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16 Best Casio Watches For Men: New and Retro Picks for 2023

  • Jul 14, 2023
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16 Best Casio Watches For Men: New and Retro Picks for 2023

After originally developing calculators, Casio released its first digital wristwatch in 1974. It was called the Casiotron and was the first of its kind to include an automatic calendar function. Almost five decades later, the innovative label is just as popular as ever.

Reliable, tough-as-nails, and rather charming too, Casio watches are rightly loved by all kinds of men—from streetwear stars to soldiers and astronauts. But what’s the best Casio watch on the market?

With so many different options out there, it’s a pretty big task to narrow it down to just one. So, instead of pointing you towards a single timepiece, I’ve done some digging around and handpicked 16 of the best Casio watches for men.

Keep reading for my selection of must-have designs that perfectly combine style, function, and value for money.

Key Takeaways

If you’re looking for a stylish timepiece that doesn’t cost the earth, Casio is where it’s at. With a plethora of wallet-friendly watches to choose from, there’s guaranteed to be something that tickles your fancy. From the iconic F91W-1 to the CA-53W (complete with a calculator), here you’ll find the best Casio watch for every occasion.

An unrivaled cultural icon, the F91W-1 is possibly the best Casio watch ever made. Once worn by a young Barack Obama, the sub-$20 digital masterpiece is not only affordable but an ever-reliable timekeeper that offers outstanding style, accuracy, and functionality. I’d go as far as saying it’ll rival any of its fancier counterparts.

Simple but seriously awesome, it comes with three easy-to-use buttons that give you access to a stopwatch, alarm, and LED light. The battery will last around seven years, and it’s durable enough to survive your everyday knocks and scratches. Perhaps its only weakness is its water resistance. It can’t be used for swimming but will cope with unexpected rain showers.

Material: Resin | Diameter: 33mm | Movement: Quartz | Water Resistant: Yes | Calendar: Day/Date

Casio A158WA-1DF Digital Watch

I could have easily chosen the F91W-1 again, but that wouldn’t have been very helpful. And thankfully, there are endless options to choose from when it comes to finding a Casio watch for guys on a budget. Truth is, they’re all pretty affordable.

The A158WA-1DF is another Hall of Famer. With its stainless steel case and luminous rectangular dial, it gives off a retro feel that’ll easily slot into your daily ensembles. You can tell the time, set an alarm, and keep count of your hill sprints—all for a little over $20. It’s water-resistant (not waterproof), so you can wear it in the rain, but don’t go jumpin in the pool.

Material: Stainless Steel | Diameter: 33mm | Movement: Quartz | Water Resistant: Yes | Calendar: Day/Date

Casio G-Shock DW5600E-1V Digital Watch

Before smartwatches took over, men would turn to digital watches to get their high-tech fix. And while the former is very much prevalent in the world of menswear, the latter continues to stand strong—with Casio sitting at the very top of the pile.

The DW5600E-1V model is part of the label’s G-Shock range, offering a sporty style that looks just as good with your gym kit as it does with jeans and a crew neck tee. It boasts the same handy functions you’d find on a regular Casio, but its standout feature is the shock-resistant construction that protects against all sorts of impact and vibration—making it ideal for anyone requiring an affordable beater that still looks great.

Material: Resin | Diameter: 45mm | Movement: Quartz | Water Resistant: Yes | Calendar: Day/Date/Month

Casio MTPS120L-3AV Solar Powered Watch

If you’re a man who likes consistency and demands reliability, then you need to get aboard the solar train. Powered using the yellow guy in the sky, solar watches don’t only offer freedom from battery changes but also happen to provide some of the best bang for your buck.

Featuring a canvas green strap and stainless steel case, the MTPS120L-3AV is one of the top Casio watches for outdoorsy men. The solar panel features a rechargeable battery that offers around 6 months of power, while there’s a date window to remind you what day of the week it is. You can safely wear it underwater up to 100m deep.

Material: Stainless Steel | Diameter: 47mm | Movement: Quartz | Water Resistant: Yes | Calendar: Day/Date

Casio MQ21-1E Black Resin Watch

Seeing as Amazon sells everything but the kitchen sink (and they probably have those too), it’ll come as no surprise to hear they offer a pretty impressive selection of cool Casio watches. One of my favorites is the MQ24-1E.

With an all-black strap and case to match, it’s a sleek choice for casual and semi-formal occasions (it would even look pretty dashing with a black suit). Featuring a battery life of two years and ample water resistance, it’s not the most complex of watches, but it more than exceeds its modest price tag.

Material: Resin | Diameter: 35mm | Movement: Quartz | Water Resistant: Yes | Calendar: No

Casio MDV106-1AV Black Dive Watch

Chances are, if you’re plunging to the depths of the sea, Casio isn’t going to be on the top of your list of suitable dive watches. But how many guys actually intend on ever using them for diving? My guess is not a lot.

Whether you’re splashing around in the pool or snorkeling in the sea, the MDV106-1AV deserves a place in your watch collection. It’s water-resistant up to 200m with a black resin band, stainless steel case, and an anti-reverse bezel. The classic three-hand analog with luminous markers makes for easy reading at all times of the day.

Material: Stainless Steel | Diameter: 44mm | Movement: Quartz | Water Resistant: Yes | Calendar: Date

Casio A168WG Watch

Of all the iconic Casio watches, the all-gold A168WG is about as classic as they come. Perfectly treading the line between smart and casual, it’s the ultimate all-rounder that works for the office, weekend parties, and summer vacations.

Complete with a stopwatch, alarm, and backlight, it has all the basics required for keeping track of time. Better yet, the battery should last you around seven years, so it’ll be a while until you have to change it.

Material: Stainless Steel | Diameter: 37mm | Movement: Quartz | Water Resistant: Yes | Calendar: Day/Date

Casio CA-53W-1CR Calculator Watch

What happened when Casio creator Kashio Seisakujo combined his mastery of calculators and digital watches? He created the CA-53W, of course. The height of cool during the 1980s, the tech timepiece proved such a hit that the vintage design remains unchanged today.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Haven’t you seen it somewhere before? Yes, you have—it was actually worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future II. Seems he knew just how cool it was going to be.

Water-resistant with a built-in stopwatch, it features an eight-digit calculator that is capable of doing basic arithmetic functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. But when it’s not impressing your fellow geeks, it’ll look mighty slick with all of your smart-casual staples.

Material: Resin | Diameter: 35mm | Movement: Quartz | Water Resistant: Yes | Calendar: Day/Date

Casio W800H-1AV Sport Watch

Whether you’re pumping iron or running track, it helps if you have a sports watch wrapped around your wrist. And while Casio’s version doesn’t count steps or remind you to stand, it still offers a bunch of handy features to help reach your next personal best.

There’s a 1/100-second stopwatch, hourly time signal, and an LED backlight for nighttime viewing. If you’re going to be swimming, you’ll be pleased to hear it’s water-resistant up to 100m and has a black resin strap that’ll never rust. You can wear it with your gym kit or team it with jeans and a graphic tee at the weekend.

Material: Resin | Diameter: 37mm | Movement: Quartz | Water Resistant: Yes | Calendar: Day/Date/Month

Casio W800H-1AV Sport Watch

Casio’s military watch may not be the best equipped to take you through the trickiest terrains, but it’s certainly suitable for tackling the great outdoors. Resembling the kind of accessory you’d expect to get with your Action Man, it’s sure to be a hit with the guys at the gym.

Sporty with a resin case and strap, the bold design and practical features combine to offer an excellent option for weekend hikes and trips to the pool. It’s water-resistant up to 100m and the easy-read day and date display will ensure you keep your eyes on the trail ahead.

Material: Resin | Diameter: 52mm | Movement: Quartz | Water Resistant: Yes | Calendar: Day/Date

Casio MRW-210H-3AV Military Watch

Generally speaking, guys like their watches on the simplistic side. Which makes sense. A fuss-free timepiece makes it much easier to pick out your outfits in the morning. And they do say less is more, right? But what about the man who’s fed up with fitting in and wants to stand out?

The GMA-S120 from Casio’s G-Shock range is one of the brand’s more novel, unique designs. With its gray resin case and detailed digital analog face, it instantly catches your attention—whether you’re wearing it with a hoodie and jeans or khakis and a plain white tee. You can set an alarm, use a stopwatch, or display the time in all the major cities around the world.

Material: Resin | Diameter: 45.4mm | Movement: Quartz | Water Resistant: Yes | Calendar: Day/Date

Casio EF527D-1AV Edifice

For ultimate wrist appeal, chronograph watches are the way to go. Bursting with alluring interest and unrivaled precision, they provide the kind of visual harmony that only comes with multiple counters on a pretty face.

Casio’s version has a slightly sporty feel while still remaining smart—making it a fine option for smart-casual and formal outfits alike. It boasts a stainless steel case with a contrasting black dial and a 1/20-second chronograph function that ensures you’ll never lose track of time. If you’re taking it on vacation, there’s no need to remove it when you jump into the pool; it’ll be safe underwater up to 100m.

Material: Stainless Steel | Diameter: 45.5mm | Movement: Quartz | Water Resistant: Yes | Calendar: Date

Casio AQ-230GA-9DMQYES Watch

Square watches are a little like Adele singing off-key: pretty unheard of. But just because they’re not as popular as their circular cousins, that doesn’t mean they’re not a charming choice for the modern gentleman. In fact, I believe they’re ideal for standing out from the crowd.

This vintage-style design takes you straight back to the 80s but somehow feels as modern as ever. Featuring a combination of digital and analog displays, it can be used for either 12 or 24-hour timekeeping, plus there’s a second time-zone display. It probably won’t melt if you get it wet, but I wouldn’t recommend taking it for a swim.

Material: Stainless Steel | Diameter: 28mm | Movement: Quartz | Water Resistant: Yes | Calendar: Date/Day/Month/Year

Casio LCW-M170TD-2AJF

Boasting a super impressive strength-to-weight ratio and the ability to avoid corrosion, titanium makes the perfect material for a watch. The only downside is they often cost considerably more than those made from stainless steel.

With Casio’s lineage/solar combination, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. For under $220, you’ll get a reliable and stylish timepiece complete with a Japanese solar quartz movement, titanium case, and analog-digital display. There’s also a world time function, countdown timer, backlight, perpetual calendar, and much more.

Material: Titanium | Diameter: 39.5mm | Movement: Quartz | Water Resistant: Yes | Calendar: Date/Day

Casio AE1200WHD-1A Watch

Most watches are now equipped to handle your outdoor escapades, but few are as good at tackling nature as the field watch. Tough, water-resistant, and full of handy features, they’re a must-have for any stylish explorer.

And what’s the best Casio watch for the job? The AE1200. It has everything you’d require should you end up in a spot of bother. There’s a large face, durable case, stopwatch, world time, and LED backlight. The 10-year battery life is an added bonus that’ll save you some cash in the future.

Material: Stainless Steel | Diameter: 39.5mm | Movement: Quartz | Water Resistant: Yes | Calendar: Date/Day/Month

G-Shock GSW-H1000 Smartwatch

Designed for a range of activities, from running and indoor workouts to cycling and swimming, the first Casio smartwatch is packed with a plethora of features to keep even the most loyal of Apple enthusiasts happy.

Featuring G-SHOCK’s renowned shock resistance, the tough but highly technical design comes complete with an optical sensor to measure heart rate, plus a compass, altitude/air pressure sensor, accelerometer, GPS functionality, and more. The color display features an interface with a three-tier layout, which can be fully customized to suit your sporting goals. When you’re not wearing it with sweatpants, it’ll look just as good with jeans and a button-down shirt.

Material: Stainless Steel/Resin | Diameter: 65mm | Movement: Smartwatch | Water Resistant: Yes | Calendar: Day/Date/Month

What to Look For in the Best Casio Watches


Before buying your new watch, think about your lifestyle and needs. Do you want a watch for the office? Working out? Or how about an all-rounder? Casio watches come with a range of features, from calorie counters to stopwatches and mud resistance. Choose a watch best suited for what you require. And don’t bother too much about following watch trends.


In comparison to your standard automatic watch, Casio watches for men are generally quite small. However, there are various options that are a little larger. The size of your watch should be determined by not only personal preference but the thickness of your wrist. If you have a small wrist, you would be better suited to a watch with a larger case. Whereas bigger watches will suit thicker wrists.


The watch you choose will be largely dependent on the money you have to spend. Thankfully, Casio offers a vast range of options to suit pretty much any budget. There are wallet-friendly options available for less than $25, while more specialist styles can cost considerably more.

Final Verdict

Although I wasn’t able to declare one singular timepiece as the best Casio watch, you’ll now be aware of the finest options available for your wrist.

But if you’re looking for me to commit to a stylish all-rounder, you can’t go far wrong with the F91W-1. Super cheap, easy on the eye, and full of handy features, it’s the best Casio watch when it comes to everyday appeal and value for money.


    • Casio watches have a legendary reputation and for good reason. They are generally better suited for casual or smart-casual occasions, but there are dressier styles that can be worn more formally.

      • While Casio isn’t considered a luxury watch brand, they offer a high-quality product at an affordable price point. The brand’s portfolio includes a variety of styles—some that would appear more luxurious than others.

        • Casio produces many watches, all of which are a big hit amongst watch wearers. However, the most popular styles are the F-91W and the G-Shock model. These particular watches also happen to be some of the most recognizable designs in the world.

          • Casio specializes in watches that use the quartz movement, so they don’t offer any automatic watches. However, if you’re looking for something similar, they do have a collection of solar watches. These are powered by the sun instead of a battery.

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