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18 Best Casual Sneakers for Men To Master Any Look In 2023

  • Aug 30, 2023
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18 Best Casual Sneakers for Men To Master Any Look In 2023

It’s probably safe to assume that as somebody reading FashionBeans, there’s a high probability that you are a self-confessed sneakerhead. Or, at the very least, you want to know what the best casual sneakers for men are.

More often than not, if someone describes themselves as a sneakerhead, they don’t just dabble in the hobby or follow a few sneaker trends. No, that’s not how we do things. We know exact model references and stock numbers, the precise level of hype around each sneaker, the name of the designer, and the back story of the collab. This is combined, of course, with a comprehensive data bank of the last six months of resale values, all of which we can quote off the top of our heads at the drop of a Jacquemus bucket hat.

Yet alongside the world of hyped sneakers, there exists a universe of high-quality men’s casual sneakers that deserve a place in your rotation. Whether you’re a sneaker expert or new to the world of footwear, there’s something on this list for everyone. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

Keep scrolling to see 18 desirable sneakers on both virtual and in-store shelves.

Key Takeaways

First things first. One point to note is that you shouldn’t always believe the hype. The reality is that if you didn’t like the sneakers in the first place, you’re not going to wear them. So first and foremost, only choose sneakers you like, regardless of the hype surrounding them.

My favorite casual sneaker for men is the Tropicfeel Monsoon because you get a little bit of everything that makes casual sneakers so awesome. In terms of minimal white kicks, the Oliver Cabell Low 1 Ocean is hard to beat. And for unbelievable comfort, the Aurelien Voyager takes cozy to a new level.

Tropicfeel won the best overall spot for several reasons. The first being that they look great, and the almond white option will pair well with whatever casual ensemble you throw on. And now for all the fancy features.

This versatile shoe is the ultimate combination of style and function. Feel like swimming in the ocean with your shoes on? Go for it, I’m not judging. The Monsoon is quick-drying, breathable, slip-resistant, machine washable, and they even claim to be odorless. My favorite bonus, though, is the environmentally friendly impact. Each pair uses five recycled plastic bottles.

Material: Recycled Polyester Upper, Recycled EVA | Sizes: 6-12.5 | Colors: 4

Uniform Standard Series 8 Shadow

No one said casual means lack of class. East-London-based brand Uniform Standard offers a range of clean and minimal luxurious sneakers for men. Crafted from premium Italian black nubuck leather, the Series 8 Shadow would look super smart with a black suit or smart paired-back office outfit.

The tan heel tab adds a splash of color and enhances the sneaker’s luxury, hand-stitched vibe. The premium craftsmanship promises excellent comfort, but don’t ignore their fitting guide. These beauties tend to run small, so don’t assume your normal size will be a Cinderella situation.

Material: Leather | Sizes: 7-14 | Colors: 15

Crown Northampton Abington Hi Toe Cap

If you would prefer to rock a high-top casual sneaker, this is a great choice from Crown Northampton. I’m partial to the all-white for the clean, wear-it-with-anything aesthetic, but the other three colorways are nothing to snub.

Crown Northampton prides itself on super soft natural leather for maximum comfort, beautiful silhouettes, and specialized products to keep your shoes looking their best. With a minimal aesthetic and Yves Saint Laurent vibes, this white leather sneaker would look great with a casual outfit. Perhaps light-colored chinos or cargos.

Material: Leather | Sizes: 4-15 | Colors: 4

Axel Arigato Clean 90 Zip

You know the event. It’s on a rooftop, the drinks are served in random jars with fancy garnishes, and everyone looks ‘casual’ in the sense that they hired a stylist for the evening. So what do you wear?

At least you have the shoes picked out. These minimal Axel Arigato sneakers strike a really unique aesthetic with a premium suede upper and standout zip instead of laces. There’s even a glimmer of gold in the subtle branding. Add a cashmere hoodie into the mix, and you’ve got a solid outfit plan going.

Material: Suede | Sizes: 7-14.5 | Colors: 2

Axel Arigato Clean 90 Triple B

Another really clean sneaker from Axel Arigato, but in a smooth black leather colorway for a more formal look, is this ‘Clean 90 Triple B.’ The suede hits on the toe box, gold Arigato branding, and embroidered bird on the lateral side elevate this sneaker beyond a traditional low-top.

This shoe is a true statement piece while still being versatile and neutral. Try a minimal outfit like a classic white henley with some dark denim to make these kicks the star of the show. Subtlety not your thing? No one’s stopping you from throwing on a bird-themed graphic tee. Go big or go home.

Material: Leather | Sizes: 7-14 | Colors: 1

Oliver Cabell Low 1 Ocean

What to do when you want that classic Adidas color scheme but not necessarily the stripes? Glad you asked. Hand-stitched in Italy, US Brand Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 Ocean is one of the best casual sneakers for men.

You can count on Oliver Cabell to deliver a top-shelf shoe loaded with swagger. The gold branding stands out against the black tongue in a way that says, ‘I have great taste in shoes, but I don’t need to brag about it.’ Dress them up or down, it’s tough to go wrong with these.

Material: Leather | Sizes: 5-15 | Colors: 1


Uniform Standard Triple Shadow

Okay, you saw the Series 8 by Uniform Standard, and now we’re taking it back to the Series 1. This original design is still going strong for a reason, and it looks especially killer in Triple Shadow.

These sneakers already look really stealthy in matt black nubuck leather, so here’s your opportunity to rock the all-black outfit. Think slim-fit trousers, a black button-down, and a swanky leather jacket if it’s chilly.

Material: Nubuck Leather | Sizes: 7-14 | Colors: 44

Aurelien Voyager

If you’re looking for something fun, comfortable, and completely out there, these shearling sneakers by luxury brand Aurelien are sure to fit the bill. And super cozy. Did I mention cozy?

Aurelien is already synonymous with quality materials, artisanal craftsmanship, and timeless designs, but these are on a whole new level. Finished in premium shearling, these are perfect for winter shopping or kicking back in a toasty ski chalet after a day on the slopes.

Material: Suede, Shearling | Sizes: 6-14 | Colors: 6

Loci Seven

As brands become more and more conscious, vegan leather sneakers are becoming a prominent fixture in the sneaker world. Portuguese brand Loci offers a particularly wide range of really nice vegan leather sneakers in a multitude of cool colorways.

As well as looking really fresh in this sail and white colorway, these sneakers feature a cork sole for comfort and a water-resistant upper. On top of being better for the environment, they also look pretty damn cool. Even a basic pairing like jeans and a white tee will look elevated with these on your feet.

Material: Vegan Leather | Sizes: 7-13 | Colors: 26

Axel Arigato Marathon Runner R-Trail

Axel Arigato is one of my all-time favorite fashion brands, bringing a super fresh vibe to every piece they release, and their sneaker range is no exception. While the brand produces a really nice and extensive range of low-top luxury leather sneakers, my top pick is actually their chunky ‘Marathon’ sneaker range.

There are several different silhouettes, but the R-Trail is one of the best casual sneakers for men with its A-branding on the lateral side and super nice materials and detailing. This sneaker would look great with baggy trousers, one of the brand’s heavy knits or hoodies, and a cross-body bag—fire.

And yes, they’re also great for running.

Material: Leather | Sizes: 7-12 | Colors: 6

Clae Bradley

Suede sneakers can add a relaxed luxury vibe to your outfit, and these suede low-tops by Clae in gray look particularly fresh. If gray isn’t on your list of favorites, the same silhouette is also available in leather across five different colorways.

Suede Clae sneakers are perfect for those chilled Saturday brunch hang-out days. Particularly if you’re going for a fall/winter outfit loaded up with earth tones. These really are asking to be paired with a nice plaid flannel.

Material: Suede | Sizes: 4-14 | Colors: 5

Christian Dior B23

Arguably the magnum opus of fashion designer Kim Jones is the Christian Dior B23. Perhaps even the ultimate casual dress sneaker for men. The Dior B23 represents an uber-luxurious interpretation of the ubiquitous Converse Chuck Taylor.

The distinctive Dior ‘Oblique’ print contrasts with the fresh white sole, laces, and silver eyelets. Classic design with a bougie spin—can’t miss. Two cons of this sneaker are its price and the fact it isn’t very comfortable. But when it looks this good, though, who cares?

Material: Dior Oblique Canvas | Sizes: 5-15 | Colors: 1

Nike Dunk

Nike Dunk sneakers have been really trending over the past two years in particular, with colorways such as the black and white ‘panda’ dunk being particularly hyped due to their versatility and affordable retail price-point.

Having owned a few pairs myself, I can attest to their everyday comfort and cool aesthetic. In neutral colorways, Nike dunks seem to magically pair with so many outfit choices. Just do it.

Material: Leather | Sizes: 6-15 | Colors: 1

Nike Air Force 1

The Nike Air Force 1 has been a staple of men’s sneaker rotations for years. With a clean white upper and contrasting Nike swoosh, these kicks are incredibly versatile as they can be so easily styled with joggers or cargo pants as they can with shorts during the summer months.

There are several variations of the Air Force 1 available online at Nike, with multiple colorways dropping throughout the year. During fall, for example, the wheat-colored nubuck suede Air Force 1 is guaranteed to make an appearance if prior years are anything to go by. There are also several special limited editions to choose from.

That said, a clean triple-white Air Force 1 is often the go-to for many sneakerheads.

Material: Leather | Sizes: 4-17 | Colors: 2

Represent Apex Mocha

Manchester-based luxury men’s streetwear brand Represent is one of the greatest success stories of the fashion world. Founded by two brothers, Represent has really come to the fore in recent years with an extremely loyal following, myself included, sell-out pop-ups around the world and now space in some of the UK’s most prestigious fashion stores such as Selfridges and END.

The Apex sneaker is one of the best casual sneakers for men and a great example of Represent’s attention to detail, luxury materials, and cool design. Cream/brown mocha sneakers have really been trending lately, and this example is one of the coolest luxury casual sneakers for men.

Material: Leather, Suede | Sizes: 7-14 | Colors: 7

Maison Mihara Yasuhiro

These sneakers are really unique if you want to add a cool wavy vibe to any outfit. Although several colorways are available, this particular pair with white/cream tones and sherpa overlays looks both artistic and luxurious.

These sneakers look amazing from every angle. But perhaps the coolest look is from the top down, as the wavy aesthetic and chunky laces are so distinctive. Pair these with earth-tone baggy trousers from COS, Carhartt, or Stussy for a really effortless streetwear look.

Material: Canvas | Sizes: 7-13 | Colors: 1

Nike Travis Scott Jordan 1 Low

Travis Scott’s collabs with Nike have been hitting sneaker headlines since the brown Jordan 1 High dropped in 2019 with a backward Nike swoosh that has become synonymous with this particular Nike collab.

The ‘black phantom’ Travis Scott Jordan 1 Low is arguably the coolest triple-black sneaker to be released, with premium nubuck leather and suede detailing, contrasting white stitching, and three colors of laces to keep the sneaker looking box-fresh.

The unique box with its removable sleeve and the fact that the sneakers are presented wrapped in bespoke Travis Scott Jordan 1 bandanas merely adds to the hype surrounding these most converted kicks.

Material: Nubuck Leather, Suede | Sizes: 3.5-18 | Colors: 1

Nike Sacai Vaporwaffle

My own personal favorite is the Nike Sacai Vaporwaffle. After the original Vaporwaffle design sold out everywhere, this newer version was created. And it’s still one of the coolest casual sneakers for men.

Firstly there’s the wavy aesthetic, which has become synonymous with Japanese brand Sacai’s collabs with Nike—double Nike swooshes and a distinctive double sole. Secondly, this is one of the most comfortable sneakers I have ever owned. With fresh white/sail color-blocking, it’s incredibly versatile and looks great with cargos, joggers, and even shorts during the summer.

Material: Nylon, Leather, Suede | Sizes: 3.5-15 | Colors: 1

What To Look Out For When Buying The Best Casual Sneakers For Men


Comfort is something easily sacrificed in the name of brand recognition. But the reality is that if a pair of sneakers are uncomfortable, you just won’t want to wear them, no matter how fresh they look.


Another important consideration is material. Luxurious materials like nubuck suede look divine, but it’s definitely not ideal for rainy days or winter excursions. If you want a casual sneaker better suited to sketchy weather, go for a more versatile material such as leather or machine washable polyester or canvas.


Sure, it’s great fun purchasing hyped sneakers, and there is a sense of acknowledgment amongst sneakerheads when you’re rocking the latest kicks. However, make sure you also like the pair in question. If you don’t genuinely like the sneakers, you’ll rarely wear them.


A good pair of kicks shouldn’t cost you a fortune, but for quality and comfort, be prepared to cross the $100 mark at the bare minimum. Now for the sneakerhead side of things. Some sneakers make sense as an investment. Even used, hyped sneakers can retain a lot of their value. Like an equities portfolio, it’s always good to have a diversified sneaker rotation. Having nothing but Yeezys in your collection will really restrict your outfits, style, and the fun of experimenting with the very best men’s casual sneakers.

Final Verdict

As a self-confessed sneakerhead, I could discuss and recommend sneakers all day, which illustrates how much of a hobby sneaker collecting has become. The sneaker world is a massive global industry, and the fun part is that it is constantly evolving, adapting to change, and has almost become as intensive to follow as sport, music, or cars.

My overall choice for the best casual sneaker is the Monsoon by Tropicfeel for its unique aesthetic, quality recycled materials, comfort, and versatility. However, you will likely require a few different pairs of sneakers in your rotation for different purposes, outfits, and occasions.

I would always recommend having a sneaker rotation that includes at least one minimal, clean white pair of low-top sneakers such as the Oliver Cabell Low 1 Ocean for dressy outfits, a few pairs for everyday use, your hyped grails, and of course, sneakers for gym and sports.


    • Low-top plain white or off-white sneakers are by far the most versatile, in my opinion. They can be dressed up and rocked with a suit, as well as dressed down with straight-leg cargos. Choose a high-quality, comfortable pair, as they will likely be one of the most worn sneakers in your rotation.

      • You can usually count on Nike to lead the game in terms of daily sports sneakers and limited-edition collaborations. In general, low-top minimal sneakers are definitely trending right now due to their versatility, and their classic silhouette is unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon.

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