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5 Sex Positions to Try if your Partner Has Erectile Dysfunction 

  • Feb 16, 2024
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5 Sex Positions to Try if your Partner Has Erectile Dysfunction 

Did you know that most of men have experienced erectile dysfunction at some point in their life? Erectile dysfunction is becoming a more familiar problem with time. Also, as you age, chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction get higher as it results from physical and physiological causes.

So, how will you perform? It might be the most embarrassing moment in your life as your partner has expectations for sexual satisfaction from you. But how will you perform? You needn’t be troubled anymore for someone who cares for you – BlueChew pills are an excellent solution for erectile dysfunction problems.

Also, you can be creative and give a shot to the following five sex positions, and you will attain not only sexual pleasure but also an organism. Let’s go.

Kissing the Entire Body

It must not be all about penetration every time. You can try something new and achieve the same results while getting satisfied at the same time. Without the dick being the main thing, you can have time to explore your partner, giving him/her all sorts of touches, kisses, and licks until you elicit moaning.

Don’t forget the dick. Even if it can’t get hard, exciting, it has fresh arousal and eventual climax marked by orgasm. Give a tender and gentle touch, excite the parts and give them the admiration that loves you have always given them. Nothing much has changed, all is well.

Woman On Top

Challenges are good for health since they make us strong, don’t they? Lack of a hard dick could be a blessing in disguise. Why? You have all the time to explore other varieties of sexuality and still achieve sensual satisfaction. You can involve your body parts such as fingers, to help your partner attain sexual organisms.

No room for despair since you want to get sexually satisfied, right? If your fingers aren’t enough, then you can move on and get a small dildo. It will help fix the remaining bit and is an excellent way of exploring new sources of sexual pleasure. You won’t notice any difference, and pleasure will be there to your satisfaction.

Face-Off Position

For this style, you and your partner sit at the edge of the bed. Your partner should sit on your wrap you while sitting facing you. In that position, you can ride either up or down on the penis. If you feel the ride is a bit slow, you can grab your partner’s buttocks and keep lifting and bouncing.

You will not only experience intimacy but also experience long sessions. Also, there is room for attaining organism to the maximum as this position stimulates the erogenous areas, including the face, neck, body, and head. You can as well work on her nipples pretty well. It is indeed an excellent way of giving cool vibes to your partner.

Inverted 69 Position

For this position, each of the partners will enjoy oral pleasure simultaneously. Also, you are in a position to control the intensity of the simulation by making pelvic movements. Your partner can also use their fingers to arouse your sensitive areas. Either the man or the woman can take the top position, and you later alternate.

You can further spice up the moment by having ice cubes and warm coffee by your bed. After a session of oral sex is over, you can sip it into your mouth.

The Snow Angel Position

It is also known as bottoms up. It is one of the most challenging positions. One of the partners lies on their back whole facing away, then they have their legs wrapped around your back and also lift their pelvis so that you can enter. Next, they grab your butt and start sliding back and forth. It is also a fresh way of giving a massage to your partner.

Final line

Sexual function, particularly in men, decreases at some point for various reasons. But you needn’t get upset about it. It is not abnormal. After all, you can’t be successful all the time. So, you needn’t give up. Never be worried that you might fail since BlueChew pills got your back.

Someone cares for you. Knowing so well how embarrassing erectile dysfunction can be, they came up with safe pills that are prescribed as per your requirements. Don’t struggle with erectile dysfunction; BlueChew pills will work in a fantastic way giving you satisfactory results.

Don’t hesitate until your relationship is broken; the time is now. Take action. The results will be evident. The better part of it, you need to keep booking an appointment with your doctor. Just place an order for BlueChew pills. Once you get it, chew the pills as per prescription. Indeed, the erectile dysfunction problems end with this peel. It is the ultimate cure you have been looking for, wait no further, do it now.

FAQ Section

Question 1: What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Answer: Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition where a man has difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection suitable for sexual intercourse. It can result from both physical and psychological causes and becomes more common as men age.

Question 2: Can sexual satisfaction be achieved if my partner has ED?

Answer: Yes, sexual satisfaction can still be achieved. The article suggests creative sex positions and methods that focus on intimacy, pleasure, and alternative ways to stimulate each other without sole reliance on an erection.

Question 3: What are some sex positions recommended for couples dealing with ED?

Answer: Recommended are positions such as Kissing the Entire Body, Woman On Top, Face-Off Position, Inverted 69 Position, and the Snow Angel Position. These positions encourage mutual pleasure and intimacy without the need for a sustained erection.

Question 4: Are there non-penetrative ways to achieve sexual satisfaction with ED?

Answer: Explore non-penetrative sexual activities, such as oral sex, mutual masturbation, and the use of sex toys. These methods can provide sexual satisfaction and intimacy without relying on an erection.

Question 5: Can lifestyle changes improve ED?

Answer: Yes, lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, a healthy diet, reducing alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, and managing stress can improve erectile function over time.

Question 6: How can couples communicate effectively about ED?

Answer: Open and honest communication is crucial. Discussing feelings, preferences, and exploring sexual activities that both partners enjoy can strengthen the relationship and improve sexual satisfaction despite ED.

Question 7: Is ED common?

Answer: Yes, ED is a common condition that affects many men at some point in their lives. It is more prevalent in older men but can occur at any age.

Question 8: Can ED be completely cured?

Answer: The possibility of curing ED depends on its underlying cause. Some causes of ED, such as hormonal imbalances or psychological issues, can be treated effectively, leading to an improvement in symptoms. However, in some cases, treatment focuses on managing symptoms rather than a complete cure.

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