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10 Best Men’s Baggy Jeans – All Styles and Budgets For 2023

  • Oct 7, 2023
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10 Best Men’s Baggy Jeans – All Styles and Budgets For 2023

High on the list of garments we must once again reckon with, for better or worse, are baggy jeans. They’re back. They’ve been back. You know this, and you’re likely okay with this considering the fact that you clicked on a link about the 10 best men’s baggy jeans.

Sure, we’re going to talk about some cartoonishly roomy designer denim that flirts dangerously close to JNCO territory. Because, hey, streetwear. But we’re also going to explore the space’s more subtle options. Cozy, handsome, devil-may-care trousers that raise a middle finger to the skinny jean as it fades back into hibernation for the next few generations.

Your only responsibility during this thing is to find the sweet spot that speaks to your legs, scoop up a nice pair of pants that suits your lifestyle, and… well, basically just continue living your life. Only in baggy jeans this time.

Key Takeaways 

Whether or not they really went anywhere in the first place is up for debate. Regardless, baggy jeans are back, and there’s never been a better time to explore what’s out there. Some are super-specific and oversized.

Others represent a subtler side of the species. Coming in somewhere in the middle is my top pick—one of the most well-rounded and approachably priced pairs out there, Levi’s 569 loose, straight-fit jeans. Another budget-friendly option that’s as versatile as it is durable is this classic 5-pocket option from Wrangler.

Not everyone is ready to jump headlong into the literally-wide world of baggy pants-dom. If you’re toying with the idea of scooping up a pair of the best men’s baggy jeans but don’t have a closet full of streetwear staples to pair them with (or if you’re generally more of a traditionalist), Levi’s will see you now.

Specifically, the legendary brand’s 569 loose, straight-fit jeans. They’re not so snug as to be mistaken for tapered pants, and not so roomy as to stand out in a loud way. Sitting just below the waist, these straight-leg staples are comfortable and versatile. Wear them with an oversized T-shirt or henley during milder months and pop on a loose sweater or all-weather pullover when the temps drop.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes: 29-44in | Colors: 14

Closed X-Treme Loose Jeans

Streetwear enthusiast. Hypebeast. Guy who just wants to wear a baggy pair of jeans with some holes in the knees. Whichever camp you fall in, these X-Treme Loose Jeans from Closed are going to be a nice fit for your vibe.

Made in Italy of organic and recycled cotton, they feature a low crotch, straight leg cut, and ample room from waist to ankle. Especially in the knees. If you’ll recall, those are ripped as shit.

Material: 82% Recycled Cotton, 18% Organic Cotton | Sizes: 27-38in | Colors: 1

Wax London Loose Fit Jeans Ecru Denim

Up to this point, most of my selections for the best men’s baggy jeans have been some shade of blue. But lest we forget one of the staple colorways in any self-respecting denim collection, we must now discuss these handsome loose-fit jeans from well-respected, relatively new British label Wax London. That come in, you guessed it, white. More like a cream, really. Close enough.

Basically, if it’s sunny out, you need to be wearing these jeans. If you’re wearing a linen popover and said linen popover is billowing carelessly in a salty breeze, you need to be wearing these jeans. If you’re a person in the world, you need to be wearing these jeans. Which… probably about covers it.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes: 28-38in | Colors: 2

Represent Baggy Denim

Blue jeans: check. White jeans: also check. Black jeans: here we go…

Rounding out the trifecta of must-have staple denim colors, these black numbers from Represent don’t necessarily scream “baggy” from the rooftops, but they certainly afford a wide range of motion and are anything but skinny or fitted.

It’s another great option for those who aren’t quite ready to go full balloon legs, but still want the look and feel of roomy jeans. Rounding out this pair’s elevated and unique look is an integrated metal D-ring on one of the front belt loops.

Material: 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane | Sizes: 28-38in | Colors: 2

Dickies Relaxed-Fit Carpenter Jean

Back down to earth we come with trusty, Texas-based Dickies and their relaxed-fit carpenter jeans. This sturdy, cozy pair has thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon thanks to its approachable price, large array of size options, and crowd-pleasing colors to choose from.

This is another don’t-overthink-it pair of trousers that are ideal for the guy who cares about how he looks but cares a lot more about how he feels. Sure, your dad will love these. But with the recent resurgence of baggy jeans, there should be nothing stopping you from picking up a pair and embracing the moment while it lasts. And nary a skinny-jean thought ever crossed your mind again.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes: 30-42in | Colors: 9

Wrangler Authentics Classic 5-Pocket Relaxed Fit Flex Jean

Like Levi’s, Wrangler has been producing no-frills, well-made denim for over a century. And like those 569s up there, these relaxed-fit jeans don’t pull too hard in any direction. Loose but not too loose. Relaxed but not slouchy. And they’re designed to move when you do with a range of motion that’ll serve you well whether you’re working or playing.

Adding to this humble pair of jeans’ long list of pros is the staggering number of sizes they’re available in—84, to be exact. And this being the budget category, they’re also conveniently budget-friendly. I love it when a plan works out.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes: 28-60in | Colors: 15

Dime wavy pocket jeans

If you’re going all in on a pair of the best baggy jeans out there, you may as well throw in some nice pockets while you’re at it. That’ll show ‘em. Or, at the very least, that’ll appeal to your unique and elevated sense of style while simultaneously making a nice impression on those fortunate enough to be in your orbit.

Regardless of your motivations, you’re not going to find a more handsome, well-constructed pair of baggy jeans than this specimen from Montreal-based brand Dime. The prominence of the wavy pockets and the casual medium wash color strike a subtle balance that feels appropriate for anything from casual coffee shop dates to scene-y gallery openings.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes: 30-36in | Colors: 1

Axel Arigato Zine Relaxed-Fit Jeans

Every drawer and pair of legs in this topsy-turvy world of ours needs to have a staple pair of jeans in them and on them. The staple jean should be comfortable and breathable. It should be made to last. It should be stylish and catch eyes in all the right ways.

So go out and grab a pair of those. And then grab another, but file that second one under “baggy staple.”

And make sure it’s Axel Arigato’s Zine Relaxed-Fit Jeans. The classic five-pocket construction is just classic enough, as are the relaxed fit and light-washed blue colorway. Where things take a slight detour from classic is in the noticeably generous cut around the thigh and calf that nicely straddles the line between streetwear and everyday dad jean. Pick a lane. Stay in it. End scene.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes: 28-34in | Colors: 1

VETEMENTS wide-leg denim jeans

Founded in Zürich in 2014, Vetements’ unique, pot-stirring pieces have been worn by countless celebrities. Though Demna Gvasalia, the luxury brand’s co-founder, is now the creative director of Balenciaga, Vetements has still maintained its edge and loyal fanbase.

The stage: set. Your legs: bare. Your wallet: full.

Enter: These very specific, very baggy, very long jeans from the same Swiss brand that brought you the once-viral T-shirt made in collaboration with logistics company DHL. Look, these things are just massive. And if your style skews ‘90s skate culture and you’ve got a stable of effortless-looking designer T-shirts and hoodies to pair with them, you’re golden. But please, I implore you, don’t procure these clown pants unless you have a surplus of confidence, style, and money.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes: 28-36in | Colors: 1

Awake NY x Carhartt WIP Double Knee Pant

Founded in 2012 by the former brand director of Supreme, Awake NY’s collections are inspired by the personality and cultural spirit of New York City. Awake NY has managed to stay relevant for over a decade for plenty of reasons, not least of which are its collaborations with brands like Vans, Lacoste, and Carhartt WIP.

About that last one. You should probably check out these currently trending straight-fit, baggy jeans with double-layer knees, tool pockets, just enough stretch, and an embroidered blue flower on the left thigh. The durability of Carhartt and the edginess of Awake NY come beautifully together to put on a clinic in the best men’s baggy jeans space.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes: 30.5-40in | Colors: 3

What To Look For In The Best Men’s Baggy Jeans


Just because baggy jeans are back in style doesn’t mean you have carte blanche to slap on just any old pair. Some are understated with a roomy thigh and slightly tapered leg. Others are obnoxiously massive yet somehow stylish if executed properly. Play around, but don’t try too hard. Comfortable, fun, and effortless is the name of the baggy-pants game.

Length & Width

Akin to style but not quite the same when it comes to baggy jeans, don’t sleep on the length and width of your denim in this category. Some jeans are so long as to cascade inches of excess denim over your shoes. Others balloon out in a way that can only be successfully offset by pairing them with runway streetwear fashion. But for every runway-specific piece, there’s a Levi’s or a Wrangler with the perfect balance of roominess and style.


When it comes to the best men’s baggy jeans, it’s best to ignore the hype and stick with what works for you and your lifestyle. If you work on your feet and need the extra room for comfort, you’ve got options. If you just sort of hang out and look cool, you’ve also got options. Point is: options.

Final Verdict

Baggy jeans come in seemingly endless shapes, sizes, and degrees of look-at-me-ness. If you’re into balloon-y streetwear jeans, I hope to have highlighted the best options under that umbrella. If you’re just dabbling in this specific and resurging denim style, you can’t beat the cozy, unassuming, versatile look and feel of Levi’s 569 straight-fit jeans.


    • Once the internet gets ahold of a trend, countless monikers ensue. That said, some of the more common names for loose, baggy jeans are dad jeans, oversized jeans, and wide-leg jeans.

      • Yes, men’s baggy jeans have been experiencing a resurgence in recent years. Some of this is thanks to the emphasis on wearing more comfortable clothes during the height of the Covid pandemic. Another huge contributing factor is the fact that celebrities like Justin Bieber and Brad Pitt have fully embraced baggy jeans, influencing countless people in the process.

        • In short, do you. If you’ve got the confidence to pull the look off—or if you just want to pop on a super-comfortable pair of jeans—then go for it. And seeing as the style has arguably never been more popular since the ‘90s and early 2000s, now’s a good time to dip a toe in if you’ve never worn a pair of the best men’s baggy jeans.

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