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2025 Ferrari 12Cilindri & 12Cilindri Spider

  • May 5, 2024
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2025 Ferrari 12Cilindri & 12Cilindri Spider

Since its inception in 1939, Ferrari has consistently delivered some of the world’s most exotic, high-performance cars. And while the Prancing Horse’s vehicles have drastically changed since the company’s golden era in the 1960s, with a bevy of ever-more-advanced and high-tech rides, it’s now returned to its roots for its latest release, the Ferrari 12Cilindri — a naturally-aspirated, non-hybrid V12 two-seater that pays homage to Ferrari’s ‘50s and ‘60s era open-topped Gran Turismo models. 

The Basics

The 12Cilindri is Ferrari’s latest front-engined two-seat flagship, and will initially be offered in coupe and hard-top convertible versions. Developed over the last four years, the Ferrari 12Cilindri is constructed around an all-aluminium chassis that features an advanced suspension setup that’s equipped with Magnetorheological dampers. The vehicle is also equipped with a near-perfect 48:52 weight distribution. 

A True Ferrari V12

The supercar is powered by a mid-front-mounted 6.5-liter 65° V12 that rev’s up to 9,500RPM and is known as the F140HD. Bolted to an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, the naturally-aspirated V12 engine is devoid of any hybrid drive motors or forced-induction systems and is classic Ferrari through and through. Sitting beneath a front-hinged, single-piece clamshell cover, the engine benefits from new engine management software, titanium con-rods, and a rebalanced and lightweight crankshaft. It’s also crucial to note that the F140HD engine very well may represent Ferrari’s final gas-fed V12. 

Bodywork & Aero

The 12Cilindri sports an ultra-sleek and thoroughly modern set of bodywork that still manages to squeeze in a few subtle nods to the brand’s old GT models, very much including the iconic 365GTB/4 Daytona. The body has also been outfitted with a new active aero setup including a top spoiler, a large rear diffuser, a front splitter, twin wheelhouse breathers, dual floorpan-integrated vortex generators, and a rear air management assembly consisting of a fixed centerpiece paired with a set of dynamic lateral winglets. Funneling cool air to the engine is a massive carbon-fiber intake setup with variable-geometry ducts. 

Hardware & Tech

Noteworthy componentry and systems include standard rear-wheel steering, eighth-generation Side Slip Control, Ferrari’s Virtual Short Wheelbase 3.0 system, and an upgraded brake-by-wire ABS Evo system with carbon-ceramic rotors. The car also rides on a set of low-drag wheels that are each precision-machined from a solid block of aluminum billet. The interior of the car also features separate driver and passenger displays supplemented via a central 10.3” touchscreen, along with the SF90’s H-pattern Cancelletto gear selector and a steering wheel fitted with Ferrari’s Manettino drive-mode selector. 

Power & Performance

After some impressive tuning, the engineers in Maranello have managed to squeeze 818.64hp and 500ft-lbs of torque out of the 12Cilindri’s 12-cylinder engine. Thanks to a potent V12 and a (dry) weight of only 3,439lbs — or 3,571lbs for the drop-top — the 12Cilindri is able to reach 60mph from a complete standstill in as little as only 2.9 seconds. Even the slightly heavier Spider variant is only a literal fraction of a second slower, doing 0-60mph in 2.95 seconds. In addition to boating a sub-8-second 0-to-124mph, the car can also reach a top speed of over 210mph (or 211.266mph to be exact). 

Brand: Ferrari
Model: 12Cilindri
Variants: Coupe & Spider
Engine: Naturally-Spirited 6.5L V12
Power: 818.64HP & 500FT-LBs
0-60MPH Time: 2.9 Seconds (or 2.95 for the Spider)
Top Speed: 211MPH
Starting Price: $425,300
Scheduled Release: Summer 2024

Pricing & Availability

The 2025 Ferrari 12Cilindri Coupe is scheduled for a release later this summer, while the 12Cilindri Spider will follow later in 2024. The Prancing Horse has stated that pricing for the new front-engined flagship will start in the low $400,000s, though pricing on the manufacturer’s European website shows starting figures for the coupe and convertible standing at €395,000 (~ $425,300) and €435,000 (~ $468,400), respectively. 

2025 Ferrari 12Cilindri

Ferrari’s 12Cilindri is a true Prancing Horse that combines a naturally-aspirated 6.5-liter V12 engine with a modern design that pays homage to iconic Ferrari’s of yesteryear.

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