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12 Best Crease Protectors and Shoe Guards for Men 2023

  • Oct 8, 2023
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12 Best Crease Protectors and Shoe Guards for Men 2023

For the certified sneakerhead, nothing makes the body shudder more than creases on a pair of fresh kicks. While that may sound a little diva-ish for mere mortals, put it this way: if you’re buying nice things, you want to keep them looking that way, right?

Trouble is unless you’ve mastered the art of walking without bending your feet (how funny would that look?), creases are inevitable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make those crinkled lines less prominent. All you need is to get your hands on the best crease protectors.

Now you may be wondering where you go to find this genius invention. To save you the time of endless scrolling, I’ve rounded up a whole range of crease preventers that will help keep your shoes in the best possible shape.

Key Takeaways 

While they’ve not been around for too long, crease guards are now a key weapon in the modern man’s arsenal. Perfect for keeping your sneakers looking box fresh, they work by adding structure to the front of your shoe—reducing the denting (and therefore creasing) at the toe box as you walk.

This guide will highlight the best in the business—listing the many different types of crease protectors that will accommodate various sneaker silhouettes, including my favorite from Aduksa. I’ll also help with how to use them, plus share some top tips on who and what makes the best crease protectors.

Size Range: 5-12 | Material: Plastic | Best For: Sneakers

Creasing your new sneakers for the first time is a little like finding your first gray hair: pretty soul-crushing, but very little you can do about it. However, just like you can hide hair aging with Just For Men, you can now prevent your shoe wrinkles with a trusty set of crease guards.

My top pick comes from Aduksa. They come in a pack of two and are compatible with most shoes. Equipped with anti-slip dots to prevent sliding when wearing and walking, they’re comfortable, washable, and breathable. You can also cut them down according to your individual needs.

Mudder Anti Wrinkle Shoes Crease Protector

Size Range: 5-12 | Material: Plastic | Best For: All Shoes

Keeping your kicks free from creases is a priority for any sneaker addict, but what about the guys who want to keep their dress shoes looking fresh? Don’t worry, I’ve not forgotten about you. In fact, I’ve found the perfect crease guards suitable for all kinds of footwear.

These anti-wrinkle protectors are made from PE and TPR material to provide a robust hardness that’s low-temperature-resistant, resilient, and washable. They feature a shedload of venting holes for breathability, while they can be trimmed and shaped to perfectly fit into any size shoe.

STLFLXMetGUARDZ Metatarsal Guards Crease Protector

Size Range: All | Material: Plastic | Best For: Work Boots

Crease guards work a little differently for work boots; turns out even the best crease protectors will find it pretty difficult to stop your toe box creasing. So, instead of slipping some plastic into the inside of your shoe, you can add some burly protection on the exterior.

These metatarsal guards are a no-brainer for guys that regularly wear safety footwear. They’ll act as a shield against everyday annoyances, such as slag, acid, alkalis, fuel oil, and high or low temperatures. Plus, they’ll protect your boots from flailing sparks and dirt. You can choose from three styles: lace-up, pull-on, and straps.

GOOUDO Crease Protectors Guards

Size Range: 5-12 | Material: Plastic | Best For: Sneakers

Alongside a cleaning kit, crease preventers are the next essential tool for sneaker lovers. Not only will they help avoid the annoying wrinkles that form after walking, but they’re ideal for keeping shoes in shape—particularly those that are kept in storage for a long time.

GOOUDO offers some of the best on the market. A steal for just under $11, they’ll slip inside your entire footwear collection and promise to last you years to come. Just like all of the best crease protectors, they feature ventilation holes and can be snipped to fit any size.


SOL3 Crease Guards Crease Protector

Size Range: 5-12 | Material: Plastic | Best For: Sneakers

Not all sneakers create creases as you walk—it seems certain styles of footwear are more prone to wrinkling than others. It just so happens that one of those is Nike’s popular Air Jordan range. Typical, eh? The brand suggests getting out creases using an iron or hair dryer, but I say beat them before they get there with some of the best crease protectors.

Made by SOL3, these crease guards are lightweight and durable—offering a long-lasting solution for keeping your kicks in top shape. They can be adjusted to fit any size, plus there’s the all-important ventilation holes for breathability.

BIBIGOOD Crease Protectors

Size Range: 5-12 | Material: Plastic | Best For: Sneakers

The Nike Dunk has been around since the 80s, and it’s fair to say the iconic sneaker is enjoying somewhat of a revival right now. From Travis Scott to Justin Bieber, every man and his dog own a pair. But guess what? They crease.

BIBIGOOD’s crease guards promise to fight off this sartorial problem, while also helping to restore older shoes. The plastic material is strong and washable, plus there’s ventilation holes for breathability. At just under $10, there’s no reason why you can’t invest in a few.

Sneak Geek Crease Protector

Size Range: 8-12 | Material: Plastic | Best For: Sneakers

If it’s worth having, you can bet your life that Amazon sells it. So it’ll come as no surprise to find out that they have a bunch of the best crease protectors for helping you look after your favorite sneakers.

My pick of the bunch is this pack of two from Sneak Geek. Not only will they extend the life of your new sneakers, but they’ll improve the appearance of old creased shoes too. They come pre-notched for a perfect fit—although you can trim them down if they need adjusting.

Vsonker Crease Protectors

Size Range: 5-12 | Material: Plastic | Best For: Sneakers

As I’ve already touched upon, the great thing about crease guards is that they can fit into pretty much any size shoe. All you need is a pair of scissors, and you can trim down the material until you’re most comfortable.

Vsonker’s protectors feature auxiliary cutting lines, which can be freely cut according to the size required. They come in a pack of four, and each one has 26 venting holes designed to keep your foot (and sneakers) dry and breathable.

Gorygold Crease Protectors

Size Range: 3-15 | Material: Plastic | Best For: Sneakers

If you’re a global hip-hop star or have money to burn, it’s not unheard of to replace your sneakers after every couple of wears. For us ordinary folk, the best crease protectors offer a wallet-friendly way to keep your sneakers looking fresh for longer.

This pack of six represents great value for money. Yours for just under $12, you can use them on your entire sneaker collection. They’re available in three size ranges, but can still be adjusted for the perfect fit.

ForceField Toebox Crease Protectors

Size Range: 4-11.5+ | Material: Foam | Best For: Sneakers

You know what they say about small feet, right? Small shoes, of course…This also means you’ll be needing the right size crease guards. Now while it’s totally possible to trim down most styles to fit your sneakers, it makes perfect sense to try and cut down (pun intended) any extra work on your side.

ForceField’s crease protectors are available in three sizes—suitable for children’s small all the way to men’s large. They’re made from foam for all-day comfort, plus there’s adhesive to help keep them in place. Thanks to the ventilation holes, you don’t need to worry about smelly shoes either.

Crep Protect Crease Guards Crease Protectors

Size Range: 3-13.5 | Material: Plastic | Best For: Sneakers

If I were to throw any sort of shade at crease guards, it would be that some of the hard plastic styles are not always the most comfortable. I’m not talking excruciating pain here—just the kind that’s enough to notice when you’re on your feet all day.

Thanks to exclusive gel-tech cushioning, Crep Protect’s version of crease preventers makes sure your tootsies never feel such pain. Not only are they a pleasure to wear, but they come with a fresh tropical scent to help keep your sneakers fresh inside.

Protect Crease Protector

Size Range: 5-12  | Material: Plastic | Best For: Sneakers

Another style of sneaker that suffers from toe box creasing is the Air Force 1. No matter how hard you try to avoid them, they always seem to find a way to appear. But instead of keeping yours in the box to collect dust, simply pop in a set of crease guards to keep things smooth.

+Protect offers two pairs in black and white (but you can choose one color if you’d prefer). Lightweight, durable, and comfortable, they’re designed to be worn with all styles of shoe including Air Force 1s, and have ventilation holes to ensure breathability. They’ll fit any size feet and can be trimmed down to create the perfect shape.

What to Look For In The Best Crease Protectors


Most crease guards will be made of plastic or foam. Which you choose is down to personal preference, but many find that foam crease protectors are the most comfortable. Look out for ventilation holes, too—they offer breathability, which comes in particularly handy during the warmer months.


To ensure optimum comfort, you must remember to choose the right size crease preventers. Doing so is super easy, as most designs will come in small or large. Small is generally for women’s shoe sizes, while large is the standard for men. If the fit isn’t quite right, you can trim them down until you’re happy.

Shoe Style

While the best crease protectors are made to fit in many types of shoes, some designs may claim to be better suited to particular styles. The shape of the crease guards may also differ, so it’s important to check the product description to ensure you’re buying something suitable for your chosen footwear.

Final Verdict 

It turns out that most of the best crease protectors offer many of the same features. Just like Aduksa Crease Protectors, they’ll fit all types of sneaker styles, are customizable, and have plenty of ventilation holes to ensure breathability.

Although I think these are your best bet overall, I wouldn’t hesitate to put my trust in any of those featured in this list.


    • Most crease guards are designed to fit all shoe sizes and can be trimmed for the perfect fit. Depending on what style you go for, you may need to choose between small and large. Small will cater to smaller shoe sizes, while large will cover the rest.

      • To ensure the most comfortable fit, you may need to cut or trim your crease protectors. To do so, use your sneaker or shoe as a measuring guide and use a pen to mark where you need to make an adjustment. Simply trim off the excess material using a pair of scissors. It’s always better to do this in stages—cutting a small piece off each time. Keep repeating this process until you are happy with how they fit and feel.

        • Sliding your crease protectors into your footwear is simple. Start by removing the shoelaces and insole (if possible), and then push them into the toe box of your chosen shoe. To make the process even easier, most crease guards will be conveniently marked left and right.

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