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18 Best Work Bags for Men From Backpacks To Briefcases In 2023

  • Oct 21, 2023
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18 Best Work Bags for Men From Backpacks To Briefcases In 2023

The best work bags for men aren’t just for the everyday commuter. Perfectly marrying style with substance, they’re a must-have for guys of all occupations—whether you’re a banker, bookkeeper, or building site manager.

Equipped with a suitable bag, you’ll not only be able to carry the right tools for the job but cement your status as one of the best-dressed in the business. Good news is there are loads of great options that you can get your hands on. From backpacks to totes and sling bags, each offers something different for the job at hand.

Keep reading for my list of the most practical yet stylish work bags for men that will help promote your workwear to the very top.

Key Takeaways

The conventional work-bag norms have changed. Thanks to a plethora of styles now readily available, you have far more choices than a few clunky briefcases.

I’m going to be taking you through the best work bags for men, including backpacks, messengers, totes, satchels, and holdalls. There’ll be options for every budget from brands such as Tropicfeel, Mismo, and Carl Friedrik.

Type: Backpack | Size: H18x W11 x D5.5 in | Material: Polyester | Colors Available: 4

If you’re planning on becoming the best-dressed guy in the office, a standout bag provides an easy way to truly elevate your outfit and make the right impression. But it’s not all about appearance—what’s inside counts too.

Perfectly sized at 16L and easy on the eye, Tropicfeel’s Nest backpack is not only stylish but features the ideal amount of pockets to organize everything you need. There’s space for a laptop and notebooks, plus places to keep your cards, travel passes, and keys. Plus it can be the perfect weekend bag to bring to the office and plan a sneaky afternoon escape plan. Want more? The waterproof construction makes sure not even a rainy commute can ruin your day.

Mismo Morris Work Bags

Type: Briefcase | Size: H29 x W39 x D8cm | Material: Leather | Colors Available: 3

They say you should dress for the job you want. Which is why turning up to work with a tatty old tote is a bad move. When it comes to finding the best men’s work bags, you can’t go far wrong with leather.

Durable and super sleek, this leather bag from Mismo is bound to be the talk of the train. Made from smooth full-grain leather, it features an easy-access zip fastening that opens up to reveal a number of convenient compartments and pockets.

There’s a foamed laptop compartment that’ll keep your tech safe, while the two open pockets opposite can hold those all-important documents. You can carry it with the double handles or use the detachable (and adjustable) strap to wear it on your shoulder.

Carl Friedrik Compact Weekender

Type: Duffle | Size: H35 x W46 x D17cm | Material: Leaather | Colors Available: 3

If you work out before or after work, the type of bag you require is going to be completely different from the guys who just show up and leave. Not only does it need to be more spacious, but there should be extra pockets and look work appropriate.

This small duffel bag from Carl Friedrik will have no problem fitting everything in, and you can even take it with you on weekend trips with the family. Made from luxurious leather, it features two top carry handles and a shoulder strap. No matter where you take this, it’ll fit in.

Troubadour Daytripper Carryall

Type: Carryall | Size: H30 x W38cm | Material: Nylon| Colors Available: 1

The pandemic changed the way many of us work; with remote working and home offices now becoming the norm. All the more reason to really make an effort when it comes to traveling into the office.

Côte & Ciel carryall will make it look like you’ve never been away. A must-have for the man about town, it’s perfect for city workers, but it’ll come in particularly handy for weekend breaks and business trips too. Featuring ample space for tech, books, and documents, it has a specific device pocket, plus various ways to way it.

Everlane ReNew Transit Backpack

Type: Backpack | Size: H45 x W30 x D18cm | Material: Polyester | Colors Available: 6

While having so many work bags for men to choose from can seem a little overwhelming, it does mean you don’t have to spend a fortune to find one you like. Sure, there are endless options if money isn’t an object, but there are also an array of affordable versions that are just as good.

This commuter-friendly style far exceeds its modest price tag. Put it this way—if you were paying per pocket and space, you’d probably have to take out a loan.

Made from 100% recycled polyester, it features an exterior laptop pocket, water bottle holders, zip pockets for passports and tickets. Plus, interior slip pockets that can hold your notebooks. When you’re not taking it to work, it’ll be your best friend on hikes, beach days, and weekends away.

Roderer Award Messenger Bag

Messengers are easily one of the best work bags. They’re small enough to not hit fellow commuters on the train, but have plenty of space to hold the essentials you need for the day. They also won’t look out of place if you head for a few after-work drinks.

This leather messenger bag from Roderer is ideal for when you want to travel light. Surprisingly spacious, it features a main compartment that’s big enough to store a tablet and a small notebook, plus pockets for your cell phone and pens. If you’re like me and have a habit of losing your keys, you’ll be pleased to know there’s also a front zipper pocket to keep them safe.

Maverick and co manhattan laptop bag

Type: Laptop | Size: H41 x W29.5 x D6.5cm | Material: Leather | Colors Available: 2

Whether you’re shooting across town for a meeting, heading to the office, or traveling for a business trip, keeping your laptop safe is going to be on top of your priority list. But while most bags have space for one, not all of them will offer suitable protection.

With the Maverick & Co. Manhattan Monocrome bag, you needn’t worry about a thing. Handcrafted in black or Navy grainy hide leather, the bag is perfectly understated with minimal hardware that creates a polished look ideal for corporate environments.

But don’t let the distinguished good looks fool you, there’s plenty going on underneath the hood too. The spacious interior will hold an 16″ laptop, and you’ll also find pockets for your phone, business cards, and pens.

Bellory Cooler Caddy Work Bag

Type: Caddy | Size: H22 x W45 x D16cm | Material: 100% Recycled Materials | Colors Available: 3

Lunchboxes aren’t just for kids. Us grown-ups need somewhere to store our snacks too. Okay, so they’re a little different from the ones you used to see in the playground, but their purpose is still the same.

The Bellroy caddy is certainly an upgrade from anything you’ve seen before. Not only will it store your lunch in a convenient place, but it’ll keep it cool (or warm) too. So you don’t have to worry about last night’s leftovers going bad. When you’re not in the office, you can use it for camping trips and romantic picnics. Oh, and did I mention it fits a 6-pack of beer and comes with a built-in bottle opener?

Bellstaff Colonial Leather Messenger Bag

Type: Messenger | Size: H30 x W44cm | Material: Leather | Colors Available: 2

When you’ve been producing luxury leather goods for as long as Belstaff has, making functional and stylish work or office bags is a stroll in the park. Which is kinda funny, because this messenger bag is ideal for anyone who walks to work.

Equipped with a comfortable strap for easy carrying, it features a spacious interior that’s big enough to fit your everyday essentials, as well as a change of clothes for that 6pm gym session. On the outside, there’s a number of pockets that can stow your cell, wallet, and headphones.

Molina 3-in-1_Bag

Type: 3 in 1 | Size: H32 x W36 x D15cm | Material: Canvas | Colors Available: 3

Amazon has it all, doesn’t it? You can pretty much type anything into the search bar and you’ll be given pages upon pages of results. So it’ll come as no surprise that they have a pretty neat selection of the best men’s work bags too.

This super impressive 3-in-1 design can be used as a backpack, briefcase, or messenger bag. Simply switch it up depending on your needs for the day. Made from durable and waterproof canvas, it has a number of pockets and compartments where you can store your laptop, glasses, meeting notes, and much more.

Fossil Miles Backpack

Type: Backpack | Size: H40 x W30 x D10cm | Material: Leather/polyester | Colors Available: 2

It’s not old, it’s vintage. That’s what you’ll be telling the gawping (and secretly impressed) colleagues gathered by the vending machine. Vintage bags are big news, and work is a brilliant place to show yours off.

Fossil’s Miles bag isn’t actually pre-owned, but it definitely takes on the look of an old favorite. The leather/polyester exterior has a slightly weathered appearance, while the gold-tone buckles only add to its charm. At the front, there are places to keep your essentials close by, while inside you’ll find a laptop pocket, zipper compartment, and two additional slide pockets.

Proviz REFLECT 360 Cycling Backpack

Type: Backpack | Size: H54 x W34cm | Material: Reflective | Colors Available: 1

Technically speaking, you can use any old backpack while riding a bike. But if you’re looking for a comfortable commute, it pays to invest in one that was designed specifically for cycling. Trust me, you’ll notice the difference.

Water-resistant, spacious, and secure, the REFLECT360 has everything you want from a biker bag. There are chest straps to ensure good stability, plus a handy grab handle that makes it easy to carry when it’s not on your back. Inside you’ll find a laptop compartment and more than enough room for everything else. Putting safety first, they’ve also used a highly reflective shell to ensure you can be seen in the dark.

Lululemon Lift OS Commuter Backpack

Type: Backpack | Size: H48 x W35 x D15cm | Material: Polyurethane | Colors Available: 2

If you’re a regular commuter, there are a number of things you can’t go without: headphones, a good podcast, and a backpack. But not just any old backpack; it needs to have enough space for your laptop, sandwiches, and anything else you might need to get you through the working day.

The LiftOS Commuter from Lululemon is specifically designed for guys on the move. Water-repellent with padded shoulder straps, it features four accordion-style internal sleeves that keep your belongings upright and organized; while internal straps help secure them as you rush to get the last train home.

Filson Dryden Nylon Briefcase

Type: Briefcase | Size: H36 x W45cm | Material: Nylon | Colors Available: 1

Briefcases are a lot cooler than they once were. It’s not that they were ever bad, but you’d only ever really find them in the hands of Wall Street traders or other City-bound commuters. Good news is, now you can carry one whatever your occupation.

One of my favorites is this version from Filson (see, I told you they’re much cooler now). Not just a pretty face, it’s made from ballistic nylon, which was a material first developed for WWII servicemen. Open it up and you come across a generous selection of pockets that will keep your essentials and tech safe.

Ted Baker Raymon Satchel Work Bags

Type: Satchel | Size: H31 x W40 x D10cm | Material: Leather | Colors Available: 1

When the iconic Alan Garner was mocked for his choice of bag in The Hangover, his response was perfect: “It’s where I keep all my things. Get a lot of compliments on this. Plus it’s not a purse, it’s called a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one.” And now you do too…

I don’t recommend taking this one to your next bachelor party, but it’s certainly a great option for work. Made from waxy leather and finished with a top handle, it comes complete with an adjustable shoulder strap and multiple compartments to carry your things.

Reiss Elliot Holdall

Type: Holdall | Size: H33 x W52 x D16cm | Material: Neoprene | Colors Available: 1

Sometimes you have to take a helluva lot of stuff to work. You may be staying in the city for the night, or you could be hitting the gym at lunch. Heck, you might just have a job that requires tons of paperwork or the need for an extra uniform. Whatever your reasons, you’re going to require a holdall.

The Elliot from Reiss not only looks the part, but offers heaps of space for at least a weekend’s worth of clothes, tech, and toiletries. The neoprene outer is soft to touch, while the sturdy grab handles and an adjustable shoulder strap lighten heavy loads.

Luxorro Laptop Bag

Type: Laptop | Size: H33 x W43 x D13cm | Material: Leather | Colors Available: 3

Unless you want important meeting notes making a run for the station car park (and probably a big puddle if you’re as lucky as me), you’re going to need somewhere safe to store it. Step forward to the trusty document bag.

Designed for the working professional, this version from Luxorro boasts endless internal compartments, as well as extensive interior organization. You can fill it with as many pieces of paper as you like, plus your laptop, charger, and anything else you need for a successful day in the office.

Billy Tannery Parkland Tote Work Bags

Type: Tote | Size: H38 x W40 x D12cm | Material: Leather | Colors Available: 2

Now I’m not dissing canvas tote bags. I own a fair few myself. They’re deceptively strong and come in very handy when you need an extra grocery bag or something to carry your alcohol to summer garden parties. But when you’re heading to work, I feel like you need to take the smartness up a notch.

This version from Billy Tannery ticks all the right boxes (and it’s definitely not going to be an afterthought). Crafted from luxuriously soft leather, it’s light enough for everyday use but plenty big enough to fit in your books, laptop, and stationery.

What To Look For In The Best Work Bags For Men


The size of your work bag will be determined by what you need to take to work. The more you need for the day, the bigger your bag must be. Before making your purchase, make a note of what it is you plan to put into it.

It’s also worth considering how you’ll be getting to work. Will your bag be too big for busy trains? If so, you may need to look for something more compact.


The best work bags for men are available in a range of materials. Some are waterproof, while others will be better in terms of durability or weight. Whether you prefer a fabric finish or something more robust, it’s important to determine what it is you need from your new bag. You can then make your decision accordingly.


How you plan to use your bag will play a big part in the style, size, and material. For example, if you’re making daily trips to the office on busy public transport, you’re going to want something light and compact. Working in construction? You’ll need something tough.

Final Verdict

If you’re transporting your tech or don’t want your meeting notes sprawled across the station floor, investing in the best work bags for men is certainly a sensible choice. Hopefully, by now, you’ll have a good idea about your options and what may be best for the job you have. However, if you’re still struggling to make a choice, putting your trust in the Nest backpack from Tropicfeel is a smart move.


    • There are many different types of bags suitable for work. The type of job you have will determine what is most appropriate. Office workers and commuters may find that a messenger bag or briefcase is the best choice, whereas a builder could be better off with a leather backpack or holdall.

      • What you put into your work bag depends on your job. However, regardless of your occupation, you should make sure that you pack everything you need for the day in hand. To do so, it’s important to pick the right size and style of bag.

        • Backpacks may be the bag of choice for kids at school, but that doesn’t mean adults can’t use them too. To make sure you’re not seen as unprofessional, simply stick to classic, classy styles. Don’t turn up to work with anything too bold, and definitely avoid cartoons or gimmicky patches.

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