these are the dictionary definition of a man-book.

BaByliss Pro Gold FX Hair Clipper
Christmas is a fraught enough time as it is, don’t add giving your other half stubble rash. Keep your facial forest neat and tidy with a set of beard trimmers. Now all you have to do is worry about cleaning the hair-covered sink.
CDLP T-Shirts
If there’s one thing every man needs more of, it’s basics. Washed a red sock with your white T-shirt? Ruined. Coffee spill in transit? In the bin. Sweat stains? Out. We’d suggest requesting a pack of six or more.

Axel Arigato - Dice Lo

What is Christmas other than an opportunity to get a new pair of sneakers all bought and paid for? And we all know that unbeatable feeling of strutting around the house wearing a box fresh pair and brand new duds on Christmas Day. Try these classic designs or opt for a sleek new style from a brand like Oliver Cabell.

London Sock Co Brave New World, 6-Pair Box

Not just a myth; well-made dress socks make getting up when it’s still dark out that much easier (on your cold feet, at least). Wool-cotton styles wear better and keep your feet warmer. Add a splash of color under your suit trousers for a little added personality, or pick out a cheeky pair for a funny gift.

Skincare kit

Not taking care of your skin is so 2000 and late. Stop relying on faucet water to keep your skin looking clear and young, and instead ask for a beginner skincare set equipped with basic cleansers, moisturizers, and more. You will look refreshed and glowing in no time.

Meller sunglasses

Sunglasses in winter might signal to others that you’re a bit of a tool. But getting this holiday expense out of the way early is a good way of keeping more cash in the kitty for when you’re eventually poolside. Until then, they can be used to ease the inevitable New Year’s hangover.

Oliver Cabell’s 8mm Cuban Chain

Male jewelry has really taken off over the past few years, with more men turning to necklaces, bracelets and earrings to add a personal touch to their style. If you want to get involved, be specific with what you ask for – perhaps send over a couple of links so people know what styles you like.

CDLP Performance Boxer Brief

Underwear is a personal gift, sure, but also one that will never elicit an “ugh, more of those?” reaction. You may even discover a new favorite brand, like CDLP who has a sleek collection of upscale men’s underwear in every style you can think of. And really, do you actually need a reason for owning more pants?

sheet set

Crack a joke about being 27 going on 72 if you have to, but trust us, you’ll never look back. Aside from the fact no one is going to want to jump your bones if ‘where the magic happens’ is covered in race cars, there’s really no better excuse for snoozing through your morning meeting. Not only is this a gift for you, but doubles as a gift for your girlfriend, too.

Isto fleece jacket
Come on, own up. It’s cold. You can say it. This is a safe space. There’s nothing manly about tempting fate with frostbite on the walk back from the pub. So this year stock your wardrobe with a men’s jacket or super comfy layer that’s much warmer than a beer coat.

Crown Northampton leather mules

Don’t walk around on cold floors anymore. Instead, embrace the comfort that a sturdy pair of house mocassins or slippers can give you.

Not only will it encourage you not to wear your outdoor shoes inside (and help keep your floors cleaner), but it will keep your toes warm when the colder months enter the chat.

Luca Faloni Pure Cashmere Joggers

You can never have too much athleisure in your wardrobe. Perfect for running errands, working out, going on a casual stroll, resting at home, and even for more laid-back hangouts, a solid pair of joggers will keep you both comfy and stylish. Get pairs in different colors and fabrics, and you’ll be set.

Asket The Raw Denim Jeans

Nowadays, you should own pieces of denim that don’t look like you bought them in high school. To upgrade your staple wardrobe you should definitely look into quality pieces of denim.

Something like dark-wash raw denim can take you from the office to date night seamlessly (aka the gift that keeps on giving). What more could you want in a Christmas gift?

otterbox phone case

Have you updated your cellphone case yet? Do you even have a cellphone case? Treat yourself and protect your phone at the same time. Whether you want just some simple solid colors or a case with pockets for your cards or pictures, there is a case for you.


Trust us, it’s not manly to have a cold neck. This Christmas, ask your loved ones for a super soft and warm scarf to help you get through the winter months. Also, it really pulls together a winter outfit.

Closed Knit sweater

A chunky fisherman’s jumper or merino wool roll neck is never a bad idea. Ideal for layering or just wearing around the house on a cold winter’s day, good quality knitwear should make up a large portion of your winter wardrobe, so why not add to it this Christmas?

Derek Rose Men's Pyjamas Brindisi 93 Silk Satin Navy

It’s nice to spice up your nighttime wear with a bougie pajama set. Whether it’s satin or flannel, looking put together for bed adds maturity to your look. Also, it gets boring just wearing a T-shirt and boxers.

Resort co towel

On top of making sure you have big-boy sheets and bedding, you should also ensure that you have a big-boy towel set. When your hand towels match your body towel, you know you’ve truly made it in life – or are at least ready to fake it!

Coffee bag

The nectar of the gods. The fuel that keeps on giving. Whatever coffee is to you, asking for a few bags of your favorite coffee beans — or even a coffee subscription — will have you waking up energized (literally) on Christmas morning. It also doubles as the perfect last minute gift idea for anyone you may have forgotten.

Bedside Lamp

Still choosing between two extremes of lighting: pitch black and operating theatre? Switch your family on to sorting you out with a stylish lamp, and learn the art of hygge, candlelight, pillows and throws while you’re at it. You won’t regret it.

Alarm Clock

Dark winter mornings make it even harder to crowbar yourself out from under the duvet. A wake-up light alarm clock mimics a real sunrise to coax your body into getting up and at ‘em while others are simply obnoxiously loud but get the job done.

apple airpods

Although you can get away with any old pair of earbuds, why would you? Invest in a high-quality pair and they will elevate your music to a whole new level of audio, proving useful long after you use them to drown out the in-laws over Christmas dinner.

Moleskin Journal

Here’s a shocker: men have feelings too. Even if you don’t want to use a journal as a diary, they can help keep track of your thoughts and ideas; from money-making to incriminating. In either case, always burn once full.

Mirakel Neck Massager

Nowadays, life is just so stressful. From hunching over your computer for 8 hours a day (or more) to running around making sure your life doesn’t completely derail, you definitely need to relieve some tension. Ask for some bliss from the comfort of your own couch with a neck massager.

Henckels Knife Set

Whether your Gordon Ramsey or not, you need a grown-up knife set for chopping veggies, fruits, and more. You can’t rely on your blunt knives anymore; instead, know the satisfaction that comes with clean and crisp cuts.

Feeling anxious? Tap into the healing energy of a weighted blanket, and enjoy the benefits of having less stress and a better night’s sleep. It might take some getting used to but feeling the weight slowly pushing down on you will be worth it.

Ninja Air Fryer

Chicken wings? Set. French fries? Set. Literally any food you can ask for? Check. Everyone made fun of air fryers at first, but you can become a culinary genius with this countertop gadget. Gameday will never be the same.

JBL Bluetooth Speaker

From the shower to the beach, a portable speaker will allow you to narrate your life through song. Also, just think about the holiday cheer you can spread on Christmas morning by playing Christmas carols over the new speaker!

Instead of going out every weekend and blowing through all your hard-earned money, have someone else invest in a bartender kit for you. Learn how to create your favorite cocktails from your kitchen, and become the speakeasy you were meant to be.

Native Eucalyptus Mint Deodorant

You shouldn’t rely solely on your months-old Old Spice to keep your BO in check. Instead, ensure you smell great always with a deodorant that will last. Also, updating your smells is never a bad thing.

Compete Grilling Set, Best White Elephant Gift

There are millions of pans, pots and grilltops out there but to really up your BBQ game it’s best to start with the classics. You’ll never get those perfect grill marks if you’re still using the tiny fork from the utensil drawer.

Embrace the wild outdoors (or at least the backyard) and make sure you never have another dry steak for those first-rate get-togethers.

Garmin Activity Tracker Watch

Looking to get fit in the new year? A fitness watch can be enough to motivate you (or shame you) into swapping the TV tray for the treadmill. Try not to take it as an insult, everyone is wearing them these days.

Glen Grant 18 Year Old + 2 Glasses Pack
For when you nail that job interview (slash whenever, really) – there is always an excuse for quality whisky. You can’t go wrong with these luxe options, and if you can’t splash out on a drink over Christmas, when can you?

black and white wall art

You’ve successfully moved out, you’ve kept a plant alive and you no longer live in halls of residence. Now it’s time to decorate the walls. No, not with boughs of holly. With tasteful wall prints (old lad’s mag pin-ups don’t count either.)

Matty matheson cookbook

It’s the 21st century and if you haven’t yet cooked a meal that consists of more than toast you’ve got some catching up to do. We’d suggest one-pot options to start (a home-cooked meal is still a home-cooked meal) while you work up to more complex recipes.

yellow blanket on chair

There’s nothing manly about being cold. Or leaving your company to freeze while you sit there looking glib and oblivious in a Christmas jumper. Plus, it’s probably time you covered those sofa stains.

wireless charging station

With all of our gadgets nowadays, you need a one-stop place to charge everything. When writing out your Christmas wish list, make sure to add a charging station. You will never have to worry you’re phone, iPad, etc is going to be dead before you can even use it.

Oral-B Toothbrush

No grooming routiune is complete without the all-important clean mouth step – especially in those critical first few weeks of a new relationship. Make sure you’re also keeping your dentist happy this holiday season – the more the merrier, right?

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