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16 Best Shirt Brands for Men: Top Wardrobe Staples of 2023

  • Jul 13, 2023
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16 Best Shirt Brands for Men: Top Wardrobe Staples of 2023

A good shirt is hard to come by. That is if you aren’t well-versed in the best shirt brands for men. But why should you care in the first place? The importance of high-quality shirts should not be overlooked, as they often set the tone for your first impression. An ill-fitting, tattered number may say, “I don’t care about my appearance,” while a flattering, tailored shirt screams, “I’m the man for the job.”

To find garments that amplify the latter, we’ve put together this list of the best men’s shirt brands so you’re never stuck wondering where to shop again.

Whether you’re looking for simple office wear, luxury investment pieces, or casual Sunday-type of shirts, the brands on this list will help you make a strong impact wherever you wear them. Keep reading to discover the best men’s shirt brands on the market today.

Key Takeaways

Which brand is the best for men’s shirts? Our top picks are Luca Faloni for effortless Italian style, L’Estrange London for everyday wear, and Percival for unique pieces to round out any wardrobe. If you’d rather stick with classics, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, and Prada will never steer you wrong.

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Designed for timeless wear, Luca Faloni is one of the best shirt brands for men if you seek quality that will last a lifetime. Boasting Italian craftsmanship, luxurious materials, and an artistic touch, Luca Faloni is the obvious choice for the fashion-forward gentleman.

There was a time when Italian craftsmanship did not extend past Europe, and the garments that did make it were often produced in factories rather than by the hand of a local artist. Luca Faloni dreamt up a brand that cherished Italian shirts and made them accessible to the masses without sacrificing the beating heart behind the threads.

The shirts are investment pieces to carry wearers through any season. With breezy Portofino-inspired linens for summer and cashmere-cotton blends for winter, Luca Faloni is certainly the best shirt brand for men keen on the finer things in life.

L'Estrange All Day Oxford

Sick of the same cheap button-ups polluting the shirt world? L’Estrange London is one of the best shirt brands for men if you’re looking for something a bit different. Designed to combat fast fashion with lasting modular pieces, L’Estrange pumps out the building blocks for a capsule wardrobe… and beyond.

The L’Estrange classic is the All Day Shirt—which is exactly what it sounds like. Crafted as a handy closet staple, the All Day Shirt comes in stretch cotton, linen, and Merino wool to give wearers their pick of the litter. It doesn’t skimp on style either, with classic Oxford iterations and casual collarless silhouettes, too. Pair it with L’Estrange London’s 24 Trousers, and you’ll have a flawless outfit every time (no brain power required).

Percival Pablo Cuban Knit

Known for bold patterns, funky designs, and chunky knits, London brand Percival should be your first port of call if you’re looking for the best shirt brands for men. Catering to guys with an interesting fashion sense, Percival leans into rare fabrics with innovative designs and motifs that pop.

While the embroidered t-shirts have brought Percival into the limelight, they have tons of different types of shirts to choose from. Our pick is the Cuban knit. Becoming somewhat of a brand staple, you can wear this retro-inspired piece instead of a polo. With a Cuban collar, bright colors, and high-quality cotton, the knit shirt is a fun alternative if you’re hunting for an updated blast from the past.

Corridor Acid Plaid

If you love all things patterned, Corridor is among the best shirt brands for men. The independent New York brand specializes in hip styles like soft embroidered flowers and bold Japanese block prints. They change it up seasonally, but you can always expect color and plenty of personality.

For the colder weather, we live by Corridor’s herringbone flannels. Made for layering, the brand’s winter shirt range is hard to top. Featuring coastal hues and interesting weaves, these are far from your classic button-ups. They have plenty of other casual winter shirts as well, boasting corduroy, boucle, and denim makes. No matter which way you lean, Corridor has a shirt that will help showcase your individual style.


CDLP Heavyweight T-shirt

If we’re going to talk about shirts, we may as well throw the best men’s t-shirts into the mix. There’s no better brand to feature than CDLP. These guys know a thing or two about comfy undergarments, and their t-shirts are a must-have for any man. Frequently revered as the crown jewel of the boxer world, CDLP fuses innovation with high fashion in a way menswear basics have always needed.

The heavyweight tee is cream of the crop, with a regular fit and flattering drape. Rather than classic cotton, CDLP uses a lyocell-Pima cotton blend. Lyocell, a sustainable wood-based material, enhances the softness and breathability of the shirt. If you prefer your t-shirts on the lighter side, CDLP also makes a midweight version. Plus, v-necks and tank tops if crewnecks don’t float your boat.

Asket The Oxford

Rather than designing seasonal collections, Swedish brand Asket has taken a different approach to fashion. Creating pieces designed to last a lifetime, Asket is one of the best shirt brands for men when it comes to essential closet pieces you can truly count on.

They have everything from durable t-shirts to rugged flannels and heavyweight overshirts. Come summer, the linen shirts will carry you through any warm weather function. Year-round, you can always depend on Asket’s classic OCBD, designed for daily office wear, without ever losing shape. Made in Portugal from the softest organic cotton, there are dozens of ways to wear an Oxford shirt beyond the cubicle. This handy top will be a new favorite when any occasion calls.

Neem Buttton Down Popover

Neem London is shaking up the menswear world by creating eco-friendly clothing for all walks of life. It’s one of the best shirt brands for men seeking something ethical, sustainable, and of course, good-looking.

We’re particularly partial to Neem’s modern Oxford rendition. Rather than a full button-down, it’s a popover style, easy to dress up or keep casual. Made consciously in Italy with renewable energy, it’s an updated closet staple that will turn heads anywhere you wear it. More of a traditionalist? Neem has plenty of traditional designs, like Poplin shirts, tees, and short sleeve button-ups to keep your summer wardrobe fresh.

Appearance Seersucker

Appearance should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for the best men’s shirt brand to build out your business casual wardrobe. Designed for the “Everyday Man,” Appearance focuses on responsibly made clothing that puts people first. Embodying pretty much every Danish principle under the sun, this brand is shaking up the menswear world with its long-lasting garments.

Appearance has a simple selection that’s impossible to get overwhelmed with. Choose from classic Oxford shirts, double twill button-downs, dark jerseys, or breezy seersucker designs. Keeping it simple yet sophisticated, these affordable men’s shirts are well worth the spend since they will never go out of style.

Burberry Monogram Motif

For tried and true, Burberry is among the best shirt brands for men. This British brand has been pumping out menswear for more than 160 years, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about making quality shirts.

A top choice for formal wear, Burberry has striking options to turn from beyond the famous trench coats. The shirts are designed for a flattering fit that will never go out of style. Our pick subtly showcases Burberry’s iconic check and is ideal for business casual wear. But you can also go bold with it, opting for a full check button-down. Or find a middle ground with printed cuffs and a solid body. No matter which way you lean, Burberry shirts work well with suits or can be dressed down with a pair of jeans and leather sneakers.

Gucci Striped Muslin

In the past couple of decades, Gucci has become a status symbol. Synonymous with wealth, this high fashion powerhouse comes from simple Italian roots. But after more than 100 years of perfecting its designs, Gucci is easily one of the best shirt brands for men today.

Churning out seasonal collections that are the talk of all fashion headlines, Gucci takes an interesting approach to men’s shirts. Rather than sticking to basics like many luxury fashion houses, Gucci goes bright with neon shirts, obtrusive patterns, and boxy fits. The brand often collaborates with trendy designers for ultra-exclusive releases and occasionally pulls designs out of the archive for a new rendition or two.

While Gucci shirts are enough to make anyone’s head spin (especially when you catch sight of the pricetags), they do simple well, too. This striped muslin shirt is great for office or business casual wear. The only downside is no one will know you spent almost $800 on it.

Ralph Lauren Piqué Polo

There’s nothing, and I mean nothing, more recognizable than a Ralph Lauren polo. While Lacoste was the true mastermind behind the design, Ralph Lauren brought it to the masses with affordable pricing, comfortable materials, and a new take on casual menswear.

Ralph Lauren is a men’s shirt brand that goes beyond only polos. They have a huge range of casual and formal shirts for men that are key pieces for any wardrobe. But if you want to stick to what you know, the polos come in a whopping 24 signature colors and are a rock-solid foundation for any man’s summer shirt rotation.

Tommy Hilfiger Stretch Stripe

Nothing screams classic American fashion quite like Tommy Hilfiger. A pillar of our society (just kidding… well, kind of) since the mid-1980s, Tommy is a quintessential preppy shirt brand that has somehow infiltrated every man’s closet.

Aside from the fact that Tommy is to the USA what Hermes is to France, the brand makes some pretty decent clothes. It will easily outfit all of your workwear needs with flattering fits and pastel hues. This striped OCBD is designed for more casual wear—style it untucked with a pair of chinos and boat shoes. If you’re looking for something to wear with a suit, try the slim-fit Dobby Shirt instead.

Abercrombie & Fitch Corduroy shirt

If you’re still categorizing Abercrombie & Fitch as a preteen heaven, you’re seriously missing out. While formerly the Mecca for cologne-drenched teenagers, Abercrombie has gone through a major rebrand in recent years. Today, it’s one of the best shirt brands for men, leaning into the classic American style of the company’s original roots.

In terms of selection, it’s hard to top Abercrombie. The brand has dozens of styles to choose from in a huge range of colors, materials, and fits. It’s a great place to find budget officewear or trendy shirts like this corduroy button-up that will be the backbone of any winter wardrobe. While it’s still on the fast fashion end of the spectrum, Abercrombie is a failproof option for mid-range men’s shirts.

Prada Studded

In terms of the best shirt brands for men, it’s Prada or nada. At least if you’re looking for studded designs. Well-loved by the world’s most rich, famous, and fashionable men, the Italian brand makes shirts that are some of the most sought-after on the market.

What Prada does best is simple designs with an elegant twist. Take this shirt, for example. At first glance, you’d garner it’s a standard blue Oxford. But upon closer look, you’ll notice the embellished collar and a single button. The rest are artfully hidden behind the placket. It’s details like these that transcend Prada’s shirts to the high fashion world and keep them as some of the most exclusive (and expensive) on the market.

APC Eddy

A.P.C. is French fashion in its finest form. Sleek men’s shirts, neutral colorways, and chunky silhouettes that look as if they’re right off the runway. Somehow A.P.C. is always at the forefront of the latest trends, which they fuse with a timeless spin to transcend passing fads. The brand is a trusty option for fashion-forward clothing that’s more interesting than any fast fashion.

The Eddy Shirt looks like it should come with a pen protector, serving serious graph paper vibes. It’s reminiscent of past office wear, with a twenty-first-century look and fit. A.P.C. does subtle patterns on men’s shirts well, so check out this brand if you’re after a shirt more compelling than a white Oxford.

Tom Ford Denim Western

When most people think of Tom Ford, they think of high fashion. But the luxury designer has Western roots. Once referred to as the “Glamour Cowboy” by the New York Times, Tom Ford does a whole lot more than fancy fragrances and underwear.

This men’s shirt brand has plenty to choose from, most of which will leave a sizable hole in your wallet. Leaning into vintage prints and classic cuts, Tom Ford shirts can be worn far and wide. But what we really love are Tom Ford’s Western shirts. Born in Austin, Texas, Ford often pays homage to his roots with Japanese denim tops with cowboy details. While it’s typically hard to dress up chambray, there’s something about Tom Ford that makes it a breeze. Throw on a blazer and a pair of polished cowboy boots for a fancy spin on classic Americana.


    • The most popular shirt brands include classics like Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and high-end brands like Gucci, Tom Ford, and Prada. However, some less well-known shirt brands make quality garments worth considering, like Luca Faloni, Percival, Neem London, and CDLP.

      • The most luxury shirt brands for men include Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Tom Ford, and beyond. These high-end fashion houses fuse fine craftsmanship with designer price tags to create some of the most sought-after shirts on the globe.

        • The most popular men’s shirt style is either the t-shirt or a classic office shirt, aka a simple button-down or an Oxford. Other popular shirt styles for men include dress shirts (especially non-iron dress shirts), flannels, overshirts, polos, and Cuban collar shirts.

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