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12 Best Sandalwood Cologne For Men: Our Top Scents and Perfumes 2023

  • Sep 3, 2023
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12 Best Sandalwood Cologne For Men: Our Top Scents and Perfumes 2023

Solid men’s fragrances are not only kind to skin, but their scent has the power to stop people in their tracks and say (or at least think), “wow, that guy smells good.”

If you’re after that wow factor, there’s not much better than a men’s cologne with sandalwood. That rich and earthy yet moreish scent suits every occasion—plus you’ll be popular with, well, pretty much everyone.

The best sandalwood cologne is striking yet balanced and won’t give off whiffs of bargain basement chemicals or synthetic ingredients.

But with so many men’s cologne with sandalwood out there, how do you avoid smelling like a cheap car air freshener? How do you know which ones are duds and which ones will have you destined for greatness?

I’m going to tell you right now. Enter the essential rundown of the best sandalwood cologne for men top picks.

Key Takeaways

If you’re looking for the best sandalwood cologne for your needs and preferences, one of the best things you can do is decide how much of the ingredients you want in the mix.

Some of the best colognes for men offer a more or less pure sandalwood scent, while others use additional ingredients to create blends that offer a little extra fruitiness, zestiness, or smokiness. Take your time to work through our best sandalwood cologne collection, make a shortlist based on what you like, and then check out our ‘what to look for’ guide to make your final choice. Excited? I am too.

Are you ready to find the men’s cologne with sandalwood of your wildest dreams? Well, without further ado, here’s our full rundown of the best sandalwood scents money can buy.

Best quality: The moreish sandalwood, amber, and vanilla mix make this scent stand out from the crowd.

Top Notes: Sandalwood | Additional Notes: Amber, Vetiver, Vanilla | Size: 3.4oz

As our best overall sandalwood cologne for men, Every Man Jack is irresistible to the nostrils.

The top notes of pure woody sandalwood are balanced and natural, while the undertones of amber and vanilla cushion the scent with an aromatic dreaminess that will make people stop and take notice (in a good way, of course).

The bottle is cool and reasonably priced, too. A real winner.

Sauvage By Dior

Best quality: The broody bottle and fruity hints that perk up the nostrils.

Top Notes: Mandarin, Bergamot | Additional Notes: Sandalwood, Tonka Bean| Size:  2.0 / 3.4 / 6.8oz

As our best sandalwood cologne for men of the designer variety, the iconic Sauvage Parfum from Dior is edgy, moreish, and pretty darn affordable. This elixir is long-lasting, and the sandalwood scent is striking yet subtle.

The injection of mandarin and tonka beans makes this scent light and fruity yet earthy and masculine. Plus, the easy refill bottle design is a part of the brand’s new sustainability initiative. An eco-friendly scent for life’s most special occasions.


Best quality: The two cool as f**k gift bottles and the awesome gift box. Oh, it smells great, too.

Top Notes: Geranium, Cedarwood | Additional Notes: Sandalwood, Sage Wood | Size: 3.3oz & 0.3oz

A sandalwood cologne gift set that goes the extra mile, YSL’s Y Duo comes complete with a head-turning gift box and two bottles of genius.

The set includes a full-sized bottle of Y and a cheeky little travel version, so you can wear it with pride wherever you are in the world. Okay, so sandalwood may not be the main ingredient in the mix, but it enhances the smoked wood vibes of this fine blend, giving it an inviting spicy undertone that makes it pop.

tin of Duke Cannon's American Lager Solid Cologne

Best quality: The waxy resin form of this punchy little sandalwood scent.

Top Notes: Sandalwood | Additional Notes: Cedarwood | Size: 1.5oz

For a long-lasting men’s cologne with a stirring sandalwood scent, this one is hard to beat. Unlike most other additions to our best sandalwood perfume list, this bad boy comes in a lavish waxy resin. While it’s a waxy substance that you rub into the skin, it feels wonderful and doesn’t leave a greasy residue.

In fact, because of its waxy nature, Solid Cologne ensures your sandalwood scent will linger on the skin longer than your average water-based fragrance. Winner winner chicken dinner.

Tom Ford Oud Wood

Best quality: The original hit of rosewood and the general lavish nature of this designer fragrance.

Top Notes: Sandalwood | Additional Notes: Vetiver, Rosewood | Size: 50ml

This may come with a colossal price tag, but boy, does it smell out of this world. This super punchy elixir from the mighty Tom Ford immediately ignites the senses. The sandalwood scent is balanced with vetiver, rosewood, and Chinese pepper for a manly scent with a lingering sensitivity.

This is one to buy if you’re looking to make an epic first impression on a date, a job interview, or a big night on the town.

Taylor Of Bond Street Sandalwood Cologne

Best quality: The bold sandalwood hit and smooth citrusy undertones. Oh, and the cool decorative bottle.

Top Notes: Geranium, Lavender | Additional Notes: Sandalwood, Orange Blossom | Size: 100ml

Made by one of London’s most respected gent’s groomers, this epic cologne with sandalwood for men oozes sophistication. Considering how lavish the scent is and its snazzy packaging, this warming fragrance is pretty well-priced.

It’s a warming, lightly citrus-infused scent that makes the perfect companion for the scent-wearing guy who enjoys woody hints of sandalwood without it being too overpowering.

Drakkar Noir

Best quality: The affordable price and nostril tantalizing injection of juniper berries.

Top Notes: Citrus | Additional Notes: Sandalwood, Juniper Berries | Size: 1 / 1.7 / 3.4 / 6.7oz

Drakkar Noir is a men’s grooming icon: a classic scent from a trusted brand that keeps on evolving with the times.

The latest concoction is not only kind to the wallet, but with sweeping bursts of citrus coupled with earthy sandalwood and sweet herbal undertones, this cologne for fellas on a budget stands up against many of the ultra-expensive options.

St James Of London Sandalwood Bergamot

Best quality: The zesty smoked punch and creamy vanilla finish. It’s epic.

Top Notes: Sandalwood, Bergamot | Additional Notes: Vanilla, Citrus | Size: 1.69oz

The best-smelling addition to our best sandalwood perfume for men list, this nose-trembling little number from another Big Smoke scent maker is a real stunner.

The well-balanced dose of sandalwood and bergamot offer a zesty manly woodiness, while the subtle vanilla finish makes the fragrant more morish than an all-you-can-eat ice cream buffet. A head-turning scent for all of life’s occasions.

The Icon Antonio Banderas

Best quality: The hard-hitting hints of black pepper and balanced addition of sandalwood.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Black Pepper | Additional Notes: Sandalwood | Size: 3.4oz

Yeah, that’s right: this is a scent made by one of the world’s most legendary action heroes. Antonio took all of this wisdom, balls of steel courage, and manliness, bottled it up—and The Icon was born.

Now, the twist here is that sandalwood isn’t the main note in the fragrance. But instead, it punches through at the base to create that unique woody finish. The spiced ingredients (especially the black pepper) work in perfect harmony, resulting in a warming elixir that is ideal for the winter months.

Geo F Trumper Sandalwood Cologne

Best quality: The striking extra woody scent and fresh summery under notes. Plus, the bottle looks really cool.

Top Notes: Sandalwood, Pepper | Additional Notes: Amber Wood | Size:  50ml

If you’re looking for a scent for the summer, this lovely concoction from Geo F. Trumper will make you feel all sweet and sunny inside.

One spray of this will conjure up visions of running through dense emerald sand dunes (like you’re in a high-budget perfume ad), and the smack of sandalwood will wake up even the weariest of heads. A smoky, oaky smell with an understated sweetness that will turn heads during those happy summer months.

301 Cologne

Best quality:  The warming cardamom infusion and luxuriously spiced (yet totally manly) blend.

Top Notes: Amber | Additional Notes: Sandalwood, Vetiver | Size:  0.5 / 1 / 3.4oz

Vibrant, natural, and 100% cruelty-free, 301 from Bon Parfumeur is a fine addition to our best sandalwood fragrance collection.

This hot and spicy concoction is made with a bold blend of botanicals (including a generous dollop of sandalwood, of course), and the fresh hints of cardamom cut through the noise to create a head-turning scent that stirs the senses and makes you go “ah, that hit the spot.”

Edge Pheromone Cologne

Best quality: The sexually magnetizing pheromones and straightforward sandalwood scent.

Top Notes: Sandalwood | Additional Notes: Sandalwood | Size: 10ml

Last but not least in our best sandalwood cologne list, this powerful little potion contains pheromones that are said to make you feel like a swaggering alpha male that attracts potential lovers like a sexual magnet (or something like that).

One quick roll on each wrist or the neck will make you feel totally manly while giving off a no-nonsense sandalwood aroma. An offbeat option for fellas looking for something a little different.

What to look for When Buying The Best Sandalwood Cologne For Men

To help you land on the best sandalwood cologne for men for your personal needs (and desires), here’s what to look for in your perfect scent.


When it comes to picking the perfect best sandalwood cologne for men, size does matter. Think about how often you’re looking to sport your sandalwood cologne and choose accordingly. If it’s going to be your staple scent, we suggest going big. But if you’re going to reserve your sandalwood for special occasions, a smaller dose will do.


Okay, it’s true that sandalwood cologne for men smells like (you guessed it) sandalwood. But, each fragrance has its own spin based on the additional blends or ingredients used in the creative process. Some are bold and spicy, while others are smooth and subtle.

Look at every ingredient contained in your sandalwood shortlist, take note of the fragrance description, and make a final decision based on your specific preferences.

Bonus tip: Some men’s cologne with sandalwood features the ingredients in the middle or base notes rather than at the front. This means that rather than a big nose punch of sandalwood, you get something a little more subtle, with more mellow fragrances in the mix. Taylors of Old Bond Street and Drakkar Noir are excellent examples.


Last but not least, when picking your best sandalwood cologne, you should pay attention to the price.

Make a shortlist based on your budget and make comparisons. The aim here isn’t to go for the cheapest option possible but to find an affordable option that offers genuine value for money. So, when making your comparisons, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the scent exactly what I’m looking for?
  • Is the size right for my needs?
  • Do I like the brand and the packing?
  • Are the product reviews decent?
  • Does it last long enough? How often will I need to apply it?

Go back through our best sandalwood cologne for men list, set a budget, and work through these questions. Before you know it, you’ll be pressing that ‘buy’ button with a sandalwood-inspired smile on your face.

Final verdict

With a lavish scent, cool packaging, and fair price tag, Every Man Jack is our best sandalwood cologne.

Falling in the middle of the fragrance spectrum between in-your-face and totally mellow, dude, Every Man Jack is a scent that is likely to suit every kind of gent looking for a manly, woody scent.

Its additional ingredients are natural (making them kind to the skin) while building an overall fragrance that is most certainly a sandalwood concoction but with an original, almost decadent touch. Considering its prowess and versatility, I feel this sandalwood cologne is very fairly priced, too.

That said, each of our best sandalwood cologne for men has a unique quality that makes it stand out from the pack. Take the time to work through our ‘what to look for’ guide, and you will choose a fragrance that suits you down to a T.


    • A sandalwood cologne is a men’s fragrance made with sandalwood. Usually, other ingredients feature in a men’s Cologne with sandalwood to personalize the overall scent, but sandalwood features somewhere in the overall fragrance.


      Sandalwood is warming to the nostrils, earthy, and woody. So, if you’re looking for something a little less sweet and a little more natural, sandalwood cologne could be the one for you.

      • Sandalwood cologne is organic and earthy. The scent itself is bold and has a woodiness to it. Some people liken sandalwood cologne to the smell of a smoky scotch or bourbon.


        Most sandalwood colognes offer notes of cedarwood, citrus, ferns, and patchouli. It’s a fragrance that stands out and grabs attention (in a good way).

        • In a word, yes. Sandalwood cologne is a fitting cologne for men as it’s warm and inviting while oozing masculinity.


          The woodiness of the scent is decidedly manly, while the botanical earthy undertones warm the nostrils and offer comfort whatever the weather.

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