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5 Best Valentino Cologne For Men – A Better-Smelling World In 2024

  • Mar 19, 2024
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5 Best Valentino Cologne For Men – A Better-Smelling World In 2024

Hi there, Valentino guy. Perfect timing. Me and the other Valentino guys were just about to have a little chat about the best Valentino cologne options out there. Won’t you join us?

From Acqua’s ever-versatile citrus notes to the club-ready, musky seductiveness of the fashion house’s Intense offering, there’s something for every type of nose tucked away in those iconic spiked bottles. And though Valentino is certainly a luxury brand, its fragrances are priced approachably, making them solid options for both young men on a budget and discerning, long-time cologne users.

And with that, we should probably all stop standing around looking at each other and get in there already.

Key Takeaways

Valentino’s fragrances run the gamut in terms of notes, which seasons they’re best for, and how long they’ll last. Unless you’ve already got a bottle lined up for every season and every type of occasion, always keep a crowd-pleasing, versatile favorite nearby like Valentino’s Born in Roma Coral Fantasy or one of the brand’s O.G. fragrances, Valentino Uomo.

The best Valentino cologne overall is the ever-versatile Born in Roma Coral Fantasy. Top and middle notes of apple and sage, respectively, give way to masculine, bold fragrances like tobacco and cinnamon.

It’s subtle enough to give an office-friendly projection without risk of drawing the wrong kind of attention. You’ll need to freshen up before heading out to cocktails—it typically lasts around four to five hours—but its warm base notes will take things from there once you do. Coral Fantasy is one of those rare colognes that seamlessly balances light, fruity scents with richer notes in a way that will be well appreciated when it matters.

Top Notes: Apple | Middle Notes: Sage | Base Notes: Tobacco, Cinnamon | Size: 3.4oz | Type: Eau de Toilette | Season: All

Valentino Uomo

One of the least expensive colognes in Valentino’s lineup is also one of the most versatile. While Uomo’s citrus and floral top and middle notes are ideal for spring and summer, cardamom and black pepper creep in on the back end for a surprise finish.

Uomo is a popular choice for those just dipping a toe into Valentino fragrances for the first time. It’s also one of the longest-lasting scents in the lineup. Averaging around eight hours of projection, this is the cologne to spritz on right before you head out for the office in the morning. With any luck, it’ll get you through the day and into the foothills of happy hour without a problem.

Top Notes: Lemon, Bergamot | Middle Notes: Iris Accord, Vetiver | Base Notes: Cardamom, Black Pepper | Size: 3.4oz | Type: Eau de Toilette | Season: Spring, Summer

Valentino Uomo Born In Roma

Valentino makes luxury products, and its colognes are no exception. In other words, tracking down the best Valentino cologne in the luxury category was less about status and dollar signs and more about defining what makes a luxurious scent.

The quickest definition I’ve found so far: Valentino Uomo Born In Roma. This super-seductive fragrance features prominent notes of violet leaf, sage, and smoked vetiver. Don’t worry about wrapping your head around how that all balances out to the average nose. Just know that the average nose will appreciate your outstanding taste in cologne.

Top Notes: Violet Leaf | Middle Notes: Sage | Base Notes: Smoked Vetiver | Size: 3.4oz | Type: Eau de Toilette | Season: All

Valentino Uomo Intense

For the most part, Valentino cologne for men is a solid choice for almost any occasion and during almost any season. From the office and the beer garden to the coffee date and the rooftop cocktail party, almost all of Valentino’s colognes will serve you well.

But what about the wedding? What about the black-tie event? What about the trip to Lake Como to rub elbows with dignitaries aboard one of those Instagram-friendly wooden boats? Ah, thought you’d never ask. For those occasions and other elevated shenanigans, you need a niche cologne like Uomo Intense in your corner. Now, don’t get me wrong. You can still wear this cologne as a nightly go-to, but its sophisticated nutmeg, sage, iris, and vanilla notes are all but begging to show off a bit at a formal affair.

Top Notes: Mandarin, Nutmeg | Middle Notes: Sage, Juniper Berry | Base Notes: Iris Accord, Vanilla Bean | Size: 3.4oz | Type: Eau de Parfum | Season: Fall, Winter

Valentino Uomo Acqua

The best Valentino men’s cologne in terms of everyday wearability is hands down Uomo Acqua. Its light, refreshing top notes of mandarin and tomato blend with sage and patchouli to create yet another balanced, go-anywhere, do-anything fragrance.

Longevity-wise, Acqua hits a projection sweet spot of around four to six hours. Long enough to make it through most of the day or night, yet brief enough not to wear out its welcome. Along with the original Uomo, this Valentino cologne is one that definitely deserves a spot in your everyday rotation.

Top Notes: Mandarin, Tomato | Middle Notes: Sage | Base Notes: Patchouli | Size: 4.2oz | Type: Eau de Toilette | Season: All

What To Look For In The Best Valentino Colognes


Scent, turns out, is pretty important when it comes to fragrances. Think about where you’ll be wearing your cologne the most, then try pairing the notes accordingly. Seductive leathery notes are great for a cocktail date, while citrus and floral are vibrant daytime scents, for example. And if you’re looking for a more delicate projection and skin-friendly ingredients, you may want to look into solid colognes.


Similarly, when you wear your cologne should also be considered when choosing fragrances. Winter and fall fragrances typically feature notes like vanilla, tobacco, black pepper, and patchouli. Common summer scents are floral, citrus, and fruit.


If your days are typically long and you don’t want to worry about freshening up midway through them, choose a long-lasting scent like Uomo. Averaging around eight hours, it’s the best Valentino cologne for all-day projection. If you’re out for the evening and don’t need your cologne to last all night, the longevity of Uomo Intense, for example, is around five to six hours.

Final Verdict 

Valentino produces a variety of men’s fragrances. And while some are better suited to either winter or the summer months, the best Valentino cologne on this list—Born in Roma Coral Fantasy—has versatile notes that are perfect for year-round use.


    • Though scent is highly subjective, one of Valentino’s top-selling and most raved-about colognes is Uomo Intense. Its nutmeg, juniper, and vanilla notes are warm and inviting, making this a favorite among those wearing it as well as those fortunate enough to be near it.

      • Valentino cologne is a popular choice for men and smells great to most people. There are several fragrances available with notes ranging from woody to floral.

        • Valentino’s fashion, perfumes, and colognes are considered luxury products. That said, the brand’s scents don’t come with luxury price tags, making them some of the best colognes out there for both novices and fragrance pros.

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