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176 Positive Relationship Affirmations to Live Your Life in Love

  • Jul 20, 2023
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176 Positive Relationship Affirmations to Live Your Life in Love

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There is no doubt, there’s a lot of power in both how we feel about ourselves and our significant others, and how we speak those feelings to life. How we feel about ourselves begins with how we think about ourselves, and even if you’re the only one listening, positive relationship affirmations will have a positive effect on you and your relationship.

In fact, this could even be the beginning of a beautiful new relationship ritual for you and yours. Building healthy habits with our significant others is always a win!

What are relationship affirmations and why do they matter?

Great questions! According to Everyday Health, an affirmation can be “phrases or statements that, when you repeat them regularly (either out loud or to yourself), can shift negative thought patterns and promote positive thinking, self-esteem, and motivation.” 

In fact, affirmations can help us handle stress by reframing how we think about something and contributing to a positive mindset. When it comes to affirmations and relationships, this can be especially helpful when we are dealing with insecurities and anxieties.

If you’re finding yourself feeling anxious about your relationship, consider implementing some positive relationship affirmations to help you flip the script on your perspective.

You can do affirmations for relationships of all sorts, and we’ve written ours to include affirmations to attract love, self love affirmations, positive affirmations for relationships, affirmations for relationship anxiety, affirmations for relationship struggles, and positive affirmations for marriage.

If your own relationship needs don’t fit exactly in one of those boxes, that’s okay! You’ll likely still find something of value in our list of positive relationship affirmations.

PS Be sure to scroll down to the end of this post for a quick video about the science behind affirmations!

How to Use Positive Relationship Affirmations

Most people choose a few that feel appropriate to begin with, but you can incorporate as many or as few as you’d like! Some people prefer writing their positive affirmations down while others feel more powerful saying them out loud. You can even do both! 

If you are saying them out loud, it can be extra powerful to look in the mirror as you say them. It might feel silly the first few times you do it, but you’ll soon realize it feels much more poignant that way.

It can be helpful to pick a few of the positive affirmations that seem to be the most important to you and place them somewhere you will see them often. You might make your daily affirmations a screensaver on your phone or laptop or you might write them on a post it note and stick them to your wall by the door so you see them on your way out.

Heck, you could even write them in lipstick on your bathroom mirror! Whatever way you choose to display your daily positive affirmations, make sure it’s somewhere you will see every day.

If you can incorporate the powerful tools of affirmations into your routine on a daily basis, you’ll see that when positive thoughts increase, negative thoughts decrease, and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier relationship with yourself and others.

How to Use Affirmations to Attract Love or Strengthen a Relationship

Ever heard of the Law of Attraction? It essentially states that we draw to us who we are and what we believe, so if we can cultivate a strong sense of self love, we will be more open to a healthy, happy relationship. 

While there aren’t any guarantees that relationship manifestation affirmations are going to bring you your soul mate or stop a breakup that’s on its way, cultivating the feeling of being worthy of love and confidence in what you want can never be a bad thing!

You can use these as affirmations to manifest a relationship or just as a useful tool to get clear about who you are and what you want. Either way, we hope they help! 

Let’s get into these daily relationship affirmations!


Positive Relationship Affirmations

  1. I am worthy of love.
  2. I love myself.
  3. I am loving.
  4. I care about others.
  5. I care about myself.
  6. I deserve to be loved.
  7. I am grateful for love.
  8. I am worthy of care and consideration.
  9. I deserve to be thought of the way I think of others.
  10. I am a loving person.
  11. I love love!
  12. I am grateful for the love I have in my life.
  13. I receive the love that comes my way.
  14. I am open to love.
  15. I am happy to be in love.
  16. I love my partner.
  17. I love being a good partner.
  18. I love showing up for my partner.
  19. I love being committed to my spouse.
  20. I love that my spouse has chosen me.
  21. I love having supportive relationships.
  22. Relationships are beautiful.
  23. My relationship is safe.
  24. I am safe in love and my partner is safe with me.
  25. Our love keeps us safe.
  26. Vulnerability is beautiful.
  27. I can be myself with my significant other.
  28. I am worthy of lifelong love.
  29. We have a mutual understanding of love.
  30. I can meet the needs of my partner and they can meet mine.
  31. I can be a help for my partner’s goals and they can be a help for mine.
  32. I show up with an open heart every day.
  33. I am free to love whomever I want.
  34. I am always loved, even if I’m having a tough day.
  35. Love and trust are beautifully connected.
  36. My relationship is on the right track.
  37. I can rest in this relationship.
  38. I am safe and strong in this relationship.
  39. I am in charge of my own happiness always.
  40. I accept myself for who I am today.
  41. I accept my partner for who they are today.
  42. I am a compassionate partner.
  43. My partner is compassionate and loving.
  44. I am confident about love.
  45. I know love is worth it.
  46. I know love is near.
  47. I know love is coming my way.
  48. I am available for a loving relationship.
  49. I show up every day for a loving relationship.
  50. I am confident that I can be in a loving relationship.
  51. I believe love is worth the risk.
  52. I open myself to love.
  53. I am open to love myself.
  54. My love is pure.
  55. My love is strong.
  56. I am healing my heart.
  57. My heart is strong.
  58. I am strengthening my heart for love.
  59. I am looking for love.
  60. I am attracting love.
  61. I am calling out to my love.
  62. I am steady in my love.
  63. My partner is steady in their love for me.
  64. My relationship is strong.
  65. My relationship is full of love.
  66. My spouse can trust me.
  67. My spouse can feel my love.
  68. I want my partner to feel my love.
  69. I want to give my love.
  70. Loving makes me a better me.
  71. Loving is a part of life.
  72. Everyone deserves love.
  73. I forgive myself for any past mistakes I’ve made in love.
  74. I forgive others for any past mistakes they’ve made in love.
  75. I look forward to love with an open heart.
  76. I listen for love in my life.
  77. I feel love in my life.
  78. Love is all around.
  79. My spouse and I are safe in each other’s love.
  80. Honesty and love go hand in hand in my relationship.
  81. Trust and love go hand in hand in my relationship.
  82. I trust my partner with all of me.
  83. I can show up as my authentic self in my relationship.
  84. I can count on my partner to have my back.
  85. I look forward to relationship milestones.
  86. I like celebrating our love.
  87. Everything is happening in the perfect time in my relationship.
  88. It’s important to trust the process of love in my life.
  89. I trust that love is here to catch me if I fall. 
  90. Communication in my relationship is clear.
  91. Conflict is an opportunity to better understand each other.
  92. I am grateful for my partner.
  93. I am grateful for my relationship.
  94. I am grateful for the love that is coming my way.
  95. Thank you for the opportunity to show up in love.
  96. Thank you for the experience of love.
  97. We are learning to be better partners for each other every day.
  98. My marriage is beautiful.
  99. My marriage is healthy.
  100. I love being married to my partner.
  101. I am lucky in love.
  102. I am blessed with love.
  103. My marriage blesses us both.
  104. Marriage makes us better people.
  105. Commitment is beautiful.
  106. My spouse brings joy to my life.
  107. My marriage is joyful.
  108. My marriage is a comfort to me.
  109. Marriage is a safe space for us both.
  110. We are better together.
  111. We are both deeply in love.
  112. Relationships are a safe place to be.
  113. I trust that my person is out there.
  114. I am looking for deep, loving connection.
  115. I expect that the love I give will come back to me.
  116. I am releasing whatever is blocking my love.
  117. I am willing to put myself out there for love.
  118. I embrace the risk of a relationship because the reward is always worth it.
  119. I love love.
  120. I look for clues that my partner loves me every day.
  121. I am lovable.
  122. I am leading myself to love.
  123. I am on the path to love.
  124. Love is a journey and I am already on it.
  125. If love wasn’t meant for me, I wouldn’t be thinking about it.
  126. My love is out there.
  127. Safety and security are a part of a loving relationship.
  128. I am ready for a mature love.
  129. I believe in love.
  130. I believe in forever love.
  131. I believe in love that grows.
  132. I believe in my partner.
  133. I believe in my right to feel loved in a relationship.
  134. The love I am looking for is looking for me, too.
  135. Love is never ending, there is no beginning or end.
  136. I can demonstrate my love freely.
  137. I look through the eyes of love.
  138. I am a passionate person.
  139. My relationship makes me healthier.
  140. I know I have a match out there.
  141. Love is expansive and I’m watching it grow.
  142. I love all of my partner and they love all of me.
  143. I trust that the love I feel is going to support me.
  144. I release control of the outcome and focus on showing up in love.
  145. My spouse loves me passionately.
  146. I am able to nourish my partner and they nourish me.
  147. I attract love.
  148. I allow the love I’ve been looking for to make its way to me.
  149. I can feel the love I crave moving closer.
  150. Intimacy is beautiful.
  151. I love it when my partner is romantic.
  152. Love and dedication feel amazing.
  153. I am excited for love!
  154. My heart is a magnet for my true love’s heart.
  155. Unconditional love exists.
  156. I feel connected to my partner’s heart and soul.
  157. I am surrounded by love.
  158. I feel wanted and desired by my partner.
  159. I cherish my spouse.
  160. I am having fun looking for love!
  161. Connections are always being made, whether we realize it or not.
  162. I welcome love into my life with an open heart and an open mind.
  163. I am attractive.
  164. I choose to go deeper in my relationship every day.
  165. I am open to a loving relationship.
  166. I support my spouse and they support me.
  167. I attract sweetness and tenderness.
  168. Being loved is lovely.
  169. I deserve a happily ever after.
  170. My love is dependable.
  171. I show up with faith in love everywhere I go.
  172. I offer my love freely.
  173. My love doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to be perfect for us.
  174. Love is an action word and I am doing it every day.
  175. Love comes easy to me.

As you can see, there are relationship affirmations that are perfect for those either searching for their love or looking to shore up their connections. The interesting thing about doing affirmations is that their power comes from altering how we think and move about in the world, so you might consider your daily affirmation ritual as a training of sorts. A positive mindset training program for love and relationships, maybe?

There are many ways we show up for our partners and show each other that we care, and you might decide to pick a few of these to use as couple’s affirmations. If you live together, post your couple’s affirmations in a shared space like on the door of the fridge or next to where you place your mail. Say it to each other and in front of each other often, and see how this changes your relationship!

While you’re at it, you might consider diving a bit into some other relationship exercises for better communication, listening, and conflict resolution. Heaven knows, most of us can benefit from improvement in these areas! 

Cultivating a healthy relationship goes beyond just repeating relationship affirmations, of course, but can help you and yours stay in a positive frame of mind with this mindset tool.

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