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25 Best Luxury Watches For Men: Show Up In Style 2023

  • Jul 22, 2023
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25 Best Luxury Watches For Men: Show Up In Style 2023

Perhaps no area of bodily real estate is more valuable—and more overlooked—than your wrist. It may feel like no one’s looking, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Your choice to drape a fine watch over your wrist as opposed to a lesser object speaks directly to your appreciation of the exceptional. 

If this describes you, we hope our forthcoming highlights add value to your existing collection. If this doesn’t describe you, it’s time to up your timepiece game by perusing our top 25 picks for the best men’s luxury watches you can buy today. 

We’re going to run the gamut, from diamond-studded showpieces to smartwatches and all points between. Some are traditional, and some are anything but. Some are made of gold, and some are made of upcycled, ocean-bound plastic. 

But there’s a throughline here. And that throughline, of course, is pure, unapologetic luxury.


The very first Vacheron Constantin watch was made in 1755. Repeat: 1755. Which, yes, means the iconic brand has had well over 250 years to master techniques and bring you breathtaking timepieces like the Overseas Tourbillon.

It earns its distinction as the best of the best on our list not because of its 30 jewels, 188 total parts, or the movement’s power reserve of over three days. Fine, those are definitely big reasons. But what really sets this masterpiece apart is its ability to fold such intricate watchmaking into a timepiece that looks at home on any wrist. 

It’s beautiful but not showy. It’s eye-catching but not pretentious. It’s everything it should be, whether it’s merely aspirational or the next addition to your collection.

Just because something is categorized as “luxury” doesn’t mean you have to pay a luxury price. The VO3D-GO from Void has a classic, minimal look and comes in over a dozen color options. Rounding out the traditional elements of this timepiece with Japanese quartz movement are its three hands, date window, and flat face.

This is a reasonably priced watch that can be dressed up, dressed down, and anywhere in between. And the fact that so many face and band color options are available make it that much more versatile.

Void Watches VO3D-GO

When we talk about the best men’s luxury watches, there’s a very important word in there: luxury. Obvious? Sure. But sometimes, you want the luxury part to scream from the rooftops. To demand it be heard. To come in the form of this Cartier stunner that features a white gold case just dripping with brilliant-cut diamonds. 

Of course, with great luxury comes a luxurious price. That said, this special occasion diamond watch will turn every head in the room and make a statement that won’t soon be forgotten.

CARTIER Steel and Diamond Santos de Cartier Watch 35.1mm

Synonymous with luxury, Rolex does not disappoint with its 18-karat yellow gold Yacht-Master II. True to its name, this timepiece integrates several features that benefit boat or yacht captains—its groundbreaking mechanical memory being just one. 

But even if competitive regattas aren’t your thing, this stunning gold watch commands attention whether you’re sailing the open seas or rubbing elbows at the company cocktail party.

Rolex Yacht-Master II

Fine Swiss craftsmanship and a sleek, handsome British design come together to create one of the best men’s luxury watch out there today. I chose the New York GMT Model for its standout minimalist look and ability to pair seamlessly with almost any outfit, whether you’re at the office, tearing up the dance floor at a wedding, or exuding casual cool at the coffee shop.

This no-frills-in-all-the-right-ways watch features an anti-reflective, domed sapphire face that hugs the wrist. And if the brown band isn’t quite spicy enough for you, there are several other straps in various colors to sub in. And lest we forget the cherry on top, the GMT watch is offered at a fantastic entry-level price.

Iota New York Watch

Designed to pay homage to the dive watches of the ‘50s, Baltic’s Aquascaphe collection is an incredibly capable diver that fits in just as well on dry land. The domed sapphire face lends this best men’s luxury watch a sophisticated look. Not only can it handle dives of up to 200 meters, but it’s also shockproof and scratch-resistant. And the steel bezel easily adjusts to different time zones.

But even if you’ve never strapped on fins and an oxygen tank a day in your life, your wrist will be just as happy with the everyday good looks of the Aquascaphe collection.

Baltic Watches Aquascaphe

Monofore has a love affair with minimalist, rectangular watches. In fact, that’s all they do, which results in an exemplary piece of specialized wrist candy. The crown is hidden to keep the timepiece’s shape true. Also aligned with its minimalist theme, you’ll find nary a stitch in the watch’s Italian leather band. 

This is a classic look that should be paired with a smart outfit. But note that smart doesn’t necessarily have to mean formal. A linen button-down should do nicely. As would a crisp polo or even the right t-shirt and high-waisted trouser combo. The point is, don’t overthink this simple yet carefully designed beauty.

Monofore MO1 41mm

For the better part of four decades, Maurice Lacroix has been manufacturing exquisite timepieces in the Swiss mountain town of Saignelegier. Their watches run the gamut of luxury, and the Aikon Tide—though it tries to hide its sophisticated side—is certainly no exception.

Firstly, it’s a watch with a conscience. The case of this sporty and playful specimen is made of upcycled plastic that was likely to end up in the ocean, and the strap is constructed of black rubber. And if you’re the active type with a tendency to gravitate toward water, you’ll enjoy the fact that it’s water-resistant to 100 meters. Now get out there and make this thing proud.

Maurice Lacroix Aikon Tide

In 2015, Swedish brand Tusenö launched a super successful crowdfunding venture that paved the way toward its current respected position in the industry. And it all started with the First 42. This Swedish-designed beauty is one of the best luxury Swiss watches for men. Thanks, in part, to its intricate movements, surgical grade stainless steel case, and subtly stunning good looks.

Like many of the timepieces on our list, the First 42 is a chameleon in terms of what you can wear it with. It’s water-resistant, so you can take it out on the boat. It’s elegant, so you can wear it to a cocktail party. It’s sturdy, so you can operate a jackhammer. Okay, maybe skip that last one.

Tusenö First 42

No list of the best luxury watches for men would be complete without mention of Patek Philippe. And no mention of Patek Philippe would be complete without the Calatrava collection. The 6119-R, particularly, stands out as one of the most aesthetically pleasing and universally wearable timepieces in the designer luxury pantheon.

This handsome dress watch features a manually wound movement, rose gold case, alligator leather strap, and enough class to power a small city.

Patek Philippe Calatrava 6119R

You might be surprised to hear that one of the best luxury watches for men happens to be digital, but don’t be. Tissot’s entry on our list checks all the boxes: Swiss-quartz movement, titanium bracelet and case, water-resistant up to 330 feet. And in addition to its handsome digital display, it also features a more traditional analog display.

There’s no shortage of cookie-cutter digital watches out there, but Tissot’s T-Touch is a cut above, seamlessly blurring the lines between analog and digital.

There are a lot of beautiful chronograph watches. But the problem is many of them are designed more for form than function. Or that’s at least how they’re treated. The Workhorse Backcountry from Vero has both form and function in spades.

Designed with backcountry adventures in mind, the Workhorse features a scratch-resistant case, 390 feet of water resistance, and steel bullhorns to protect your investments from the elements you’ll no doubt be throwing at it.

Vero Workhorse Backcountry

The Forerunner 955 smartwatch caters to athletes ranging from novice to elite skill levels with its seemingly endless features. Some highlights include real-time stamina metrics, morning reports (which give you an overview of how you slept and your training outlook, among other stats), built-in training sessions and workout apps, and full-color maps built into the watch.

And though this watch is available in another tier, we chose this timepiece for its outstanding ability to hold a charge for up to 49 hours using solar power—perfect for those long, sunny runs.

Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar

We’ve seen what an exemplary smartwatch looks like. But wouldn’t it be nice to see what an exemplary smartwatch in disguise looks like? Oh hey, here comes one now…

Step aside forced segue. Here comes Fossil’s Machine Gen 6 Hybrid Smartwatch in a sexy, go-anywhere smoke stainless steel. True to form, no one will ever know that the handsome timepiece on your wrist can also log your activity, control your music, track your heart rate, and perform seemingly countless other functions. Oh, and it also tells time.

Fossil Machine Gen 6 

Heads up: this watch isn’t for the faint of wrist. But if you appreciate retro design teamed up with modern technology and performance, the eye-catching Computron is worth a look.

Bulova originally started manufacturing the Computron in the ‘70s. The revived version sticks to its roots with a digital display and vertical lines reminiscent of an Art Deco highrise, while upgrades like dual time zone capabilities help keep things current. 

But even though its looks are impressive, this isn’t the watch you buy if it’s going to be your main wear. At best, consider it a fun addition to your existing collection and a conversation piece for the right occasions.

One look at the striking design of this Patek masterpiece is all it takes to recognize that it’s something special. Sure, the case is pure platinum. Sure, an 18-karat gold dial plate is involved. And sure, the self-winding mechanical movement is very much a thing in and of itself. 

But let’s be real here. The reason you’re gracing your wrist with this absolute piece of art is because it’s going to unleash an unstoppable wave of whiplash across the restaurant, bar, office, airplane… you name it.

Patek Philippe 5088/100P

You don’t have to be a pilot to respect and appreciate the beauty and history of this impressive pilot’s watch from Breitling. Yes, it’s got serious street cred among pilots—in fact, its design is the official timepiece of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). 

But aviation-leaning features aside, it’s one of the most iconic watches of all time and has the stunning good looks to prove it. Pair it up with anything from a polo to a loose linen shirt to your wedding suit.

Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43

Marathon has been providing the military with watches since 1941. Needless to say, if you plan on putting this field watch through the paces, it’s both willing and able to meet the challenge. 

But no worries if you’re more of an office warrior than a military hero. This is just a handsome, impossibly rugged timepiece that would like nothing more than to show you what its high-impact fiber shell case can do. Yes, even if that just means making your wrist look better than everyone else’s at happy hour.

Marathon WW194003 Military Watch

Detroit’s own Shinola manufactures exceptionally well-constructed timepieces, most of which have an understated yet elevated look. Case in point: The Traveler. Its muted colors are inspired by the sand dunes of Michigan, its stainless steel case is ready for action, and its leather strap lends the piece a touch of timeless class. 

Wear it out on the town, to the office, or take a cue from its namesake and put on a handsomeness clinic at the airport. This one’s about as travel-ready as they come.

Shinola’s The Traveler Watch

The glorious throwback that is Omega’s Seamaster has been thoughtfully revisited with the 300 Master Co-axial Chronometer. In its former life, this timepiece spent decades as the official James Bond watch. And as fate would have it, it’s about to be the official watch of your wrist.

With an elegant blue face and 18-karat gold hands, this watch can easily stand on its own for drinks or date night. But it’s not so precious that it can’t also accompany your wrist during more dressed-down occasions. Take catching a Bond flick, for example.

Omega Seamaster 300

Junghans is all about minimalism with hidden function for days. The German brand’s debut on our list of the best men’s luxury watches features a radio-controlled movement and perpetual calendar, plus a titanium case and titanium strap for good measure. 

One of the advantages of its minimalist aesthetic is that it’s a bit of a chameleon in terms of what you can wear it with and where. And if you think the fact that we’re just now mentioning its solar capabilities is burying the lede, that’s the whole point. An exceptional solar watch doesn’t have to scream “I’m solar” from the rooftops. Like this one, it’s got plenty else to lean on.

Junghans Max Bill Mega Solar

Just because something is luxurious doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Gucci is known for both its elegant side and its irreverent one. In the latter camp comes the colorful Tiger G-Timeless, depicting the tiger that’s been making appearances in Gucci’s various collections for years.

The band’s jungle-themed motif only adds to the timepiece’s appeal. With its throughline of personality, you’ll want to team it up with an equally colorful outfit.

Gucci G-Timeless Stainless Steel & Yellow Gold PVD Tiger Dial Bracelet Watch 44MM

From the makers of the Swiss Army Knife comes this super rugged camouflage, military style watch with a carbon composite case, glow-in-the-dark dial, and a strap made out of parachute cord designed to untether itself if you get stuck. 

It may not be every day that you need such features, but if you’re even the slightest bit adventurous, this is a good piece to have in your arsenal.

Swiss Army I.N.O.X. Carbon Limited Edition 

The dress watch is a fickle creature. It should stand out without standing out. It should scream from your wrist’s rooftops (it’s a thing, we checked), but not too loudly. What we’re getting at: subtle elegance.

And this specimen from Girard-Perregaux, one of the oldest luxury watch manufacturers in the world, has the subtle elegance thing down to a science. Witness its 27 jewels, Swiss-made automatic movement, and striking black strap. No pressure, but you’ll want to make sure you have a few suits that can hold their own against the 1966.

Girard-Perregaux 1966 Watch

An American icon, Timex has been ticking in the USA since 1854. Steeped in American tradition with not-so-subtle winks to the precision of its Swiss movement, this standout from the American Documents collection is luxury without a luxury price tag.

It’s got the elevated subtlety of a dress watch with the respectable craftsmanship of some of this list’s more storied brands.

Timex American Documents 41mm

What To Look For In A Men’s Luxury Watch


Even if your budget knows no bounds, you need to make sure your investment into a luxury timepiece matches your lifestyle and what you’ll use the watch for. If you’re constantly out on the nightlife circuit and looking to turn heads, opt for standout components like diamonds or an ornate face. If you live a more active lifestyle but won’t compromise on luxury, there’s no shortage of elevated smartwatches at your disposal.



Budget and luxury. Bit of an oxymoron, right? But regardless of your cash flow, you’ll want to make sure your luxury timepiece is either a solid investment or perfect for your individual needs. This is especially true if purchasing one of our best luxury watches for men errs on the splurge side of things for you. Regardless of how much you spend on your watch, store it in a watch box to keep it safe and protected. 


Not to be confused with their overall function, a watch’s features can make all the difference. If you live an active lifestyle near the water and don’t want to compromise on luxury, for instance, opt for a water-resistant smartwatch or a hybrid. Travel often? A watch with the ability to quickly adjust to different time zones—be it analog or digital—is key. With endless features available, do your research to figure out which ones are most important to you.


    • Each luxury watch manufacturer has different circumstances that contribute to the costs it passes along to consumers. That said, some of the more common factors leading to the high cost of luxury watches are limited quantities, complicated movements or specifications that require hours of precision work, and the overall materials used—gold, platinum, or diamonds.

      • There’s a boom underway in the watch market. Supply is down, demand is up, and everyone wants in. Though we’re far from an authority in the investments space, there are a few ways you can dip a toe into this type of investment. Two of the most basic are simply buying a watch and hoping to turn it for a profit down the road and buying stock in luxury watch companies.

        • Many watches hold their value over time, but a select few stand out among the crowd time and time again. Some of those timepiece brands include Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, and Omega.

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