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10 Best Crocs Alternatives For Men – Unique & Affordable For 2023

  • Oct 21, 2023
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10 Best Crocs Alternatives For Men – Unique & Affordable For 2023

As ashamed as I am to admit it, I must come clean. I wore a Crocs alternative long before I committed to the true thing. I mean, $50 for rubber sandals? Yeah, no thanks. And while I see the value of the real deal now, my first instinct was to make a beeline for a local Target and spend $10 on Crocs look-a-like. Which is exactly what I did. I wore those pair until there were holes in the soles, and let me tell you, they lasted well over a year.

The best Crocs alternative will do everything the OG can. With the right pair, you should be able to cross streams, go on summer adventures, hike some easy trails, and plod around the house. Wearing them for fashion? Even more power to you.

As a Crocs fanatic who spent ages wearing alternatives, I present to you: the best alternatives to get a feel for the shoe before committing. Who knows, you may even prefer these substitutions over real Crocs.

Key Takeaways

The best Crocs alternative is the Lusso Cloud Scenario Slide which has more of a sandal construction but serves major upgrades in the comfort (and style) department. If you’re hoping to stay true to the classic look, the Beister Non Slip Clogs are a solid budget-friendly option that resembles true alternative.

As the best alternative, you can expect a lot from these slides. While they’re not exactly Crocs – they are missing the signature back strap – they’re a more fashionable option you can wear around the house and take on the go. Since they’re loaded with arch support and feature lightweight construction, these shoes are perfect for travel and will easily replace your boat shoes.

As one reviewer put it, the Lusso Scenario Comfort Slides are “kind of like Crocs, but a nicer look.” They’re slightly more expensive than the originals, but they offer unparalleled comfort and durability. Not to mention they’re totally waterproof, making them the best beach and pool shoes around. If you’re looking for additional support or plan on heavier use, this Crocs alternative also comes in a slip-on version with a firm back.

Material: IP-EVA | Sizes: 3 – 13 | Colors Available: 6

Beister Non Slip Clogs

For a tried and true look, these alternatives are a solid option that retains everything we love about the classic Crocs type of shoe. We’re talking a swiveling heel strap (sports mode, here we come), ventilation ports, a cushioned sole, and waterproof construction. But these Crocs alternatives take things a step further with nonslip treads that make them ideal for pool or kitchen wear, plus a flexible design that makes them a breeze to pack for trips.

At a solid budget price with a very comfortable fit, these alternatives aren’t the most durable on the list (the uppers are made from plastic) but will be the first pair of shoes you grab to hit the pool, beach, or public shower.

Material: Plastic, EVA | Sizes: 7.5 – 11 | Colors Available: 3

Gucci Slip On Sandal

I’ve had my eyes on this Gucci Crocs alternative since they were first released in 2021. Safe to say, my eyes are still on them. They are quite literally designer Crocs, and there’s no other way to spin it. While they may be half as practical as the real thing and ten times the price, the shoes are embossed with the signature double G, which makes them worth every penny.

No, they aren’t compatible with Jibbitz. Yes, they are absolutely a status symbol. With a slight platform and two neutral colorways, these summer shoes are a chart topper for the best alternative. And like all things Crocs related, this is a hill I’m willing to die on.

Material: Rubber | Sizes: 5.5 – 14.5 | Colors Available: 2

Birkenstock Super-Birki Clogs

Obviously, Birkenstock has its own Crocs alternative, taking the form of Super-Birki clogs. Ideal if you’re looking for waterproof house shoes, these alternatives are a top choice for the garden, the beach, or anywhere else you’d wear Crocs. They’re also particularly comfortable for people with plantar fasciitis.

Designed with all of the pleasures of traditional Birkenstocks, these shoes are prime if you’re a brand loyalist. While there’s lots to love about them, one major downside is there are no holes for drainage or ventilation. But this is easily made up for with the abundant color options and non-slip soles.

Material: Polyurethane | Sizes: 4 – 13.5 | Colors Available: 12

Dansko Kane Slip On Mule

Crocs are practical, but are they the most comfortable shoes on earth? Maybe not. If you’re looking for a similar slip on shoe that’s renowned for its cushy fit, the Dansko Kane mules are well loved by men across the world. Best known as sturdy footwear for chefs, these clogs are a dependable option for daily wear. Especially if you’ll be on your feet for extended periods of time or are seeking the best walking shoes for men.

Reviewers specifically state that these are “much more comfortable than Crocs”, especially for wearers with knee and joint pain. Outfitted with special Natural Arch technology, these are some of the most supportive shoes on the market.

They’re also water resistant with ventilation holes on the sides of the shoes, similar to Crocs, along with deeper treads and a lightweight construction. As some of the best looking Crocs alternatives (peep the sleek wood paneling), consider the Dansko mules if you want something to carry you from the barbeque to the beach with ease.

Material: Bio-based EVA | Sizes: 8.5 – 14 | Colors Available: 3

ChayChax Garden Shoes

If price is the main reason you’re hunting for a Crocs alternative, these alternatives are a top choice since they’re less expensive than the originals. Though despite the low price, they measure up against the real deal, with an adjustable heel strap, extra cushioned sole, and abundant ventilation ports.

Aside from the decent color selection and the compatibility with Jibbitz charms, these alternatives are great for combatting foot fatigue. This is largely due to the enhanced arch support built into the removable soles, which are also beaded for a slight massaging effect. However, what we love most about this alternative is the nonslip treads, which will give you confidence walking over wet surfaces, be it poolside or through puddles.

Material: EVA | Sizes: 5 – 13 | Colors Available: 17

Merrell Hydro Moc Water Shoe

Searching for something a bit funkier than plain old Crocs? The Merrell Hydro Moc gives Yeezy men’s sandals a run for their money with the same futuristic design concept for standout waterproof footwear. This alternative embodies everything we love about water shoes: an adjustable backstrap, ventilation ports, and next level durability.

These Merrell moccasins also have a tighter fit than traditional loose Crocs, which supports enhanced movement – think trail running or river crossings without fear of a shoe flying off. With plenty of color options to choose from and a super unique look, these Crocs alternatives will be the shining star of your summer shoe rotation.

Material: EVA, Bloom Performance Foam | Sizes: 6 – 15 | Colors Available: 21

Adidas Adilette Clog Slide

While Adidas is well known for their slides, their lesser known alternatives is worthy of a bit of hype. These sneaker-style clogs are visibly inspired by Crocs, covered with ventilation ports and a contoured footbed. Staying true to the Adidas brand with the signature three stripes, these alternatives will rack up compliments anywhere you sport them.

The major downside to these slip ons is they lack a backstrap, which means they’re best for casual use rather than anything sporty. That said, they’ll be front and center on any beach trip and are great for travel, too, considering how lightweight they are. If you’re looking for an alternative or something more supportive than classic Adidas slides, these are a funky option worth considering.

Material: Synthetics, EVA | Sizes: 4 – 13 | Colors Available: 10

KEEN Yogui Arts Slipper

This alternative is a little different, which is a large part of why we love it. With a more sandal-focused design, these alternatives forgo the backstrap but make up for it with extra ventilation. In addition to the circular ports dotting the top, these slides (or men’s slippers) also have a cushioned strap design to help water drain more effectively and increase the airflow within the shoe.

An excellent choice if you’re looking for a rugged alternative, these shoes are lightweight with a sturdy outsole and plenty of structure. Some reviewers state that they’re not as comfortable as Crocs but are much more “substantial,” especially if you’re looking for heavier wear. Ideal for kicking around the campsite, there’s odor protection built into the soles to keep the shoes stink free even after a long day on the trail.

Material: EVA | Sizes: 7 – 14 | Colors Available: 4

Chaco Chillos Clog

Chaco is no stranger to the outdoor footwear game. The brand has been pumping out tactical sandals since the late ‘80s, and though the classic model is opened toed, the Chaco Chillos Clog is a break from the norm. Designed in a Croc style, these alternatives are some of the highest quality on the market.

They look pretty similar to Crocs with the ventilation ports on the top of the foot (they’re even compatible with Jibbitz) but feature a slightly wider fit. Plus, instead of the swiveling backstrap, these Chaco clogs opt for an adjustable band, which in turn makes the shoes more secure on your feet. Ideal for biking, light hiking, and general summer adventures, these are one of the best Crocs alternatives and will easily replace your Birkenstocks, too.

Material: EVA, Polyester Webbing | Sizes: 7 – 14 | Colors Available: 5

What to Look For in Crocs Alternatives

Size & Fit

One of the most important considerations when looking for alternatives is the size and fit. In general, Crocs tend to run slightly large and pretty wide, so if you’re used to the classic Crocs fit, it’s worth finding an alternative that has similar sizing.

However, you’ll quickly find that the best Crocs alternatives come in all shapes and sizes. It’s worth consulting the specific sizing chart and reading reviews to know what you’re getting when it comes to the fit of the shoe.

As barebone basics, if you’re looking for a shoe to hang around in, a wider, looser fit is typically a great option. But if you’re seeking a shoe for more rugged use, you may want to consider something more form fitting that will stay on your feet while on the move.

Material Composition

Material is also a prime consideration as this majorly drives the comfort of the shoe. While Crocs are made from the brand’s signature Croslite foam, you’ll find alternatives in a wide range of compositions.

More often than not, alternatives are made from a mix of rubber and EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam. The rubber construction contributes to the waterproof upper of the shoes, while softer EVA often makes up the footbed and sole, driving comfort.

EVA and rubber are pretty durable, but this varies from shoe to shoe. The one upside to purchasing authentic Crocs is they’re made from a dependable and long lasting material. The honest truth is that some alternatives use cheaper foam that doesn’t hold up as well.


Finally, there’s no talking about Crocs alternatives without touching on quality. As someone who has owned both genuine Crocs and alternatives, I’ll be the first to admit that the real shoe wins in the quality department almost every time.

In fact, there was a period when I bought a pair of alternatives for myself and real Crocs for my boyfriend. Both pairs saw the same amount of use, and by the time my alternatives were falling apart, my boyfriend’s Crocs were still going strong.

There’s something to be said about the quality of Crocs – yes, you can destroy them, but it definitely takes a while to get to that point. Not all alternatives can take a beating quite like the real thing. However, there are certain brands that do measure up in the quality department, like Birkenstock, Chacos, and Dansko.

Though you’ll quickly realize that with increased quality comes increased prices. In the world of the best alternatives, it’s safe to say you get what you pay for.

Final Verdict

So where does that leave us in terms of the best Crocs alternative? I still hold firm that the  Lusso Cloud Scenario Slides are worthy contenders in the comfort, quality, and function department. But if you’re looking for an alternative to save a few bucks, you can’t go wrong with the Beister Non Slip Clogs.


    • There are numerous reasons why Crocs are really worth it: a long lifespan, abundant sizes, plenty of colors, and of course, Jibbitz charms. However, if you can’t justify $50 for a pair of rubber sandals (or simply hate how they look), you’ll find plenty of worthy Crocs alternatives in a range of prices and footwear styles.

      • Crocs has made major waves with its sustainability in recent years, namely in reducing the brand’s carbon footprint. That said, you’ll discover lots of brands using recycled materials and sustainable practices in their production, like Lusso, Chaco and Birkenstock. Additionally, the Dansko Kane clogs on this list are made with 50% bio-based materials.

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