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10 Best Moisturizing Body Washes For Men-Softest Suds For 2024

  • Feb 18, 2024
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10 Best Moisturizing Body Washes For Men-Softest Suds For 2024

There are two types of men in this world: those who prefer bar soap and those who prefer body wash.

Edit: I’ve just gotten word that there are way more than two types of men in this world. But none of them are helping me prove a point about the best moisturizing body washes for men, so… they don’t count today.

Regardless of where you stand on the polarizing issue of bar soap vs. body wash, the latter arguably offers many more benefits. Body washes are full of moisturizing ingredients. They help create a more luxurious showering experience. A little goes a long way. The list goes on.

Speaking of lists, I will now go on to bequeath you with 10 of the best body wash options that you can get your hands on right now.

Bequeath. Why don’t we say bequeath more often? I’ll see myself out.

Key Takeaways 

A good body moisturizer should smell nice, sure. But it should also be suitable for all skin types, create a rich lather, and be made with natural ingredients specifically formulated to lock in moisture.

For the attention, it gives to those attributes and more, the overall best moisturizing body wash for men is hands-down Blu Atlas. And for the budget-conscious bather, there aren’t many options more thoughtful and well-formulated than Mrs. Meyer’s Moisturizing Body Wash.

Geologie’s Acne Control Superclean Body Wash is more than just a cleansing product that shifts to the back of your bathroom shelf. This body wash has been expertly designed to create a revitalizing (but simple) experience for the skin-conscious man.

This body wash stands out with its dual-action formula – targeting acne while deeply moisturizing the skin. Its rich, creamy lather works effortlessly, leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated and comfortably hydrated.

The scent is a subtle blend of freshness and masculinity, perfectly designed for daily use. However, men with extremely dry skin might find it less moisturizing than desired. It’s the ideal choice for those battling acne and looking for a body wash that refreshes, cleanses, and maintains the skin’s natural balance without overpowering the senses.

Item Form: Gel | Scent: Unscented | Size: 10.8oz | Skin Type: All | Material Feature: Exfoliating for brighter skin, AHA + BHA formula, Salicylic acid, reduces dark spots

Blu Atlas Body Wash

Blu Atlas has an excellent and well-deserved reputation for making some of the highest-quality grooming products on the market, and its body wash is certainly no exception. It’s made from hydrating, all-natural ingredients like sugarcane, green tea, and aloe vera—all of which are key for locking in moisture.

This is a great option if you have no known skin issues but want to maintain your skin’s health in a gentle, lasting way. And a small drop will come to a rich lather with the help of a quality loofah or washcloth. There are plenty of cheaper options out there, but if you want to skip the trial and error and fast-forward to the overall best moisturizing body wash for men, you’ve found it.

Item Form: Gel | Scent: Classic, Coconut Apricot | Size: 8oz | Skin Type: All | Material Feature: Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free

Mrs. Meyer’s Moisturizing Body Wash

Ah yes, those unmistakable Mrs. Meyer’s bottles. If there’s a trendy hotel, restaurant, or farmhouse-forward suburban bathroom anywhere to be found, so too will a bottle of Mrs. Meyer’s soap. There must be a reason for this ubiquity, right? Right.

At the risk of being mistaken for a rocket scientist, it’s because this is really good stuff. Mrs. Meyer’s Moisturizing Body Wash unites essential oils for the body with aloe vera gel, chamomile extract, and other moisturizing ingredients to create a cruelty-free, budget-friendly product that’s gentle on the skin and comes in a handful of pleasing scents like honeysuckle, basil, and rain water.

Item Form: Gel | Scent: Rain Water, Basil, Honeysuckle, or Lavender | Size: 16oz | Skin Type: All | Material Feature: Cruelty-Free, Biodegradable

Le Labo Hinoki Shower Gel

NYC-based Le Labo is known for creating thoughtful, alluring fragrances from responsibly sourced natural ingredients. These scents are spread across a suite of products ranging from eau de parfums, lotions, oils, shampoos and conditioners, and, yes, Le Labo’s Hinoki Shower Gel.

Paraben- and cruelty-free, it’s one of the easiest and most luxurious ways to elevate your shower routine. Aside from the thick, rich lather that works overtime to lock in moisture, it’s the Hinoki scent that really sets this body wash apart. Le Labo’s bottling of the fragrant Japanese cypress tree results in a warm, earthy throughline with hints of lemon making the occasional cameo.

Item Form: Gel | Scent: Hinoki Tree | Size: 8.5oz | Skin Type: All Types | Material Feature: Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free

Jack Black Black Reserve Body & Hair Cleanser

You already know Jack Black for its staple skin care products like great-smelling lotions, facial cleansers, acne treatments, lip balms, and dozens more. And while the brand’s flagship offerings are outstanding in their own right, Jack Black’s Black Reserve line of products is not to be overlooked.

In addition to a Black Reserve body spray and body lotion, you’re also privy to a body and hair cleanser that deserves a permanent spot in your shower. The paraben- and sulfate-free formula won’t dry your skin out, but it will make it smell like cedar, success, and confidence. Fine, just cedar. But I trust you’ve got those other two handled if your next move is picking up a bottle of this body wash.

Item Form: Gel | Scent: Cardamom, Cedarwood | Size: 33oz | Skin Type: All | Material Feature: Sulfate-Free

Cremo All-Season Body Wash

Another brand with an impressively varied product list, Cremo is nothing if not a super reliable, super affordable provider of go-to bathroom essentials. Bolstered by moisturizing ingredients, it’s suitable for all seasons and all skin types.

Dry winter skin. Oily summer skin. Addressing these fluctuating conditions and keeping your body moisturized is baked into Cremo’s body wash formula, right down to the fragrance. Prominent woody notes give way to more summer-friendly scents like citrus and blueberry. Don’t think too hard about this one. Just place a bottle in every shower in your house, use the stuff, then proceed to move about the world feeling and smelling better than a bunch of other humans.

Item Form: Gel | Scent: Blue Cedar & Cypress | Size: 16oz | Skin Type: All Types | Material Feature: All-Season, Moisturizing

Native Body Wash

Have you seen those Native commercials yet? Silly gooses, those guys. Or is it silly geese? Either way, they make a great body wash. It’s got all the right “frees.” Dye-free. Sulfate-free. Paraben-free. Cruelty-free. It’s also made from gentle ingredients that lock in moisture and are great for sensitive skin.

And since this is the part about things that smell nice, yes, Native’s body washes also smell nice. But the reason why this is the best moisturizing body wash for men in the scent category is due to the sheer number available for this product. There are 12, from cucumber and mint to sea salt and cedar. So get in there and have some olfactory fun, you. Instantly regret typing that.

Item Form: Gel | Scent: 12 Scents | Size: 11.5oz | Skin Type: All, Sensitive | Material Feature: Dye-Free, Sulfate-Free, Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free

Botanic Hearth Tea Tree Body Wash

Not only does Botanic Hearth’s Tea Tree Body Wash contain ethically sourced ingredients that’ll treat your skin right, it’s formulated to tackle a number of unpleasant skin issues. Acne. Ringworm. Jock itch. Eczema. Body odor. If you suffer from one of these conditions, you’ll want to give this body wash a look.

Another cruelty-free body wash, this one comes in a formidable 16-ounce bottle that’ll be holding court in your shower for months before you need to replace it. Natural ingredients like tea tree, peppermint, and sea buckthorn oils are responsible for fighting off those skin conditions, but they’re also responsible for making Botanic Hearth’s body wash smell glorious. It’s a win-win for your skin-skin. Dammit, did it again.

Item Form: Gel | Scent: Tea Tree | Size: 16oz | Skin Type: All, Sensitive | Material Feature: Cruelty-Free

Nivea Men Maximum Hydration Body Wash

There are a lot of excellent moisturizing body wash for men options on this list. Some are “fancy,” some are niche, and some absolutely demand representation. Regarding that last category, you’re doing your epidermis a disservice if you’re not considering ye olde drugstore brands.

In addition to its main use as a body wash, Nivea Men’s Maximum Hydration Body Wash is a workhorse that can also serve as a shave gel, moisturizer, and shampoo. Specifically formulated to provide lasting hydration for your skin, this is a solid low-risk play if you’re on a budget and just starting to dip a toe into the body wash world.

Item Form: Gel | Scent: Aloe Vera | Size: 30oz | Skin Type: All, Combination| Material Feature: Phthalate-Free

Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash

Bathing Culture is all about sustainability, but never at the expense of quality. Or making cool bottles. Yes, the brand’s Mind and Body Wash is made with certified organic ingredients and is housed in a recyclable glass bottle that’s every bit a bathroom statement piece as it is an excellent body wash.

Aloe, shae, guar, and other natural ingredients work to hydrate your skin while Bathing Culture’s signature Cathedral Grove scent projects notes of juniper, redwood sorrel, and rhododendron. The San Francisco-based brand also has a new scent, Meadow Vision, that leans into floral and herbaceous fragrances like clary sage, lavender, and spearmint.

Item Form: Gel | Scent: Cathedral Grove | Size: 8oz | Skin Type: All, Sensitive | Material Feature: Biodegradable

Murad Acne Body Wash

If you have acne, you know better than most that sometimes you need to call in the big guns to take care of business. Murad Acne Body Wash is a cruelty-free product that was founded by a dermatologist for the sole purpose of kicking acne’s ass by way of salicylic acid, date seed powder, glycolic acid, and other things that both work and are hard to pronounce.

It’s a powerful formula that you’ll want to use in tandem with other products in your grooming arsenal as opposed to making it your only go-to. And since Murad is made without parabens, sulfates, petroleum, or other ingredients that can dry out your skin, you won’t be making any compromises in the moisturizing category either.

Item Form: Gel | Scent: Tea Tree | Size: 8.5oz | Skin Type: Oily | Material Feature: Cruelty-Free

What To Look For In The Best Moisturizing Body Washes For Men


It’s a common thread among skincare products. Those derived from natural ingredients and free of parabens and harsh ingredients are the most likely to promote healthy, moisturized skin in the long run. Essential oils, aloe vera gel, and coconut milk are a few of the many excellent ingredients to keep on your radar when shopping around for the best moisturizing body wash for men.

Skin Type

While the majority of the best moisturizing body washes are suitable for all skin types, some take a more targeted approach. Acne body wash, for example, is going to have a wildly different makeup than, say, an everyday drugstore option. Consider your skin type before choosing a product that best caters to its needs.


One of the main reasons for choosing a body wash over a bar soap is the luxurious experience it creates in the shower. The rich lather that body washes create helps, but their wide array of come-hither fragrances end up doing most of the heavy lifting. From citrus-scented soaps to earthy or floral options, you’ve got plenty to choose from.

Final Verdict 

The best moisturizing body wash for men should do just that… moisturize. To achieve this, it should be free of harsh, skin-drying elements, but it should also go the extra mile to source all-natural ingredients that promote smooth, healthy skin in the long term.

By all means, experiment with what works best for you, but definitely don’t sleep on my overall best pick—Blu Atlas.


    • Choosing the right body wash for you depends on your skin type and its tolerance for certain ingredients. Any body wash produced by a reputable brand will get you clean, but you’ll want to pair your skin’s specific needs with a product that directly addresses them.

      • The best moisturizing body wash for one man won’t necessarily be the best for another. It all depends on your skin and its specific needs. That said, Blu Atlas makes a universally outstanding product derived from natural ingredients that help lock moisture in. It’s hands down one of the best moisturizing body washes out there.

        • Feel free to use your body wash daily. This is especially encouraged if it’s formulated with quality, natural ingredients that won’t irritate or dry out your skin.

          • Now more than ever, thoughtfully-made bar soaps offer a convenient, effective way of keeping clean and maintaining healthy skin. That said, not only do moisturizing body washes create a more luxurious showering experience, they often contain more moisturizing ingredients. Though it all comes down to personal preference, body washes come out on top in most categories.

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