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5 Best Mesh Shorts For Men: Breathe Easy, Style Big in 2024

  • Jun 14, 2024
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5 Best Mesh Shorts For Men: Breathe Easy, Style Big in 2024

For a lot of guys, shorts are a lump category where every product feels more or less the same. That said, there are all kinds of them out there, from beach shorts to something you’d wear out on a date. Then there’s sportswear, and the best mesh shorts for men really rise to the occasion there.

Equal part stylish and breathable, mesh shorts help you combat sweat and sweltering heat while still looking like a million bucks. Go for the right ones, and you can even wear them when you’re out in town with your buddies.

But what are the right ones for you? It’s a tough question to answer, but this list of our top five picks is a great place to start. Whether it’s pizazz or performance you’re after, I’d wager that you’ll find lots of it here.

Ready to dive in? Let’s look at the best mesh shorts for men.

Key Takeaways

After scouring the internet high and low and reading too many reviews to count, the numbers are in. There’s no shortage of good options out there, but Champion’s Shorts are the best mesh shorts for men. They’re hard to damage, their pockets are extremely reliable, and you can get them in a lot of sizes.

If you’re up for something on the shorter side, Chubbies has you covered with the option to pick between a 5.5 or a 7-inch inseam. Besides that, they’re made of 4-way stretch fabric, and they have a super-useful zipper pocket.

Why they’re great: Elegant, stylish, and oh-so breathable, these Champions are the best mesh shorts for men. The full-on polyester construction feels extremely gentle on your thighs, but it also lends that much-needed durability you’d want from sportswear.

Also, the longish inseam makes them a tad less informal than Bo. Very deep and dependable pockets, too.

Who are these for? What I love about Champion’s shorts is that they work on the basketball court and during a coffee outing. With so many colors to pick from, you should have no trouble styling these with whatever. For larger guys, you can even go Big & Tall for a snug yet generous fit.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The drawstring is actually a full-on inside loop, which I know isn’t everybody’s favorite look. I personally think it works great, and it takes away some of the casual factor, elevating these above most sporty shorts.

Material: 100% polyester  | Sizes Available: XS–4XL | Colors Available: 12 standard; 4 big & tall | Inseam: 9 inches | Care: Machine wash

Umbro Men’s Field Shorts

Why they’re great: These are some of the best mesh shorts for men, and reason number one would be the colors. It’s not every day you can get a pair of shorts in pink or magenta, but these ones genuinely pull it off. Also, it’s a minor thing, but the Umbro logo is up there as one of my favorite designs on a pair of shorts.

Who are these for? With how thin and breezy they are, these are the perfect pick for guys who tend to work up a sweat. There’s also the 7-inch inseam, ideal for tallish dudes who want to let their bigger thighs breathe a little.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: My only real gripe with these is that they’re pocketless. This does push them more into the workout-only category, but as far as performance goes, it’s as good as you’re going to find.

Material: 100% polyester | Sizes Available: S–XXL | Colors Available: 15 | Inseam: 7 inches| Care: Machine wash

Chubbies Men’s Athletic Shorts

Why they’re great: Chubbies is slowly becoming one of my favorite shorts brands, and this is one of the reasons why. The spandex does a beautiful job at adapting these to your body type, and you can move your legs in any direction with zero resistance. The high-quality compression liner is a big part of why that’s possible.

Who are these for? The more exhausting the activity, the better these puppies perform. Besides withstanding what most shorts couldn’t, they can also keep your personal belongings safe thanks to that zipper pocket. Put that together and you have some of the best mesh shorts for men.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This is more of a feature than a genuine flaw, but be careful when picking your size since you can also get them in a shorter inseam. Both options look great, in my opinion, so don’t hesitate to grab one of each if you can.

Material: 86% Polyester, 14% Spandex | Sizes Available: S–XXL | Colors Available: 1 short; 3 regular | Inseam: 7 inches (regular); 5.5 inches (short) | Care: Machine wash

Russell Athletics Mesh Shorts

Why they’re great: If you liked the look of the Champions, here’s a pair of Russells with a similar aesthetic. As far as gym shorts go, the range of motion they offer is incredible. Not to mention, the list of available colors features everything you could possibly want.

Who are these for? Anyone looking for moisture-wicking and lightweight fabric could get a lot of use out of these. The elastic waistband is extremely dependable, so you won’t have to worry about them slipping off during intense workouts.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: These are some of the best mesh shorts for men. They could, though, definitely benefit from an increased pocket size, but it’s not a big deal. After all, these are primarily workout shorts, so you wouldn’t want to stuff them too much anyway.

Material: 100% polyester | Sizes Available: S–3XL | Colors Available: 11 | Inseam: 9 inches | Care: Machine wash

Hanes Sport Mesh Shorts

Why they’re great: If you need something to lift or go running in, you won’t find a better-performing pair of shorts at this price range. Besides the cushy polyester of the shorts, you also get some quality mesh-lined pockets for your money.

Who are these for? These are some of the best mesh shorts for men. They’re the kinds of shorts you’d wear during a workout or sporting event, but that’s not all. I find they look great in any casual setting, thanks to the minimalist design and neutral colors.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Speaking of which, a few of these colors are kind of samey – you can’t get these in red or some other eye-popping, energetic color. Either way, they more than make up for it with their specs.

Material: 100% polyester | Sizes Available: S–XXL | Colors Available: 5 | Inseam: 9 inches | Care: Machine wash

Buying Considerations for the Best Mesh Shorts for Men


The color of your mesh shorts should depend on the setting. In general, grays and blacks tend to work best if you plan on wearing them during outings. As for sports, sprightlier colors like red do wonders for energizing and boosting morale.


The most common material for mesh shorts is polyester, which offers some amazing breathability and wrinkle resistance. Nylon and spandex are also pretty common, considering they’re stretchy enough for most forms of physical activity.


Sportswear is often a bit oversized, so you should try to calibrate your size based on what you’re after. As for the inseams, you can go for five or seven inches for a shorter cut, although shorts will often go up to 11.

How We Chose

If you’ve been into fashion for a while, then you know how common it is for brands to exaggerate the quality of their products. A lot of them promise supreme durability and ideal functionality, although they often fall very short.

To make things easier on our readers, we look into companies’ reputation, their pricing relative to competitors, and more.

Company reputation: Has the brand put out a decent number of successful products? That’s a good indicator that they’re a reliable pick to recommend when sorting out our lists.

User reviews: It’s always useful to look into people’s first-hand experiences to get a feel for how good a product is.

Price: When you’re eyeing a product online, there’s often a cheaper alternative, and our job is to try and find it for you.

Transparency: An honest brand is one that people come back to, and that’s exactly what we try to provide for our readers.

Why Trust Us?

Andrej Paskalov knows his stuff when it comes to legwear, and his time as a fashion writer is proof. Whether it’s short shorts, jeans, or the suspenders that go with them, he’s tried it all and written about it, too. His rigorous evaluation process involves testing products in various conditions to determine their durability, comfort, and style.

This meticulous attention to detail makes Andrej a trusted source for anyone looking to upgrade their wardrobe with the best mesh shorts on the market. By leveraging his extensive experience and a keen eye for fashion, Andrej ensures that his recommendations are reliable and tailored to meet the needs of modern men.

Final Verdict 

And those were the best mesh shorts for men. For us, Champion Men’s Mesh Shorts win out with their sturdy construction, reliable pockets, and abundance of sizing options. There’s even a Big & Tall option for larger guys, and it’s every bit as high-grade.


    • From basketball to running to lacrosse, there’s no physical activity you can’t use these for. That said, the best mesh shorts for men can work great for a day out with friends, especially in the peak of summer.

      • Mesh shorts tend to work best with lighter clothes, like thin T-shirts or muscle shirts. As for shoes, it’s hard to go wrong with a pair of sneakers, as they’re the most casual and sporty option. Since the designs on these kinds of shorts are straightforward and unpretentious, black or white shoes (or a combination of the two) usually work best.

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