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10 Awesome New Menswear Arrivals from Taylor Stitch

  • May 15, 2024
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10 Awesome New Menswear Arrivals from Taylor Stitch

Menswear brand, Taylor Stitch, is definitely amongst the most prolific when it comes to adding excellent new menswear pieces to their digital shelves with regularity and they’ve just dropped a load of awesome new pieces vying for your attention in your summer wardrobe rotation. Check out our pick of 10 of the best below:

Station Jacket

Inspired by the classic gas station jackets from the 1950s and 1960s, The Station Jacket modernizes the original utility and durability in a contemporary silhouette suitable for three-season wear. This jacket features six practical pockets to ensure your essentials are always within reach and is crafted from stone-washed broken twill, which gains unique character with each mile travelled.

buy now | $198

Easy Pant

Living up to its name, The Easy Pant combines seamless comfort with a polished look, thanks to its sleek silhouette and a beautifully textured finish. While we might all prefer to spend our days in sweatpants, these pants make dressing up significantly easier and more comfortable until that day arrives.

buy now | $128

Short Sleeve California Shirt

Exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a distinct, relaxed style have secured The California’s position as a key piece in both TS’ lineup and our closets for many years. In this short-sleeved version, they have chosen a 100% hemp construction.

buy now | $118

Matlow Shorts

Inspired by the classic dockside fashions of the 1950s and 1960s, The Matlow Short features a distinctive cuffed and tacked leg opening along with a pair of single front pleats, offering a relaxed and easy-to-wear option for warm weather days.

buy now | $98

Buttow-Down Polo

Taylor Stitch are big proponents of useful innovation, yet they acknowledge that a true classic is hard to surpass. Their Button Down Polo is crafted with attention to detail, featuring a rich knit texture and contrasting colours that add a touch of retro charm.

buy now | $138
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Freemont Jacket

The Fremont updates the classic chore jacket with ample pocket space and a spacious silhouette for effortless layering. Crafted from double-dyed Chipped Canvas and stone-washed for style, this versatile jacket excels both in the field and in town, ageing beautifully over time.

buy now | $218

Tulum Shirt

Tulum, Mexico, dazzles with its coastal cliffs, white sand beaches, and stunning ancient ruins, epitomizing human creativity and natural splendour. TS’ Tulum shirt captures this essence. Crafted with meticulous detail and retro piping, it’s the ideal choice for days filled with sun, sand, and adventure.

buy now | $125

Apres Hoodie

A staple in any casual lineup, The Après Hoodie merges relaxed comfort with enduring quality. It features a bleach-washed Washed Indigo Terry for a vintage look that improves over time. Designed with ribbed side panels, a smooth three-piece hood, and a large kangaroo pocket for warm hands.

buy now | $135

Shifter Jacket

Drawing inspiration from 1970s zip-front trucker jackets, The Shifter Jacket blends vintage aesthetics with a functional, updated silhouette. Crafted in midweight, pigment-dyed canvas for versatility across seasons, it features a heavy stone wash for a well-worn look that will gain character over time.

buy now | $188

Point Shirt

Introducing The Point Shirt in Heather Oat Linen Tweed: a classic military field shirt designed with authentic historical features such as dual patch front pockets and vintage-style melamine buttons. Crafted from a richly textured fabric, it’s made to age gracefully.

buy now | $135

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