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10 Best G Shock Watch for Men – Tough and Timeless For 2023

  • Aug 13, 2023
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10 Best G Shock Watch for Men – Tough and Timeless For 2023

You know what they say: the bigger the watch, the bigger the… Wait, that’s not how it goes. But if you do happen to be on the hunt for a large timepiece, the best G Shock watch will do the trick every time.

G Shock is the front-runner when it comes to oversized chronographs. Dominating the market since its introduction in 1983, this Casio offshoot is the premiere destination for instantly recognizable watches.

While big and bold are common adjectives to describe G Shock products, the brand has dozens of styles that break away from the XL look for a more subtle, refined timepiece. Yet, one thing remains constant across all of G Shock’s models: unbeatable features.

The best G Shock watches are practically indestructible, with unparalleled shock and water resistance. They also come outfitted with all sorts of utility features to cater to your unique needs as a watch wearer. For sport, tactical, or even dress use, you’ll find a G Shock that serves your purposes.

Ready to discover the best G Shock watch for men? Read on.

Key Takeaways

The best G Shock watch for men definitely depends on what you’re looking for, but our number one pick is the G-Shock Black Out Watch. The design is way less cluttered than other G Shocks while keeping with a large case size, and the minimalist black makes it easy to wear for all of life’s occasions.

If you’re looking for a solid budget option, we’re big fans of the Classic G-Shock DW9052, which is under $50. For something more luxurious, try out the G-Steel, which has the signature oversized G Shock case with a sophisticated dress watch style.

As far as the best G Shock watch for men goes, the Black Out model takes the cake. Rather than leaning into G Shock’s busy oversized look, this model takes a parred-back approach with a slightly smaller digital time and date display. Without all the extra bells and whistles on the watch face, it’s easy to dress this G Shock up for nicer occasions.

But just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they’re missing. This G Shock is complete with multiple functions like a timer, stopwatch, and alarm. Coupled with the brand’s bulletproof construction and water resistance, this G Shock is the ideal addition to any man’s watch wardrobe.

Case Size: 48.9mm | Solar: No | Band Material: Resin |  Water Resistant: 200 Meters | Display: Digital

Classic G-Shock DW9052

The best G Shock watch doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and the proof is in the pudding. This affordable number is a prime choice for any man looking for a practical timepiece. At under $50, this G Shock is extremely durable with all of the usual functions like a stopwatch, calendar, alarm, and timer.

You can send this thing through hell and back, and it will be damn near unscathed. Jump in the pool, roll over it with your truck, or chuck it out of a third-story window for some reason. It’ll still be ticking along, strong as ever, which is why it’s one of the best cheap watches for men.

Case Size: 48.5mm | Solar: No | Band Material: Resin |  Water Resistant: 200 Meters | Display: Digital

G-Steel by G-Shock

For a more sophisticated look, the G-Steel is the perfect choice for a dress watch or nicer occasions. Rather than the traditional bulky casing, this G-Shock has a smart metal face. Due to this feature, it comes with a higher price tag than most G-Shocks on the market. But it’s well worth the splurge, considering it still has all of the brand’s tough qualities, like scratch, shock, and water resistance, in addition to a high-end style.

The G-Steel also has Bluetooth capabilities which means you’ll never have to set your watch again. The time is updated automatically via a link to your smartphone. Pretty cool, huh? This model easily competes with luxury watch brands to bring an opulent timepiece to the masses.

Case Size: 58.1mm | Solar: Yes | Band Material: Resin |  Water Resistant: 200 Meters | Display: Analog

G-Shock GA-100 XL Series

The GA-100 Series leans into the classic G-Shock look with a chunky silhouette and several bold color choices. It’s definitely the best G Shock watch for men seeking a little bit of everything. The design is outfitted with an extra large analog-digital face that displays the date, stopwatch, and alarm manager. In fact, at its release in 2010, this was the first G-Shock watch to include a 1/1000-second stopwatch. This makes it an attractive option for athletes worldwide.

Men who are constantly hitting the gym, playing pick-up games with friends, or doing manual labor will majorly benefit from this G Shock as it’s built to be extra tough with a casual, sports-focused design. No matter how many times the GA-100 gets bumped or jostled, it’ll still dependably tell you what time it is.

Case Size: 55mm | Solar: No | Band Material: Resin |  Water Resistant: 200 Meters | Display: Analog-Digital

Classic G-Shock Digital 5600 Series

Digital watch purists eat up this G Shock like it’s candy. A daily staple for men across the globe, this is the best G Shock watch if you’re looking for something simple that packs a huge punch. At first glance, this watch displays everything you need: the time, date, and day of the week.

The tidy face is easy to read and also gives quick access to useful features like the stopwatch, timer, and alarm. Dubbed the “quintessential G Shock,” this watch can withstand anything… even a slapshot by an NHL player.

Case Size: 48.9mm | Solar: No | Band Material: Resin | Water Resistant: 200 Meters | Display: Digital

G-Shock GA-700UC

It’s almost as if G Shocks were made for military use, with a rugged construction that can withstand even the harshest elements and impact. This particular model is inspired by army colors, with a gray-green that’s similar to classic military-issued gear.

Aside from the look of the watch, the features make it second to none when it comes to the best G Shock for military use. Of course, there’s the standard timer, stopwatch, and alarm. But most noteworthy are the 31 timezones to choose from (great for setting your watch while deployed) and a discreet light that you can set the duration of to ensure you stay incognito when duty calls.

Case Size: 57.5mm | Solar: No | Band Material: Resin | Water Resistant: 200 Meters | Display: Analog-Digital

G-Shock Quartz Resin Sport Watch

It’s clear that the true value of G Shock watches is their ability to handle anything. Made tougher than any other timepiece on the market, these bad boys are designed for rugged adventure and intense sports that other watches could never withstand.

This is the best G Shock watch for men looking for something to wear while working out. We all know this thing can take a beating, so don’t be afraid to wear it while getting your sweat on.

The watch comes with plenty of handy features for exercise. Try the timer to track reps, the stopwatch for sprints, and even the alarm to remind you to get up and hit the gym. The backlight is handy for early morning or late night workouts (think about those dark runs), and it’s even water resistant up to 200 meters if your fitness routine turns aquatic.

Case Size: 48.5mm | Solar: No | Band Material: Resin | Water Resistant: 200 Meters | Display: Digital

G-Shock GG1000 Mudmaster

It’s not often you come across a timepiece that can keep every element at bay, but somehow G Shock has done it with the Mudmaster. Whether you’re headed to the desert, off-roading, or trekking through a boatload of mud, this is the best G Shock watch for extreme environments. Structurally reinforced to keep even the tiniest specs of dust out, don’t be afraid to wear it while lounging on the beach or riding camels through the Sahara.

Aside from the fact that this watch can handle anything, it has tons of adventurous features to aid in your expeditions. Our favorites are the built-in compass for easy orientation and the thermometer to quickly read the outside temperature. The numbers on the face are also extra large, so you can see the time with ease. Finally, the strap is nonslip, which will keep it from sliding around while traversing intense settings, from the depths of the jungle to big city streets.

Case Size: 56.2 mm | Solar: No | Band Material: Resin | Water Resistant: 200 Meters | Display: Analog-Digital

G-Shock 2100 Series Utility Metal Watch

This model was released in February 2023 and is the best G Shock watch for men looking for something a bit different. It embodies the essence of the brand with a distinct utility style, shock resistance, and water protection. But it ramps things up a notch with the sleek metal design, octagonal face, and contrasting fabric watch band.

It’s almost reminiscent of the Timex Expedition series—the main difference is the digital elements paired with the analog display. This G Shock is a wonderful choice in the casual watch department and will look equally at home with a button-down or a tee shirt.

Case Size: 49.3mm | Solar: No | Band Material: Cloth | Water Resistant: 200 Meters | Display: Analog-Digital

G-Shock 6900 Series Lucky Drop

First released in the mid-90s, this G Shock is as retro as it gets. With a vintage watch design and funky color options, the latest drop in the 6900 Series is reminiscent of neon arcade games (Tamagotchi, anyone?).

Created to resemble a Japanese capsule toy, this bright orange watch is a choice statement piece for any casual or streetwear outfit. The clear casing sets it apart from other timepieces in this series, leaning in to watch trends from the twentieth century. Yet, it maintains classic elements like a stopwatch, timer, and alarm displayed in small circles above the screen. Practical and cool—an invincible combo.

Case Size: 53.2mm | Solar: No | Band Material: Resin |  Water Resistant: 200 Meters | Display: Digital

What to Look for in the Best G Shock Watches

Movement Type

The three types of watch movement are mechanical, automatic, and quartz. G Shock only makes watches with quartz movements, which is something to consider when shopping. The brand powers its timepieces with either battery or solar power, which in turn controls the quartz movement. Plus, since a large majority of the brand’s watches are digital (or analog-digital), a quartz movement is the only plausible type.

If you’re looking for a watch with a mechanical or automatic movement, you’ll need to extend your hunt beyond G Shock and Casio.

Case Size

G Shocks have a wide range of case sizes to choose from, which majorly contributes to the look and feel of the watch. Sure, the signature size is extra large and bulky, but there are lots of G Shocks with smaller cases for slimmer wrists and a more low-key profile.

If you’re looking to stick with the classic G Shock look, aim for a massive case size of 55 millimeters, as shown on the GA 100 series, or even 58 millimeters, like the G-Steel dress watch. Not only does this embody the iconic G Shock style, but it contributes to a larger watch face to read the time easily and access the multiple features without struggle.

However, if you’re looking for a nondescript option, choose a G Shock with a case size of around 35 or 40 milliliters, like the G-Shock Digital 5600 Series, which is enough for a simple digital display without taking up your entire wrist. This case size is also more practical for sports use since the slimmer construction won’t get in your way.


Finally, it’s important to consider the style of the best G Shock watch for men since this will determine when and where you can wear it.

While there are hundreds of options to choose from, most G Shocks are designed in a casual style, typically in bright colors, with a resin construction, and decked out with useful features. The classic G Shock style is best reserved for informal use unless your work requires manual labor, in which case, they’re ideal for the job site.

If you opt for a traditional G Shock style, wear your watch when working out, hanging with friends, or heading for a night on the town.

Looking for a G Shock style that you can wear to the office? G-Steel by G-Shock is a solid dress watch built with the brand’s rugged construction. It works well for smart casual and business attire without sacrificing the elements that make G Shock one of the top watch brands for men.

In the style department, you’ll also have the choice between analog and digital G Shock watches. Of course, this boils down to personal preference, so the ball’s in your court here.

Final Verdict

At this point, you probably realize just how many options there are when it comes to the best G Shock watch for men. If you’re looking to keep it simple, stick with the G-Shock Black Out Watch, chock-full of the brand’s toughest features in a versatile package.

The Classic G-Shock DW9052 is our top pick if you’re shopping on a budget. Finally, if you’re looking for a G Shock watch on the nicer end of the spectrum, the G-Steel will get you where you need to go in style.


    • G Shocks are the best watches because they can withstand pretty much everything. They’re shock-resistant, water-resistant, and in some cases, can even resist mud and dust. Coupled with useful features and a huge range of styles and colors, it’s hard to dispute G Shock as one of the best watch brands, or at least the toughest.

      • The most collectible G Shock watch is the Mudman (DW-5500 series). It dates back to the mid-1980s and is known to have the most comfortable watchbands ever made. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an original Mudman (the DW-5500C), but G Shock has released updated renditions, with a large range of Mudmaster watches to choose from.

        • Navy Seals are known to use a couple of types of G Shocks. In general, many Navy Seals opt for the DW-6600, which is terrifically lightweight with a low-profile design. Another option is the GA-100 in black for a sleek, waterproof style outfitted with tons of tactical features. While it’s not one of the best diving watches, it is water resistant up to 200 meters.

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