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20 Best Gifts for Cigar Lovers (Besides Cigars) in 2023

  • Dec 11, 2023
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20 Best Gifts for Cigar Lovers (Besides Cigars) in 2023

Dive into our curated list of best gifts for cigar lovers that hinge on occasion, functionality, and personal touch. It’s more than just the item; it’s the story it tells and the purpose it serves.

From finely crafted humidors to rare blends, cigar gifts enhance the smoking experience.

Let this guide be your compass, unveiling treasures cherished by smokers. Keep reading to immerse yourself in our curated selection that’s as rich and diverse as the world of cigars.

Every artist needs their tools, and this cutter is a masterpiece. Sharp, precise, and with a flair that screams sophistication, it’s essential for every smoker’s collection and one of the best luxury gifts for cigar lovers on our list.

roygra Cigar Ashtray

An ashtray goes beyond being a mere ember repository; it’s a statement piece. This exquisite black ceramic model, in particular, exudes elegance, serving as a throne for the remnants of a cherished smoke.

CASE ELEGANCE Glass Top Humidor

A humidor is not just a box; it’s a sanctuary of flavor and freshness for those precious stogies. The unsung hero behind every great smoke, this humidor is among our guide’s best luxury gifts for cigar lovers.

Express Tasters Cigar Smoking Journal

This journal is a dream come true for the connoisseur who loves to chronicle their experiences. It’s a log for their smoking journey, allowing them to record notes, flavors, and cherished memories, commemorate their smokes, and share those experiences with friends.

Northern Lights Candles Whiskey and Tobacco Spirit Candle

Bring the ambiance of a cigar lounge right into their living room. With its rich and smoky aroma, this candle is a trip down memory lane. Its gentle scent is perfect for setting the mood or reminiscing about that ideal smoke. The heavy scent also feels very Christmas-y, making it a great gift option for that time of the year.

Cigarlong Cigar Mouthpiece Set

This cigar mouthpiece set rolls elegance and functionality into one. These mouthpieces are beautiful additions that ensure smooth smoke. While slightly delicate, these are the ultimate companions for those who love to savor their leaves (bonus, they make a great birthday gift).

HomeWetBar Shadow Box for Cigar Bands

This shadow box is where every band from their favorite smokes finds a home. It’s a fitting decor piece for a whiskey lover and one of the best unique gifts for cigar lovers. A trip down memory lane, it’s a testament to their smoking journey.

Skeem Glass Match Cloche with Striker

Old-school charm meets modern utility with this match holder. A nod to the traditional ways of lighting up, it keeps their matches within arm’s reach. Since it’s made of glass, it’s a bit fragile, best for the responsible among the bunch.

Corkcicle Cigar Glass

This whiskey glass isn’t just a vessel for their favorite drink; it’s a dual experience. With a built-in cigar holder, it’s the epitome of efficiency and class. Cheers to the genius who thought of this!

Best Of The Rest

Mrs. Brog Cigar Lighter

Illuminate their world with this opulent lighter. This triple-flame torch, stainless steel gadget boasts a sleek and dependable design, although refilling it with butane may present a slight challenge. Nonetheless, it’s an ergonomic, aesthetic addition to any smoker’s collection.

AMANCY Brown Leather Cigar Case

For the gentleman on the go, this cigar holder is a game-changer. It’s the protective embrace for every smoke, though the cutter may not be the sharpest on the market. A must-have for those who appreciate the finer things in life, this holder keeps any stogie pristine.

Cremo Spice & Black Vanilla Cologne

This cologne captures luxurious, earthy tobacco tones, making it a subtle nod to their favorite pastime. While it boasts a hint of intensity, it’s an ideal choice for those who wish to carry the scent of their beloved smoke, and indeed, one of the most unique gifts for cigar lovers.

Screwpop Cigar Punch

Precision is key, and this cigar punch is the epitome of it. For those moments when a cutter won’t do, the punch steps in to save the day. The bottle opener is fragile but a nice additional feature nonetheless.

Flauno Travel Cigar Humidor Case

For the jet-setter, this travel case is a godsend. Stylish, compact, and designed to protect up to five precious cigars from the rigors of travel, it’s like a first-class ticket for their favorite smokes.

Oasis Caliber Cigar Digital Hygrometer

This hygrometer ensures that their prized collection remains in optimal condition. While accuracy may wane over time, it’s the guardian of freshness and a must-have for any serious cigar aficionado.

AMELIA SHARPE Cigars Metal Tin Sign

Art meets passion with this cigar poster. Featuring the classics, it’s not just a visual treat, but a celebration of cigar culture. Perfect for sprucing up their man cave or study, it’s a nod to their love for the leaf.

Richard Carleton The Ultimate Cigar Book

Knowledge is power, and this encyclopedia will make anyone the Albert Einstein of cigars. Covering everything from history to types, it’s the bible for anyone immersed in tobacco culture. Book sleeves may arrive torn, so we advise ordering in advance to ensure you receive a new copy.

Lefonte Whiskey Decanter Set

We can all agree a good smoke deserves a good drink. This decanter is the epitome of class, ensuring whiskey is always served in style. It’s an excellent pairing for cigar enthusiasts, especially those who love to host.

Perfect Pregame Cigar Flask Gift Set

Sip, smoke, repeat. This flask is the ultimate accessory for those who love to enjoy two passions simultaneously. While it may be a bit difficult to seal, it’s compact and slick, truly the best of both worlds.

Single Cigar Case

This elegant case is the perfect protector for that special roll, ensuring it’s always in prime condition. It can hold two cigars up to 6.5 inches in length but may not be able to house longer, thick cigars, so be sure to check cigar dimensions before purchasing.

What to Consider When Buying Gifts for Cigar Lovers

The Occasion’s Elegance

Occasion dictates what the best gifts for cigar lovers may be. Celebrating a loved one’s milestone birthday? Perhaps a vintage cigar or a high-end humidor is in order. Attending a casual weekend gathering? Consider a stylish cigar cutter or ashtray. Context is king.

Function Meets Fashion

Cigar enthusiasts have a keen eye for detail. They appreciate the nuances in a good smoke; the same goes for their accessories. Whether a leather-bound journal or a sleek, modern lighter, ensure it ties in function and fashion.

A Personal Puff

Cigar enthusiasts are as diverse as their beloved blends. Some prefer classics, while others seek unique puffs. Customize cigar gifts to their preferences. Whether it’s a rare smoke from a visited country or an engraved case, personal touch matters.

The best cigar gifts consider setting, balance style with substance, and emphasize personalization. Here at Fashion Beans, we firmly believe that style is in the details.


    • The best gifts for cigar lovers combine functionality and style, such as a high-quality humidor, a sleek cutter, or a rare blend.

      • For the festive season, a special edition cigar, a festive-themed ashtray, or a curated cigar gift set are delightful.

        • Cigar gifts are ideal for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and significant milestones, but they are also suitable for informal get-togethers or even as tokens of appreciation.

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