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12 Solid Wrist Wraps: Types of Watch Straps to Try in 2024

  • Apr 1, 2024
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12 Solid Wrist Wraps: Types of Watch Straps to Try in 2024

The watch strap is often the unsung hero of any great watch. Although the watch itself usually takes most of the credit, it’s ultimately the strap that makes it functional and comfortable.

That being said, there’s a whole world of different types of watch straps out there. Since watches essentially fill the role of jewelry, the specific style you choose can say a lot about you.

This list breaks down some of the most popular watch strap styles to help you make a more informed purchase. Whether you’re looking to expand your watch wardrobe or just looking for something new, there should be something here for you.

So, without further ado, let’s break down each of these types of watch straps.

Key Takeaways

This list of different types of watch straps features some of the most popular straps on the market and a recommendation for each. One of the best types of watch straps has to be the leather band because of its iconic style and versatility. WatchGecko makes a great leather watch strap that checks almost every box.

You also can’t go wrong with a sleek, classy Milanese bracelet like the one offered by Void Watches.

About this style: The name of the Milanese bracelet stems from none other than Milan, Italy, where this design was first introduced. Today, Milanese bracelets are some of the most versatile and elegant watch straps out there. They often feature a magnetic clasp that makes slipping on your watch an effortless task.

They’re also some of the most comfortable metal straps out there, which is why they’ve become a favorite amongst many watch lovers. Milanese bracelets work well with both dressy and casual watches as long as you style your outfit appropriately.

About this product: This Milanese Bracelet from Void Watches is a pretty standard take on the classic design. It’s made of a 0.6-millimeter stainless steel weave that comes in black, silver, and gold.

Instead of a magnetic clasp, this bracelet features an adjustable safety buckle and a double-locking mechanism. This feature might be a negative for those who prefer magnetic clasps, but it could be a positive for those who value security.

Barton Watch Bands Sailcloth Premium Nylon Weave

About this style: As the name implies, sailcloth watch straps were primarily designed for use when sailing–this means they’re comfortable and water-resistant. Sailcloth straps are most frequently made of a high-quality canvas or nylon fabric, with a thin leather or rubber backing on the inside for added comfort and rigidity.

A solid sailcloth strap is one of the best options of the various types of watch straps for warm-weather activities, typically being paired with a dive watch or any other casual style.

About this product: The Barton Watch Bands Sailcloth Watch Strap is made with a premium nylon weave up top and a layer of top-grain leather on the inside. It’s available in tons of unique colorways as well as a variety of lug widths to get the perfect fit.

This strap is also extremely stiff during the initial break-in period, but it should soften up significantly over time.

Benchmark Basics Zulu Crazy Horse Leather One-Piece Watch Strap

About this style: Zulu straps share a nearly identical design to NATO straps; however, the key difference is that Zulu straps typically use more heavy-duty materials. A NATO strap may be made of thin nylon and stainless steel, whereas Zulu straps use thick nylon (or leather) and tough stainless steel.

Zulu straps can be paired with any watch you would wear with a NATO strap.

About this product: This Zulu Crazy Horse Watch Strap from Benchmark Basics uses oil-tanned pull-up leather, making it a distinct yet durable choice. It features solid stainless steel hardware for the buckle and keeper loops to keep your watch secure at all times.

The only flaw with this strap is that it’s quite long and might not be a good fit for everyone.

Barton Watch Bands Canvas Watch Strap

About this style: Canvas watch straps are a common sight in the military. The right type of canvas is both durable and rugged for tough usage–some versions even feature leather accents.

After being broken in, canvas watch straps are typically very comfortable and easy to wear for extended periods of time. You’d likely want to pair a canvas strap with a rugged tool watch or maybe even a vintage field watch.

About this product: This Canvas Watch Strap from Barton Watch Bands is made from 100% cotton canvas that is breathable, comfortable, and machine washable. It features surgical-grade stainless steel and reinforced keeper loops that add to the durability of this band.

The only downside is that the spring pins seem to be a bit cheap and don’t hold the watch very well.

Archer Watch Straps Premium Nylon Watch Band

About this style: Nylon straps share many similar traits with canvas straps, but they handle water and heat much more effectively–making them great for warmer months. Nylon is also machine washable, making it a breeze to clean your strap if it gets dirty from daily life.

Of the different types of watch straps, nylon straps work best with dive watches, tool watches, and field watches–they can also complement minimalist watches as well.

About this product: This Premium Nylon Watch Band from Archer Watch Straps features a simplistic yet functional design. The strap is made using two layers of 1.2-millimeter thick nylon that are stitched together.

This heavy-duty design means the strap will be very durable, but it might require a substantial break-in period before it feels at home on your wrist.

Barton Watch Bands Elite Silicone Watch Band

About this style: When you picture a modern-day rubber watch strap, odds are you’re thinking of silicone–essentially the little brother of the standard rubber strap. Silicone watch straps are comfortable, lightweight, and versatile, making them great for plenty of different lifestyles–particularly people who are active a lot.

Silicone straps are also perfect for most starter watches because they’re fairly inexpensive. Silicone straps work best with smartwatches and most other modern watches.

About this product: The Barton Elite Silicone Watch Band is a flexible yet solid choice. The textured pattern adds a bit of character, and the silicone itself is water-resistant. The proprietary Barton locking system keeps the strap fastened down at all times so it never flails around in the wind.

The only downside to this strap is that it might degrade quickly, especially if worn daily.

Dassari FKM Rubber Strap

About this style: These days, rubber straps are some of the most common starter straps around. Some rubbers are cheap and brittle, destined to fall apart after very little usage.

On the other hand, any of the types of watch straps that is made with natural rubber is often fairly durable and versatile–so aim for natural. Rubber straps are extremely functional and work best with athletic watches, dive watches, and most modern offerings.

About this product: This Dassari FKM Rubber Strap is both dust- and heat-resistant, featuring stainless steel hardware. The quick-release spring bars make it a breeze to switch over for certain situations. There’s also a plethora of colors and sizes available that make it a great choice for just about anyone.

That being said, this strap is quite thick, which could be a downside for those who prefer thinner straps.

WatchGecko Original Vintage Genuine Leather Watch Strap

About this style: Leather straps are a timeless staple that’ll be around pretty much as long as watches are around. These straps can vary in quality depending on the type of leather used and how it’s processed.

Leather straps can be worn both formally and casually, making them perfect when going from work to happy hour. Leather straps pair best with dress watches, but they can be used with most modern watches as well.

About this product: This vintage leather strap from WatchGecko is made of full-grain Italian leather. The cut and sealed edges are not only seamless, but they prevent moisture from penetrating the leather.

This strap is available in several different lug widths as well as an array of handsome colorways to fit your style preferences.

A potential downside is that the color of your strap may vary quite a bit from the color shown in the images.

Nixon 20mm Nylon NATO Band

About this style: The NATO strap is one of the most secure types of watch straps to entrust with your valuable timepiece. This design was originally introduced by the British military with an emphasis on comfort and durability.

Unlike most other types of watch straps out there, NATO straps use a single piece of material (often nylon) that runs underneath the watch. This ensures that your watch never falls off, even if a spring bar comes loose. NATO straps are ideal for dive watches and rugged tool watches.

About this product: This Nixon NATO strap is made of high-performance nylon derived from ocean-bound plastics. The design pays homage to the classic style while still incorporating modern elements to keep it fresh and stylish.

Unfortunately, this strap doesn’t feature quick-release springs, but it does include a small screwdriver to help make the application as easy as possible.

WatchGecko Shawfield Solid Steel Diver’s Watch Strap

About this style: Metal bracelets are some of the most luxurious watch straps out there–both elegant and classy. These types of watch straps are available in many different types of metal but will generally be stainless steel, silver, or gold.

Metal bracelets are a great option for any man who wants to add a layer of sophistication to his style, regardless of the environment. Metal bracelets are synonymous with chronograph and diver watches but work well with many other styles as well.

About this product: This Shawfield Steel Diver’s Watch from WatchGecko features a classic center link design and a safety push button clasp on the bottom. The 316L stainless steel is high-quality and adjustable to fit most watches out there.

The only downside of this strap is the story with most aftermarket metal bracelets–it’s often difficult to match the exact color of the metal on your watch.

Crown & Buckle Braided Perlon Band

About this style: Perlon straps are a very distinct style in the world of watches and are often underrepresented. Typically made from a synthetic cross-woven fabric, these straps are fully adjustable–ensuring a comfortable yet secure fit no matter the size of your wrist.

They’re also the most breathable watch strap out there, serving as the perfect choice for summer. You can wear Perlon straps with most vintage and modern watches, especially smartwatches, for a laid-back approach.

About this product: This Crown & Buckle Braided Perlon Band takes a stereotypical approach to the classic style. The brushed stainless steel hardware is classy yet durable, and the woven nylon is sleek and functional.

The one downside of this strap is that it comes in only two widths (20mm and 22mm), which might limit its compatibility with certain watches.

Bosphorus Leather Bund Watch Strap

About this style: Bund straps were developed for pilots to protect their wrists when experiencing severe temperature fluctuations. This type of strap isn’t very common today, but that’s actually what helps it stand out from the crowd. Not to mention, the unique three-piece leather design is incredibly durable and customizable.

Bund straps pair perfectly with most aviation watches and any other rugged watch styles.

About this product: The Bund Watch Strap from Bosphorus Leather is a handsome yet rugged take on the historic style. This strap is handcrafted with fine calf leather, meaning it’ll continue to look better as it develops a patina.

There are a ton of sizing options available to nail down everything from the lug width to the short and long segments of the strap. Since each of these straps is handmade, they may take quite a while to ship.

Buying Considerations For Different Types Of Watch Straps


When looking at different types of watch straps, you will find that material plays an important role in the decision-making process. Each material offers its own set of perks and drawbacks which should be carefully considered according to your personal preferences.

Rubber and silicone straps are often comfortable and flexible, but they’re limited to casual outfits. Metal bracelets are extremely durable and classy, but they might be considered uncomfortable or heavy for some people. Fabric straps are super breathable and functional, yet they can vary significantly in quality.

Type Of Watch

When eyeing a new strap, it’s also important to determine what type of watch you’ll be pairing it with. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that different watches naturally pair better with certain strap styles.

Watches are often treated like jewelry, so it’s important to wear them appropriately for the best result. Not to mention, some types of watch straps might not be physically compatible with certain watches, so be sure to consider lug width before buying, too.


There’s really no point in picking up a luxurious metal bracelet if you’re the type of guy who uses his smartwatch exclusively for daily workouts. Alternatively, you might want to avoid a silicone watch strap if you wear a suit and tie to work every day.

Lifestyle also serves as an important consideration when looking at different types of watch straps to buy–this is true as well for the type of watch you pick.

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Final Verdict

In short, it’s pretty hard to beat a solid leather strap like the one offered by WatchGecko. The leather strap is a timeless staple that can easily integrate with so many different outfits.

An eye-catching Milanese bracelet, like the one from Void Watches, is another great option for any man looking to boost his style.


    • These days, rubber watch straps are the most common choice for men–especially with the rise in popularity of smartwatches over the years. Rubber is extremely comfortable and versatile, making it a solid choice for most situations. Leather straps are also very popular and offer a bit more sophistication than rubber.

      • If you’re looking for the most secure design out there, it’s hard to beat a NATO or Zulu strap. These two types of watch straps are very similar, with the only difference being that Zulu straps use more heavy-duty materials. Unlike most watch straps, these styles are made with a single piece of material that secures your watch far more than any two-piece strap out there.

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