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17 Types Of Wallets For Men You Need To Know About in 2024

  • Apr 14, 2024
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17 Types Of Wallets For Men You Need To Know About in 2024

Sure, you might like your wallet, but do you love it? There are so many types of wallets for men beyond the bifold, and I’m here to break down every single one. Never feel like you have to be tied down to a bulky or basic wallet again (unless, of course, that’s precisely what you’re after).

Wallets can have zippers, chains, money clips, and coin pockets. From cardholders to trifolds, there’s a wallet for every man and every need. Understanding what each wallet can do for you will help you assess your needs and find the perfect one. Or two…

Take a peek at 18 different types of men’s wallets below.

Key Takeaways

The best types of wallets for men hold your cards, cash, and ID while also maintaining a relatively slim profile. Bifold wallets are the most common because they’re easy to make, but slim, minimalist styles are quickly gaining in popularity. Especially if they contain safety features as well, like built-in RFID-blocking technology.

Of all the different types of wallets for men, a bifold is the most common. The go-to, classic bifold wallet has a simple design that’s easy to manufacture. It folds like a book and has card slots, a cash pocket, and maybe an ID window. Pretty straightforward, but they can get bulky when overstuffed, so design is really important here.

Luca Faloni makes a bifold wallet for the guy who knows exactly what he wants and consistently carries around cash. The timeless black leather is crafted by hand in Florence, and it will both blend in and stand out paired with any ensemble you throw together. It’s a bit pricey, but high quality like this is likely to last for years to come.


A minimalist wallet is more like a description than a flat-out type. As long as a wallet is slim and has only a few basic features, then it’s considered minimalist. I think Neutrale pretty much says it all with their minimalist option—a dream for the on-the-go guy. Bonus points for the recycled leather construction.

Mismo Travel Wallet

Also known as a passport wallet, a travel wallet contains all of your travel essentials, from your passport to cards, cash, and any other papers crucial for your journey. International customs can be a headache, and this option lets you trade out Aspirin for organization.

Because a travel wallet has so much capacity, it’s not for the guy who wants to keep it light. They’re usually long and relatively thick, though that’s not to be confused with bulky. Mismo covered the best of both worlds with a  sleek leather option that will pair perfectly with your favorite luggage.

Aurelien Beige Zipper Wallet

This kind of wallet is similar to a bifold or pocket wallet, only it’s completely sealed with a zipper. Anyone who constantly needs to stow loose items in a pinch will appreciate that detail. My own wallet is a zipper wallet, and I love being able to stuff things in there at the last moment and know they won’t slip out.

You find zipper wallets in a plethora of sizes, but finding the right one often comes down to a preference or falling in love with the right one. Like a gorgeous beige wallet with zig-zag card pockets from Aurelien, for example.

Leather Card holder

Petite and slim, a cardholder wallet is basically a glorified pocket. Because it’s made of a single sleeve with a few slots, it can only hold a few cards, a couple of bills, and maybe a ticket stub. This is great if you’re the type of guy that never carries cash. And these days, who is?

Carl Friedrik makes the ideal wallet for the guy who doesn’t need extras like a library card or an ice cream punch card on the reg. A chic little leather number like this is perfect for unencumbered activities, from tag football to dancing on a night out.

Timberland Trifold Wallet

Honestly, I haven’t thought about a trifold wallet since I was a kid. Because there’s so much room for cash, the style feels a little dated, but that’s not to say it can’t work for you. Where a bifold folds once, a trifold folds twice into three different sections. Typically, there’s a picture window for an ID in the middle, so you’re in luck if you have to flash your ID regularly.

More space doesn’t mean more expensive with an option like Timberland. It can mean more back pain if you plan on stuffing it to the gills, though. Aside from the sciatic risk, you can get quite the stylish trifold for just under $20. Three classic leather choices, all with contrasting stitching and plenty of space for belongings. Not much of a downside.

Buffway Front Pocket Wallet

Just as the name implies, a slim wallet is thin and keeps a low profile. As technology simplifies and retailers actually seem to discourage the use of cash, slim wallets make a lot of sense. Less than half an inch thick when stuffed is the standard thickness, and some can get even thinner. Buffway’s front pocket wallet is so rail thin there’s a thumb notch to eke out your cards from the tight space.

Despite the deceivingly trim profile, you can still fit up to 12 cards in this magical wallet. And yes, if you insist on carrying cash, there’s a place for that as well. At a bargain price, you can even justify buying a few in different colors.

The Ridge Slim Wallet

Let’s face it, metal wallets are hot right now. Tons of trendy brands have sprung up in recent years, and they combine the very best of slim wallet designs with insanely strong materials to create a wallet you’ll have for a lifetime.

There’s also something quite masculine about storing your cards in something made of aerospace-grade aluminum. Which is exactly what the well-known Ridge edc wallet is constructed from. For a double dose of testosterone, you can go with the classic gunmetal color.

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Travelambo Carbon Fiber Money Clip

Money clips are nifty little alternatives for the minimalist guy. A standalone feature or an attachment on a pre-existing wallet, a money clip holds your folded cash without needing an entire dollar bill pocket. You’ll still find many using mechanical pressure to keep your cash secure, but these days, a lot of magnetic options are on offer too.

Travelambo makes a popular version of the traditional variety with plenty of capacity for storage at half an inch thick. For a new spin on tradition, it’s made of tough carbon fiber but lined in leather, so it won’t snag your cash or scrape your cards.

Estalon Checkbook Covers

Even though our world has mostly gone digital, many of us still write (or at least receive) checks. Checkbook wallets contain a slot for (you guessed it) a checkbook or traveler’s checks, plus space for cash, cards, and IDs. They’re a very chic option for jet-setting business professionals.

While they’re definitely not small, they can still be slender, like the Estalon checkbook cover. It’s got everything you need, including a clip to hold a pen at its crease. It also comes with a handy button closure, so it doesn’t flop open in your bag.

Fossil Joshua Coin Pocket Bifold

These types of wallets for men have one requirement: must have a coin pocket. This is either a buttoned or zipped pouch specifically designed to hold anything spendable that jingles. If you still hit up the laundry mat, you know how crucial a coin pocket can be.

Obviously, these can get bulky, but it’s better to have all your coins in one place than jangling around loose in your pocket. The Joshua coin pocket bifold from Fossil is an attractive number with two credit card slots, three slide pockets, and a zipper pocket that’s perfect for holding all those coins.

BONAVENTURA Diary Smartphone Case

When I used to think about cell phone case wallets, what always came to mind was those older folks trying to take a picture with their phone as their wallet ungainly flapped in the breeze. But long gone are the days of bulky cell phone case wallets. Nowadays, they’re rather sleek, and the Bonaventura iPhone case is downright sexy, thanks to gorgeous two-toned pebble leather.

It’s the ideal situation to protect your phone’s precious screen while simultaneously storing your spending essentials. Everything is all in one convenient place. This can be good or bad, depending on if you lose it.

Zitahli Slim Wallet

Radio frequency identification, or RFID, is basically how your credit card identifies itself. These days, though, people can use that technology to pick up your information anywhere without ever laying a finger on your wallet. Enter the RFID blocking wallet.

If that all sounds high-tech and futuristic, then Zitahli’s wallet is the visual to match. Stylish leather with a carbon fiber style, a pop of color for extra pizazz, and the peace of mind knowing your financial information is protected.

Money Belt

While highly practical, belt wallets may be the least sexy on this list. However, they do provide the greatest amount of safety and they’re not so distant cousin, the fanny pack, is coming back into fashion.

These types of wallets for men are large yet flat and are designed to be worn under your clothes. Less bulky than the fanny pack, Eagle Creek’s belt wallet is designed to be tucked away under your clothes. As you might suspect, this is great for protecting crucial documents like cash or a passport in high-traffic areas. Did I mention it also has RFID protection? Subtle and practical.

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Zip Around Wallet

A long wallet is also known as a suit or breast pocket wallet and carries with it an air of the old-world sophisticated traveler. Or, maybe that’s just my perception. Either way, these types of wallets for men are bigger than most wallets to hold various things like a passport, notepad, and papers along with your go-to cash, cards, and IDs.

You can expect this type to be bulkier than a typical bifold wallet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not sleek and attractive. Bottega Veneta knows a thing or two about making luxury wallets, and this zipped delight is downright lavish, thanks to supple black grain calfskin.

Dickies Men

Chain wallets actually have a bit of a history. They were originally designed for bikers to keep their wallets attached to their person via chain. Pretty straightforward.

But even if you’re not a rider, a chain wallet could be the move if you’re looking for a bit of nostalgia or just happen to be overly forgetful. Whatever the reason, a chain wallet definitely has badass appeal. Dickies makes a great no-fuss no frills leather number, complete with a thick silver chain. It gives off Grease vibes so effortlessly.

Rustic Town Slim Compact Leather Key Holder Wallet

Key wallets are an interesting invention. True to its name, it combines your two main necessities when out and about: your keys and your wallet. Instead of leaving your keys loose in your pocket with the potential to poke you in the leg, a handy key wallet provides the perfect cover, while also securing your credit cards, IDs, and any cash.

Rustic Town stylish, slim solution to unwanted loose key leg stabbings. A handy leather trifold with an easy snap closure and a whopping seven key carabiners to boot. Store everything you need and go about your day.

Final Verdict

Of all the different types of wallets for men, the best one for you really depends on your lifestyle and how much you need to carry around every day. If you like to stick with the basics, a minimalist style might be for you. Maybe you like the essentials plus some bills and a few extra cards for safe measure—a bifold should do the trick. Hopping on a plane every other day? It’s probably best to snag a travel wallet.


    • While the bifold is probably the most common wallet, slim, minimalist designs are gaining traction. More people than ever prefer safe and secure wallets, so durable options like metal and RFID-blocking are on trend as well.

      • The best types of wallets for men are the ones you like. Whichever wallet fits your lifestyle and needs is the wallet you should choose. Cardholder, minimalist, and bifolds are a good starting point.

        • Highly durable wallets, like those made from metal (the Ridge wallet is a good example) and good quality leather, can be highly trusted. If card security is what you’re after, choose an RFID-blocking wallet. Adventurous guys might do well with a chain wallet.

          • Thanks to a relatively simple design and ease of manufacturing, the bifold is among the most common types of wallets for men.

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